Fel Needs YOUR Help!

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  1. In the coming weeks I will be seeking people for read-alongs as I write the 1st draft of my novel.

    As I do not want to release it to the general public, I will be requesting to do so in either Private Message or Email form.

    Please post here for sign-ups and questions. Don't mind me if you ask a question about the story and I get vague. Reading is still about discovery, folks.
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  2. Well, my question would be what genre it would fall under.
  3. Oh, my appologies. It would fall under fantasy. And when I say fantasy I mean Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson type fantasy. A little bit off beat and the magic has some rules.
  4. You know I'll be more than happy to. :)
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  5. I'll read it if you'd like.
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  6. Check your PMs, guise.

    Also; in regards to the title of the PM, I've decided to do about 500 words a day until I'm comfortable enough to do more. Already I'm almost to 600.
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  7. If you still need someone more, I don't mind reading it. Think that is all I do now days other than write. :)
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