Fell out or RP for a while, but I'm back now!

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  1. Hello!

    I sort of vanished for a little while there... I had some major family issues arise the past few weeks, including a close relative passing away. That said, my muse seems to have taken on a rather morbid tone.

    If you need a partner for an rp, consider me.

    Things I enjoy:
    Slice of life
    Home brew Mech

    Fandoms I like:
    Soul Eater
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Kingdom Hearts
    Witch Hunter Robin
    Zoids (AU OC)
    Dot// Hack
    Dresden Files

    Roles/ races I love to play:
    Seer/ prophet
    Psychic/ sensitive
    Fae Folk
    Mer Folk
    Mythical breeds
    Preist/ nun
    Monk/ Priestess
    A cursed Human
    Aliens (assorted)

    What I hate:
    One liners.
    1st person posts.
    Present Progressive.
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  2. would you mind going along with a Pokemon story line of mine??
  3. Sure, I would be up for a pokemon Rp! PM me and we can hash out the details.
  4. Hello! Your lists caught my interest. :-)

    I have an idea involving a cursed human with fantasy and magic... if you maybe wanted to hear more about it?
  5. Yes, Nix. :) Please feel free to PM me the details!
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  6. Gotta catch 'em all!

    Hello :D! By any chance would you be interested in another Pokemon RP? A darker more serious one?
  7. Maybe. :) Pm me and lets talk. For now, I'm going to bed. I will respond in the morning!
  8. PM sent :)! If it doesn't pique your interest, I'm always up for a good brainstorming session.
  9. I'd definitely be interested in a Dresden Files RP - potentially involving changelings and conflicting obligations between mortals and fae, mentor/apprentice relationships, warlocks dabbling on the wrong side of the Laws of Magic (potentially wizard x demon) or even a well-meaning mortal who's been touched by one of the Denarian's coins. There's tonnes of scope for a DF RP, but that's one of the main attractions of the setting :smile:
  10. If you're still looking for a partner I'd love to talk to you about a fantasy rp. I don't have any solid plots, but I'd love to brainstorm if you're willing. I typically post 1-5 paragraphs, and do my best to be descriptive with dialogue (sometimes it's only a few sentences, but I'm working on improving that.

    Feel free to shoot me a pm if you're interested :)
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