Felanan Myths: Veiled Fantasy

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  1. Does the king have any idea what he's doing?

    A raven-haired man in a long black coat tore the flyer from the street vendor's hands with a muttered thanks and the clatter of a few gold coins into the seller's hands, the man not bothering to count.

    Since she wasn't yelling for him now, he'd obviously payed enough. Too much was not an issue. Moving money around was good for the economy and such.

    Back to the matter at hand, Raven thought, jolting himself back from the economical angle his mind had taken and back to the flyer.

    Surely the Regent knew that without the support of his nobles he wouldn't be able to maintain his position.

    And yet, he had invited Rewan to the ball. It appeared he was serious, Raven knew he had ordered some Rewan specific foods to be prepared. Similarly, the atmosphere and decorations of the ball took on a decidedly more... woodsy theme to fit with the Terna guests.

    The King-Regent's father would be rolling in his grave, Raven thought with a smirk.

    Good on the present King.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.