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  1. This week I am requesting art for my character FELICITY DEBARBARAC! The link is to what I have for a bio and it includes a picture I once used as a reference pic but is not necessarily accurate to her character.

    I would very much love a color, upper body or full body portrait, and I am not overly picky about interpretations of the character. I am just excited to see what people will come up with based on my descriptions.

    And I will abuse my admin powers to give anyone who makes me arts a donator subscription for a month. 8D


    She is for VICTORIAN SETTINGS. So her clothing style and appearance should reflect this!

    Her hair is ashen blond. That very light, very dirty blond color. Wavy (not curly) and ass length. No bangs. It can be down and over the shoulders or in a really pretty updo.

    Eyes are a light color, light blue or amber. She should have wider eyes. Innocent and young looking. About early 20s age.

    Her face would be round or heart shaped. With a small thin button nose and a smallish chin.

    She is PETITE and soft looking, but not fragile or overly delicate. Her skin is a good healthy shade.

    Her clothing should be something really fashionable from Victorian era, and very feminine. Maybe something you'd find from Paris. She loves soft pastel colors and flowers. If she is wearing jewelry, it would be be pearls.

    Her personality and habits are listed in her bio, in case those give some extra help in arting!
  2. OMG, I have to try drawing this!! I have to do some research but, I might have something for you Monday! <3
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  3. YAY! ^o^ I look forward to it!
  4. Just. Needs color, but that will take some time so before I start, like it?

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  5. Oooh, I loves! Super adorable!
  6. And I've got a Felicity too! I will color it eventually.

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