Felicity's Lunch Party

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  1. It is a beautiful sunny day on the Wine Estates of one Felicity DeBarbarac! The purpose? Felicity loves social gatherings and collecting money from her rich and snooty upperclass friends for giving to the unfortunate. Her Lunch Party this lovely afternoon was all about saving the Bottled-Nose Dragon.

    Right this moment, Felicity was smiling away and pouring a glass of lemonaide for an old Countess. The woman looked a million years old, and it was a shock she was still alive.

    "Well, Countess! I am so glad you could join us today! The dragons will appreciate your donations!"
  2. Women and their fund raisers. Lifting a beaten iron flask, Ryden toasted the event with barely held contempt. It was almost a pleasure to rob the 'gracious lady' blind. Slipping through row after row of grapes, gleaming purple eyes staring blankly at his unlawful step, the thief made his way toward the house itself. These days, especially with the victory of the Unirix army at Prawz, defenses were lowered and people felt at ease within the 'undefeated empire'. Not that it was a thief's job to point out who was wrong in the history department, but as long as there were enemies to be fought and goblins in the Deep Mines...no one was safe.

    Idly he paused, no more then a well dressed servant in a sea of opulence, and stared at the lady Debarbarac. Pretty woman, but clean people made Ryden nervous. People weren't meant to be naturally clean...it was unsettling...as though not even the dirt of the earth would dare touch them. Give him a girl smeared with mud any day...but these scented women only added to his general discomfort.
  3. Dressed in light pink and bright yellow, Felicity looked like a puffy flower as she bustled from table to table. Everything was going without a single hitch - most of her parties did! Laughing at a joke she had heard a million times already, a sudden noise caught her attention!

    "ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF!" A big hairy sheep dog tore through the crowd of people knocking over chairs and guests with wild abandon! He seemed to have caught wind of something!

    Felicity snatched his collar as he went by. "Goodness Toby! You're causing a scene! Excuse me, everyone, I'll be right back." Having the dog firmly by the leash she guided him back towards the house.
  4. Slipping in through a window no doubt open to invite the company of wind, the thief slid over a table and onto the polished floor. The kitchen was a bevvy of silver, but mostly just trinkets compared to what might be held beneath locked lids somewhere above...personal bedchamber perhaps. Pausing only to grab what was left in easy reach, Ryden moved toward the majestically sweeping staircase...choosing to utilize the uniform he wore as a means of conveyance without question. He'd be in and out before the guard noticed that there was one too many servants running around.

    At least that was the plan.
  5. "They're only attacking the surface. As we know, this is all the tip of the iceberg," Crippling mused aloud as he fiddled with the ever-present device on his wrist. He hit a button and there was a hiss as a blue solution traveled through clear tubes and into his bloodstream. "Power's looked after below the town. Which means - "

    " - they're already inside," Sam finished for him grimly. He looked up. "Bet that's why they're on the roof. Got cut off."

    "There's a way around that for us, but it's hardly pleasant." Crippling looked at the street's manhole cover and wrinkled his nose, preemptively cringing at what they were about to do.

    "I've been in worse," Sam muttered, though he looked no happier to admit it.

    Crippling switched a dial on his wrist and a dull, lit metal appeared. He winced as he felt the biochemical reaction start, triggered by the albedo of the moon. His eyes turned yellow and his teeth sharpened into fangs. He groaned and growled as his back arched and his arms and legs grew and cracked while at the same time they were covered in fur.

    A monster leapt at them and with one swipe Crippling turned and clawed its face off. The werewolf then stuck his claws into its chest and ripped the monster in half. As they knew, it wasn't dead - these things were practically un-killable - but it was neutralized. He then lifted the manhole cover and threw it across the street. It sliced through a blood puppet's head, but the hole just opened up to form a new mouth.

    "Quicker we kill these things the better," Crossfire said before jumping into the sewer.

    Crippling nodded and Sam jumped in after Cross, the werewolf bringing up the rear. They walked through the pipes, their sewer system tall enough for a man of Sam's height to walk through unaided. Crossfire had to hunch and Crippling crawled on four legs. The marksman was able to lead the way in spite of his sunglasses in a dark sewer. They got to a convex door in the rounded walls and pushed it open, leading to the real Hushcobb.


    MARCH 25, 2017

    The sun was just starting to come up and Natalia was getting dressed for classes. She rubbed one of her tired eyes as she got her shoes on. The nightmare again. It still attacked her. Lately, since staying at the Ivory Tower, the horrible images centered around the castle, with the hallways flooded in blood, and the corpses of the students she'd grown close to. She still shuddered at the image of Jill bleeding out of every orifice, staring at her with dead eyes. She couldn't look her in the eye that day.

    But last night - last night the nightmare had returned to Hushcobb. The strange stone seal wasn't in the town this time, but instead on the outskirts. And the scabs and blood grew and grew, wrapping up the town and swallowing it into a pit of blood. At the seal, the dark voice told her she wasn't safe.

    As she dressed in a bit of an odd order, the last thing Natalia had to put on was her shirt. With both her arms clutching the sleeves, she was about to put it over her head when she stopped. While at the Ivory Tower she had begun to grasp two other words of power. For so long she could only access the thing called VAWM in her spell book. Now she was dabbling in EISU and INNI, words that embodied clairvoyance and transformation. She felt it was important to master EISU, as it perhaps offered the key to fixing her own shattered mind. It was powerful, too; it allowed her to read Sam's mind, a man magic supposedly didn't work on.

    Now, she got a strange vibe that made her turn to stare out the window, facing west.

    "Natalia, it's almost time for..." Raven came around to her room but stopped when she saw her staring out the window. "What is it?"

    "She's probably thinking about going topless today," Erika said with a snicker as she invited herself into the teen's bedroom. "It's a good idea. I think I'll join you!"

    She made to pull her shirt off and Raven quickly grabbed it and yanked it back down. "No! What are you doing here, anyway?"

    "Shits and giggles," the Irish spitfire replied. "Now don't be a stick in the mud! Let's get our titties out and shake 'em!"

    "Something's wrong," Natalia said at last, still staring out the window.

    "What?" Raven asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

    "I don't know...it's...west. Hushcobb. Something's happening." She shut her eyes and looked away. This wasn't right. She could barely see anything yet, and yet she felt something going on across the Atlantic she couldn't explain.

    "Well...it's Hushcobb. They deal with supernatural shit all the time," Raven reasoned, trying to ease her. "It's probably something they handle all the time."

    "I suppose," she nodded and put her shirt on.

    As soon as she was out to start classes, Raven got out her phone. "Just to make sure..."


    MARCH 25, 2017

    Every major building led to a massive underground base, supported by massive pillars of steel and concrete that held up the entire town above. Buildings went up from floor to ceiling. Under the simple doctor's office above was a massive medical complex, under the town hall was a huge office building, under the radio station was the Philadelphia Room, and under the jail was the Inversion Lockup. Around the town was a set of metal railings, stairs and other pathways connecting everything.

    And littered around all that were the blood puppets.

    "Emergency backup power is controlled near Inversion," Crossfire said. "In case there are any escapes."

    "And it looks like that's where the highest concentration of monsters is," Sam grumbled in response. "Just once I'd like this job to be easy."

    "Things were pretty relaxing until you came back," the marksman quipped with a dry smirk.

    They stayed above the floor, running across the catwalks towards the Inversion control tower. The blood puppets made keeping a steady pace...difficult. They demonstrated their terrifying strength by leaping up the three stories from the ground to the walkways. Cross shot the first couple with the Empiric rifle he had on hand and they promptly exploded as they were meant to. But their puppeteer redirected some of the ones on ground level to hack apart the supports to the catwalks with their bloody claws. Crossfire shot at those even as they jumped across a collapsing walkway. Sam now had to lead the way, rolling over the agent to go at the beasts with his own Empiric weapons and - when they got too close for shooting - his own fists.

    Behind them, more blood puppets leapt up and planted themselves at their rear. Crippling snarled and gnashed his fangs. They slashed at him with scabbed blade-claws, and he clawed them back. He knocked several over the railings. At an intersection the trio was coming to he jumped over them and swung his great arms and somersaulted monsters over his head and onto the concrete below. He grabbed and bit the head off one monster, spitting it out and grimacing at the foul taste that stuck on his tongue. The puppet, however, started opening the blood-drenching neck wound into a new mouth, and Crippling threw it over with the others.

    They managed to reach the Inversion Lockup in one piece, though a little out of breath. The Lockup extended deep underground, easily two hundred feet deeper than the rest of Hushcobb's facilities. In several of the cells were roaring, screaming monsters all standing on the ceilings of their prisons. It was the truly ingenious part of Inversion - every prisoner had their personal gravities reversed, so that, in the event of any of them getting out, the creatures they had locked up would float up into space. Off to the side of this magical prison was an L-shaped control room on the same level as their walkway.

    Crossfire opened the door and he and Sam walked in, but before Crippling could follow another blood puppet dropped down on top of him. It opened its dripping maw and bit into him, digging its fangs into his neck. Crippling howled in pain and reached up, ripping the arm off the abomination, followed by the head. Another swiped its claws at him, and while it did scratch, he replied by striking right back.

    The werewolf clutched his shoulder, shaking his head as he closed the door behind him. Cross eyed him cautiously.

    "You alright, Nathaniel?" he asked.

    Crippling put his paw up, a silent sign not to worry about him, not noticing that the blue formula coming from his wrist was starting to turn red.

    "Cross, get over here," Sam snapped over the computers. "I've been gone for seven years - I don't know what any of these fucking buttons do."

    He went over and looked over the controls, not being too familiar with them himself. But he did know the emergency sequence, and once that was entered the yellow-striped boundaries of all Hushcobb's buildings opened up and Empiric shields shot up and surrounded the entrances. Up above, it also produced Empiric Field domes around the important buildings of Hushcobb - the jail, town hall, library, the radio station, the doctor's office, and the gun store.

    "We're now in siege mode," Crossfire informed them. "All that's left is to pick them off from behind the fields."

    Suddenly there was a howl. They looked over and Crippling was on all fours. Once he finished he snarled at him. And his eyes weren't yellow anymore. They were red.

    "Crippling?" Sam took a step back. He'd been over this with the werewolf before he left Hushcobb; only silver could kill a werewolf. Even his Empiric Field was only a temporary solution. "Crippling, it's us. You're stronger than the wolf. You know it."

    Crossfire was slightly less optimistic, pulling out one of his guns and switching in silver bullets. "Nathaniel, don't make me do it."
  6. Caught...the word was so much less threatening when spoken rather then practiced. Forcing a smile, Ryden gave a short bow...his mind racing. Unless she took an unprecedented amount of interest in who she hired, he might be able to scrape by with wordplay. The dog growled...of course it did, they always growled at him...damn fiends.

    "Apologies M'lady," he said with a short bow, "A squirrel scampered inside not a moment ago and scurried up the stairs...I was just making sure to catch it before it got itself into more mischief."

    The lie was...mediocre. Ryden was more the get-in and take kinda guy...talking was usually left to a partner. But since this job was solo, he hadn't someone to cover his tracks with silvered words.
  7. "Oh! We can't have that then. Toby, hunt!" Felicity released the shaggy dog's collar. With a loud bark, he sprang in to action! But not zooming down a hall like the lady was expecting, but rather he made a bee line for the waiter! Afraid that the big silly mutt got the wrong impression on what he was hunting, Felicity tried to make a quick grab for him. The awkward movement on the stairs had her catching a heel on her own skirts, leaving Felicity giving a startled yelp as she feel face first towards her doom!
  8. Presented with choices he'd never expected (or wanted) to make, Ryden found himself the target of a creature more hair then flesh and his lovely mark quite possibly in for a painful accident.

    While he had no love for the nobility, Ryden wasn't truly a cruel man. He hadn't killed before, hadn't hurt someone intentionally...it was not personal, the job he did. Really it wasn't. In and out...steal and redistribute. His job title was his job description.

    So trying his best to avoid the lumbering creature with a side feint and a lunge, Ryden managed to barely catch the back of her ludicrous gown in hopes he could pull her away from her forward momentum.

    Unfortunately for him, the slight manuever he'd used had hardly set Toby off his game. The loyal animal barked and barreled into Ryden, knocking both he and Felicity down the staircase in a tumbled jumble of clothes, skin, and hair.

    Cracking his head rather painfully on the marble at the bottom of the stairs, Ryden was probably the last to notice his woefully tangled position with the lady he;d been attempting to rob.

    Toby followed gamely, barking triumph at a captured prey as he danced around the two...unsure of how to attack one without hurting the other.
  9. OOOMPH! Felicity had seen her life flash before her eyes! All those parties, that brilliant food, that pesky dog! But as she and the waiter landed in a fluffy of skirts and painful bruises, she was relieved to be in one piece!

    "Oh no, oh no, are you okay? You saved me life!" Oh, I am so sorry! Toby, stop that nonsense! Here, let me help you!" The bouncing dog stopped his barking, but was hovering with a wildly sniffing nose while Felicty clambered to her own feet. She made a big fuss about shooing the dog out of the way while she helped the waiter get up to his feet.

    "Here, come upstairs with me I will put you to bed! It's the least I can do for my hero!"
  10. Struggling to his feet and attempting the difficult task of keeping the woman between him and the excitable dog at all times, Ryden nodded vigorously. Amending a little stumble into his step never hurt, in fact, this was much a throwback to his days as a pick pocket. Play the person, not the role. Fops and dandies played roles, thieves played people.

    "But your event...I couldn't possibly..." Dripping sincerity and worry into his already shaken voice (Who could blame him after THIS shenanigan?) Ryden attempted to walk from her with the supposed intent of continuing his 'duties', but stumbled painfully into the staircase.

    Taking care to keep himself above the dog's level of influence, Ryden looked at Felicity with knitted brows and a drooping frown.

    "Perhaps...perhaps just a moment or two M'lady," He muttered at last, sighing his dissapointment.

    Model servant he was...shame that he'd be serving himself soon as she turned her back.
  11. Felicity wasted no time in ushering the poor waiter up the stairs, down the hall, and to one of the rooms. Toby was making such a racket, she had to chase the dog out and quickly close the door after him.

    "I'm so sorry. I don't know why he's fussing so much today! Normally he's much more well behaved when company is around." Bustling about like a bird, Felicity produced a small glass from a nearby cabinet and filled it with some sort of brandy. She brought it back and handed it to him.

    "Here, drink this. It should make you feel a little bit better. You're more than welcome to stay in here until you feel up to returning to work! I couldn't have you trying to serve anyone if you can barely stay on your feet."