Fell In Love With The Person I Work For

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  1. Xavier was getting ready for his new job as someones Assistant, he had no idea who it was but knew it was someone famous and couldn't actually wait to see who it was

    Xavier got out his car when he got there and took out his Ariana Grande CD and put it back in the case and put it somewhere safe before walking in to the studio and he opened the door "Hello?, anyone here?" Xavier asked walking in to a emtpy room
  2. Ariana waited in the studio for her new assistant to arrive, and she listened to her iPod as she waited. Her last assistant had had to go on maternity leave, so she had to find a new one.

    She glanced up as the door in the other room opened, and she stood. Ariana poked her head out of the small store, and smiled brightly at the boy who was there. "Hi there - you must be my new assistant. I'm Ariana." She held out her hand to him.
  3. Xavier stood in shock when he saw who it was standing infront of him and speaking, he was actually a huge fan and took out her hand "Er y-yeah i am, i'm Xavier" he said biting his lip and took his hand away from hers and looked at how beautiful she was standing infront of him and he was actually seeing her in real life and finally meeting her
  4. Ariana smiled brightly at him, "It's great to meet you. Your job will mainly just include following me around and helping me with stuff, so we'll get to know each other quite well. Are you by any chance familiar with my music, or my character on Victorious?"
  5. Xavier smiled back at her "That's fine, i can do that" he said smiling and then bit his lip and nodded, placing a hand behind his neck "Yeah i am familiar with both actually" Xavier said and bit his lip again "I erm have your CD's in my car" Xavier said and went a little red in the face
  6. Ariana was surprised, and happy. "Oh great! I'm flattered." She smiled at him, and gestured into the hall. "Do you want to maybe get some coffee, and we can get to know each other a bit?"
  7. Xavier looked at her after his cheeks wasn't red and smiled at her "I would like some coffee" Xavier said smiling and walked closer to her
  8. Ariana smiled, and linked her arm with his. "Great, and call me Ari if you want." She flashed him a smile as they walked down the corridor.
  9. Xavier smiled as she linked his arm was linked with hers, he was clam on the outside, but on the instide he wasn't "I shall call you Ari then, unless i can think of a amazing nickname fore you" Xavier said with a smile
  10. "That will do just great." She flashed him a smile. "My last assistant called me Miss Grande, which I didn't really like. It's too... formal."
  11. Xavier smiled "Oh really?, i would get annoyed if i was called by my last name all the time" Xavier said with a smile and nodded "It does sound a little formal" Xavier said and opened the door for her
  12. She smiled at him. "Thanks." She entered the cafeteria, and headed over to the coffee machine. "What do you want to drink?" She asked.
  13. Xavier nodded "No problem" he said softly and followed her "I'll have coffee as i'm still half asleep" Xavier said looking at the time and knew he was never up this early in his life
  14. Ariana filled a cup of coffee, and one of hot chocolate for herself, and handed the coffee to Xavier. "I know what you mean - it's usually not time for me to be up this early either, but I came in early today to meet my new assistant."
  15. Xavier watched her and smiled taking it from her "Thanks" he said softly and laughed a little "No this is really early for me, and your new assistand is glad to meet you" Xavier said with a smile
  16. Ariana perched on the window sill, and sipped her drink. "So, why did you decide to look for a job as a personal assistant?"
  17. Xavier leaned on the wall and shrugged "I don't know really, i mainly done it to get money, but i wanted to do something different, so i decided on a personal assistand" he said smiling and had some of his coffee
  18. "That's cool - what do you like doing in your spare time?" Ariana gazed at him, her red hair hanging down around her face. She found herself thinking of Xavier as cute....
  19. Xavier smiled and looked down at her "I mainly play sport or sometimes i sing and play on my guitar" Xavier said smiling and looked at her beautiful she was and smiled
  20. Her eyes lit up, "You play guitar and sing? Maybe we could duet or something?" She loved singing.