Felix Needs Some Love

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Mmm lame title, but whatever.

So, I have an OC who I really want to role play. She's one of the most thought out OCs i've created in a very long while.

She's an OC. Her design is made by me. No stealing or redistributing anything in her profile, please.
Please do not go through the rest of the website. Felix and Blue Hawk are the only profiles that are on there.

I'm looking for:
- Adult member; i'm 19 and I just feel more comfortable RPing with 18+ people
- Paragraphs; I generally write around 2-5 solid paragraphs per post, or multiple small paragraphs(personally prefer bigger paragraphs, but depends on partner's writing)
- Male character; Sorry, but Felix is strictly Heterosexual, so no female partners for her please
- Any mythical species; Dragon shifter, some other shifter, elf, vampire, werewolf, what ever.
- Romance; It will not be quick, it'll be gradual due to Felix's history, but I do want to come round eventually. If you're not willing to wait for it, please do not message me.
- Someone willing to work on a plot with me; I enjoy working out the plot line with my RP partner
- Don't just leave; please don't bail if it gets boring. We can work it out together.
- Don't disappear without notice; Please don't leave without letting me know. I know life happens, gosh, I've just come back from a very long hiatus, but please let me know if you're leaving for holidays or something. I shall show you the same courtesy.
- Be Friendly! I like talking to people in PM even when the RP is going, so please, don't feel i'll bite your head off for talking to me. I thoroughly enjoy talking to people!

I think that's about it
I'm not making this anything fancy as i'm currently in a bit of a rush. If you are interested, please let me know! Or any questions, just ask! <3
Not open for further replies.