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  1. Feisty Little Thing-

    MC was brought in at a older age, when he was thirteen, to a house where the housed pets. MC was a neko, and they were used mostly as servants, slaves, or as pets basically. Before they went through the process of being put into the auction and then sold to their new Master, they were sent to this house... It was known as Purgatory Pet House.

    Neko's were very rare these days and very expensive and high in demand. There were many other different mutants, but out of all of them, half-feline mutants were extremely rare and their Master's would have to be pretty damn rich and powerful to have such a pet.

    Normally pets were to be taken as youngling's, not old enough to become attached to their mothers but not too young as to not be able to be trained either. Well, MC was a lot older than to be expected. He was thirteen at the time he was brought into Purgatory... He had just witnessed his mother being killed by the people who had taken him for fighting back and a fire was lit in him from that day on. He fought everyone that ever dared to come near him. People tried to, tried to leash him and drag him on stage, tried to sell him. He would retaliate with swift slashings and shredding of clothing with his claws.

    High class trainers were brought in to train the feisty little neko, but nobody could break him, or even get him to sit still for that matter. Well finally, after six years of people in Purgatory and had been tried to be sold multiple times, the people running the house contacted the last person they thought could help... YC.

    YC was a very famous young man. He been known for running a pet trade operation for a couple of years himself, making him a billionaire in a quite short amount of time. He had multiple pets before, some rather submissive others very feist, much like MC... But the thing is, he always managed to break them one way or another, once they were broken in and trained, he would send them off to a proper Master.

    YC had heard about MC, the feisty little neko that was deemed 'untrainable.' YC thought why not, YC knew it would be a challenge, he had heard all about MC and what he would do to anyone who came at least ten feet away from him. YC was determined to break MC though, and MC... Well he was even more determined to escape.

    So, when the day came to finally auction off the feisty little neko, YC made sure to bring back-up of his own. Knowing that he would probably need a hand with controlling such a feisty neko, he brought a couple of his friends a long as well. MC was already pulled onto stage, somehow they had managed to drug the Neko senseless. MC was thrown onto stage and the auction began, the bidding started, but everyone could already guess who would come out the winner and get the feisty thing... YC of course.

    MC was handed over, still in a daze and the group of Masters along with YC headed off back to their home to begin their long training, it was time to break in the newest pet... But will MC break YC(s) before YC(s) can break him?

    **I will allow vampires, werewolves, any other supernatural creature you can think of to be MC's Masters.**

    **Yes there will be multiple characters that we will both be playing. I do not mind playing side characters either! Such as some of YC's friends or other pets at their residence.**


    -1-3 paragraphs at least and in third person for this.
    -I am fine with a lot of kinks besides gore/bloodplay, maybe a little mention of it but not over the top, potty play/watersports, vomit, or vore.
    -This will be taking place in a thread I would be happy to start. Not through emails or pm's though please!
    -I am online a lot, and I can post pretty quickly. I prefer someone who can do the same, however I do understand work, college, and just life in general. ^.^
    -If you have any questions, please ask me. That includes any ideas or contributions you might have to the plot! I'd love to here and I really hope someone is interested in this! [​IMG]
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