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All ye Iwaku-tans and other Sentai people from the Cbox come hither and post what you want to look like!
White Iwaku-tan: Sleepy-looking androgynous wolfkid with fluffy white hair. Speaks in a monotone, dry voice. Possibly has pica disorder.


Yellow Iwaku-tan: bunny boy who can't keep his hands off of any boy that is even remotely attractive. Carries around a whip, though it's not often that it's used for fighting... Heh.

Black Iwaku-tan! You look so cute today! Let me kiss you! ( > 3>)
First page: 0%,

Preliminary drawings to figure out what everyone looks like (while sticking close to the aforementioned pictures): 20%
Be sure to like the Iwaku-tan Comics on Facebook.

We are currently going to attempt to split the comic into both a more traditional panel by panel over arching story. The other half will be a 4koma style that is more comedic and focusing on misadventures between Blue-tan and Red-tan.

For those of you that have a Tan profile on the site so far, we're asking for you to please come up with a real name for your characters whenever possible. We'd prefer that it not be your normal user name.

Thanks for the support thus far!
A real name? Like... Like a Japanese thing?
Nah, only if you want it to be Japanese. Red-tan's real name is Hallie and I forgot what blue-tan's name is...

No, the names don't need to be Japanese but they will be drawn in manga style in order to keep with the origins of the meme explained below.

To put this whole "-tan" idea into an understandable expression...-Tan is another way of using the suffix -chan (is a mispronunciation of Chan (ちゃん?), an informal, intimate, and diminutive honorific suffix for a person used for friends, family, and pets).

The OS(Operating System)-tan is an Internet meme that originated within Futaba Channel. The OS-tan are the "moe" personification of several operating systems by various amateur Japanese artists. The OS-tan are typically depicted as girls, with the OS-tan representative of Microsoft Windows operating systems usually depicted as sisters of varying ages.

For those that are curious, please take a look at this wiki!
"Papa Fel, why did you name me after two mythical places? Avalon Shambhala is very odd. I wish the others didn't always call me Ala."

*stuffs Green-tan back in her overly decorated box*
Black-tan's name shall be...


*satisfied nod*
onee-san is Kate or Kat...USE MY NAME! I HAVE ONE YOU KNOW IWAKU-TANS!!! D: everyone just knows me as Onee-san because of the iwaku-tans...I have lost my identity ;___;
White-tan's name is Shiloh. Please call me that...
Real name: Mimi. A dedicated cosplayer who loves her family, is super friendly, and will do what ever she can to help, no matter how large or small the task! :3
"Ne, ne! I'm Aito!"
...I think that sufficiently sums up the Iwaku-tan sentai team! Please refer to the Iwaku-tan group for more information!
Isabellas feel tempted to follow this trend... but what sort of colors are left for Isabellas? Isabellas all ready know what they look like though..You can tell by their avatars..
Alright, apps are now closed for any new characters. Thanks for sharing your interest in the project.
These are the priviledges of being an admin type.
I admire all of you.~ n.n