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    Finnick stood in the center of a group, he was always the center of everybody's attention. This group of people was mostly his friends. The popular people. The people that girls wanted. The people that boys envy. The people who have their futures already set. Finnick laughed along with his friends when two girls passed by them, whispering something. One of the shorter boys in the group winked at the girls, watching with delight as they giggled to each other before scurrying off.

    Finnick rolled his eyes at his friend, they were all players. Extreme players; a different girl every night. He, on the other hand, wasn't all that playerish. He has never been in a serious relationship. In fact, he's only been in one or two relationships his whole life. Sports and School was the only thing that he cared about.

    Finnick's best friend noticed his sassy attitude. "Yo. Finnick, why are you rolling your eyes at Max when you can't even get a girl?" He asked with a sharp tone to his voice.

    "I could if I wanted to." Finnick said flatly.

    "Yeah. I bet you could."

    "I could. It's just that I'm basically in a relationship with Football and school."

    "You sound like a social outcast when you say that." Landon narrowed his eyes showing that he wasn't amused at his friend.

    "Well, I'm obviously not."

    "Yeah, I know that. So look, I'll let this slide and not tell anyone else about your social outcast side if you do one thing for me."

    "What would that be?" asked Finnick.

    "A dare." replied Landon.

    "A dare?"

    "Yes. A dare. I dare you to ask a girl out. One, she must like you, and I mean truly like you. Two, I get to pick who. Three, you must date her for three months." Landon stuck up a finger for each rule before continuing, "If she says yes that is."

    Finnick shook hands with Landon before having him tell him the girl he wanted him to ask. Landon smirked and pointed to a girl on the other side of the school's courtyard. Finnick gulped, this was going to be a tough one. The all-star football player made his way over to the girl, clearing his throat as he reached her. "Um... Hello..."

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  2. (Sorry for the late reply, work was tough and I had to work for 11 hours with only 30 minute break -.- I collapsed when I got home)

    Alex righed as class ended, finally a break! She could really use one! Packing her books and writing gear, she swung her purple backpack over her shoulder and headed outside. She found a quiet place on the outer side of the school courtyard and sat down on the bench, taking out her lunch as she tugged a lock of dark blue hair behind her ear.
    Yes, blue. Alex was not the most normal of girls. She didn't really belong anywhere. She wasn't a nerd or a cheerleader, she was basically a nobody to the school. For some reason others didn't talk to her either. Maybe it was the lip piercing or her hair color, maybe her choice of clothes? Alex didn't understand, but she actually liked being alone, no pestering people around her that always gossiped or talked about some random shit that she didn't care about.
    She almost thought that she was imagining that someone was talking to her, but when she turned around she noticed someone standing beside her. She gave the guy a look and deadpanned. Great, one of those jocks that believe they can have every girl in school. She thought before she turned back to her food. "Whatever you have to say, I'm not interested." Alex said and took a bite from her sandwich. She might be the outsider, but she did not want to get involved with guys like Finnick and his friends, she knew their kind and would rather avoid them.
  3. (It's perfectly fine ^.^ I completely understand.)

    Finnick looked over his shoulder at his friends out of the corner of his eye. He was starting to rethink this. He really didn't want to ruin his reputation and he definitely didn't want to talk to someone who couldn't even care about her appearance. He didn't want to go out with Alex, he didn't want to even think about going out with her. She was different than the other girls though. She had unique blue hair that stands out no matter where she is, and her piercing made everybody think that she was some sort of delinquent. Totally different than most girls.

    Finnick was a proud guy though, and he wasn't going to give up that easily. The blonde slightly smiled. It was a small smile, almost invisible. He sat down beside her and looked up at the sky not exactly knowing what to say to the odd girl. "Well that's too bad, 'cause I'm not leaving." He said looking back at his friends once more. They flashed him a few smirks of enjoyment before scampering off in different directions heading to various of other classes. He rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to Alex.
  4. Alex rolled her eyes as she ate, totally ignoring the blond next to her as she ate her food. She was uncomfortable to say at least. Why wouldn't that guy leave her alone?! Most people wouldn't think twist and just walk away from her, but no, not Finnick! It was pissing her off a bit. If this was some sort of sick joke then she would run him over with her motorcycle.

    Finishing her sandwiches, Alex stuffed her lunchbox back in her backpack and stood up, standing straight infront of Finnick. "What do you want?" She managed to ask with a slight growl. She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot impatiently. She did not want Finnick or his kind to get near her or even talk to her, so the faster she got him to tell what the hell he wanted, the quicker she could head back to her next class and go home. She was so happy that it was Friday, just a few more hours and it was weekend. Not that she had anything special planned, she just wanted to sleep for hours and hours, so the faster she could head to class, the faster she got home.
  5. He looked up at the girl with a small tilt to his head, "I don't really want anything." Right now at least. Finnick said a small, yet soft smile decorated upon his face. He said stretching his arms before standing up beside her, "But it would be a pleasure to at least walk you to your class." It actually wouldn't be all that pleasurable to him. He would probably end up passing a lot of people and it didn't help that some of those people would probably be his friends. His friends that would end up making fun of him in the long run even though they were the ones that got him in this situation in the first place.

    "So how about it, Alex?" He asked with another tilt to his head. "Will you let me walk you to your next class? Actually, I won't even talk no for an answer, so it's not use trying." said Finnick. The football player looked down at the unique girl, taking in her blue hair and lip piercing in once more.
  6. Alex raised a brow at Finnick and leaned her weight on one hip. She didn't get it. Why would a guy like Finnick want to talk to her all of the sudden. "If this is you're idea of a joke then it isn't funny." She said and adjusted her bag on her shoulder. "I can find my way to class on my own very well, thank you very much. I doubt you can even find your way through the halls without a gps in your hand, aren't football players supposed to be stupid?" She questioned. She knew she was maybe being a bit mean, but as long as she didn't understand what was going on, she couldn't care less.

    Alex huffed and turned on her heels to head for class alone. Finnick should be happy that she didn't want him to walk with her. He wouldn't want to be seen with the outcast, would he? Alex rolled her eyes, this was stupid.
  7. Finnick looked at her, "This isn't a joke. I'm not laughing and I don't think you are either." He said with a flat tone to his voice before quickly heading after her. Most girls would love this, why couldn't she? He finally matched her pace and walked beside her. He looked down at her with a small smile, he wasn't sure if he was going to enjoy the challenge ahead of him, or hate it. Hate it more than anything, but he did know that he was going to be looking forwards to it.

    Finnick laughed, running his hand through his short blonde hair. "Alright, I guess I had that coming... But I guess you're right in some places. Most of my friends are completely stupid. They don't even know from right to left, but me? Nah." He shook his head with closed eyes before looking at her once more. "Not to brag or anything, but I'm quite smart, thank you. I'm in a few honor classes." He said rather proudly.
  8. Alex stopped walking when Finnick said that he was in a couple of honor classes. She blinked a couple of times before she had to laugh. After a couple of seconds she stopped and smirked. "Serious?" She asked him. "Okay, you didn't have to be that good, but as long as you don't solve math problems with boobs or ass then I guess you're not a complete retard." Alex admitted. "That doesn't explain why you suddenly want to walk me to class." She added with a suspious raised brow, but shrugged and shook it off as they started walking to class again. "Don't come with any crap because I can see all through it." Alex huffed.

    Alright, maybe it wasn't too bad to have someone to walking with or talk with, but who would want to do that with her? She had blue hair and a lip piercing, apparently that was the first no go. Then there was her clothes, tight jeans with an oversized baggy shirt and worn out boots, that was the second no go. And apparently there were more things that made her weird, not that she cared, Alex liked herself, but having someone actually try to talk to her and not run off was something new.
  9. The all-star football player laughed with Alex, "Well believe it. I'm not your average popular guy. I'd rather have my face stuck in a book than doing some prostitute that I found on the side of the street." Finnick shrugged as he walked alongside of the blue-haired girl. "To be honest, I wanted to have a change in my everyday life. I didn't really wanna hangout with whores and player, nothing is different with them." He said flatly. Finnick wasn't all that honest or trustworthy. He didn't always like his friends. In fact, he rarely liked hanging around them. They were never serious and were always doing shitty things to each other. They always had a girl wrapped around their fingers and didn't care about anything, but football or some other sport. Finnick, on the other hand, would rather have good grades so he can get a career that would last a lot longer than a football player's career. He also thought that it would be better to find that "right" person, but of course he also had his flaws. Pride, for example, his pride and self-esteem were very high and he'd do anything to keep his reputation.
  10. "And so you decide to walk with me, I don't think you see the distance between our "status"." Alex said, making quotation signs. It was still a bit weird for her why he chose to walk with the outsider, but she did agree with what he said. In other words that his friends were complete nutshells. "But, hey, at least thanks for not comparing me with a prostitute. Something new." She added in a soft mumble and stopped when she reached her class. "So um... Thanks for walking me, I guess? Oh and not to be mean or anything, but if you don't like your friends, why not find new ones?" She suggested and opened the door to her history lecture. "Guess I'll see you around then." Alex said and gave Finnick a small smile before entering class and finding her seat.
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  11. "Of course I see the difference between our statuses." said Finnick, a smile decorated on his flawless face. "That's the reason why I want to hang out with you." He said sauntering down the hallway beside Alex. "You're nothing like the people that I usually hang out with and to be honest, you're nothing like the girls that are usually leeching off of them either. Prostitute? Nah, don't know how that rumor started, but I don't believe one bit of it. K?" He said with a small shrug as if he had just sung his alphabet; it was no big deal. Finnick then looked down at her and flashed a big grin before stopping in front of the history lecture door. "I keep them around because they boost my reputation." He said. It wasn't all a lie. He did want to keep his reputation, but his friends probably lowered it more than helped it, but he wasn't going to tell her what his real reason was.

    The all-star football player looked up at the room number with a certain surprised look in his eyes. This was his next class. Why hadn't he realized her before? She did stand out, maybe it was because he sat in front of her? Finnick watched Alex go to her seat before walking into the room himself. This was one of the few normal classes he had. He sucked at history. The jock walked over to his seat in the very front of the room, sitting next to one of his so-called friends, taking a small peek at Alex from the corner of his eye.
  12. Alex almost wanten to facepalm when she saw Finnick walk into the classroom as well, she had forgotten that they shared the same class. Deciding that she shouldn't worry about it, Alex turned back to her thoughs for a couple of minutes. Did Finnick really want to hang out with her because she was different? She had been different from the start so why now? Just because she didn't leach off of those guys was that the only reason she was an outsider? If it was then it was the stupidest reason and she would be pride to be an outsider.

    Alex didn't notice Finnick looking at her from the corner of his eye, all kind of random questions in her head were occupying her. Alex snapped out of her trans when the teacher stepped in and started the class. Alex grabbed her books and took out her history notebook to take note of what the teacher said. She loved history, it was fun! Still a pain to learn, but fun.

    When the teacher asked the class a question, Alex would usually keep quiet even though she knew all the right answers instead of those half made up answers that people would answer with. No one would notice her anyway so why bother?

    After an one and a half hours of history, Alex rubbed her head against the table before packing her notes. The last question had been for the blond Brittany, about why Hitler wanted all the Jews dead.. The answer had been so stupid that Alex just had to face plant the table.
  13. Finnick looked up at the teacher as he gave a lecture about World War Two and Adolf Hitler. He looked over at the girl who answered. Her answer was so ridiculous it made all of his friends look smart. Finnick looked over at Alex, half of the class did when they heard her head make contact with the table. He slightly chuckled as the other kids whispered to each other. Finnick sighed and turned back around when the teacher called for the class' attention once more. He placed his cheek into the palm of his hand as he listened to the rest of his teacher's lecture.

    Alex was an outcast. That was true, but it wasn't only because she wasn't a "normal" girl. Now normal meant slutty for most people; the type of girl who would rather have their face stuck on a guy's face than in a book. Alex was looked down upon because she was different. Literately. People thought she was weird. Blue hair, lip piercing, motorcycle, and could care less about her appearance. Was she even a teenager?

    Finnick stole another look at her from the corner of his eye, not caring about the teacher. He wasn't going to get anything that came out of his mouth anyways so why bother?

    His friend nudged him before looking at him with a curious look, leaning towards him. "Dude, who are you staring at? Is it finally a girl? Are you finally into a girl?" His friend whispered to him, nudging him and giving him a devious look. "It better not be Janet. I totally called dibs on her in the beginning of the year."

    "It's not Janet. In fact, it's not a girl at all. You should know me better than that."

    "Yeah... You're right about that." Finnick's friend nodded in agreement before standing up, gathering his books, and walking out of the class when the teacher finally dismissed them. Finnick sighed and stretched his hands out into the air before doing the same thing as he friend had done, but instead of heading to his next class, he waited for Alex.
  14. The table had been closer then alex thought when she face planted the surface, hitting it with a loud bam. It didn't hurt at the beginning, but when she raised her head again, it was as if her head was going to split in two. Thank God that it was the end of class. She packed her things and got out of the class room, almost receiving a heart attack from Finnick, who appeared to be waiting for someone and since she was the last one out of class, she guessed that he was waiting for her.

    "Shouldn't you be heading to your next class?" Alex asked him before looking through her bag for something against the headache. Popping a painkiller in her mouth, she swallowed it with a mouthful of water. She put the bottle back in her bag and turned back to him. "You don't have to walk me to every class, you know." She smiled. Why is he trying so hard? She thought, fixing her hair quickly.
  15. Finnick smiled and shrugged at the girl. "Well of course I know that. I have the top grade in my next class, so the teacher basically adores me." The all-star football player smirked with a boastful look decorated upon his face. "Meaning, I can do as I please and not get in trouble, so don't be worryin' 'bout me, k?" He said with a tilt to his head as he began walking down the hallway, looking back at Alex silently gesturing her to follow him. He wasn't usually this forceful, but he had to finish out the deal, and Alex wasn't as strange and weird as everybody thought she was. She was just the type of person who would rather be different from everyone else; the type of person to curse Cliques instead of following them.
  16. Alex scoffed at his attitude. "Yeah, whatever Mr. Know It All." She huffed and rolled her eyes. Her mouth dropped a bit when he silently asked her to follow. What was she? Some dumb dog? It didn't even look like he had asks, more like ordered her to follow him. "Prick." She muttered under her breath, though still followed after him. She hated her feet for that. Her class was the other way. "I know you don't have to do anything for class, smart ass, but not all of us are here on a free ride like scollarship. I actually have to pay to be here and I don't have the money to skip class. The art department is that way." She said and pointed in the opposite direction. "Do you even know where you're going?" Alex asked him.
  17. Finnick smirked at her when he heard her call him a prick, "I heard that." He called before continuing to walk down the long corridor. He looked in a few of the classrooms; some empty, some full. He of course didn't want to go to class and he of course didn't want to skip alone. "Yeah I know, but I don't want to have a scholarship for football. I want to have a scholarship for something that means something, not a stupid job that will last a few years or until my body gets an injury that will fuck up my life forever." He scoffed before transforming his frown into his smile, "One day won't hurt a thing and if you ever need help with a subject you know where I'll be." He smirked, "Well unless it's history. Come to me for history help and I'll cut you." He said with a sarcastic, yet serious tone to his voice before looking back at her from over his shoulder, "Of course I know where we're going." He said at first before rethinking about it, "Um... No, no I don't, but I will!" He said before softly chuckling. "Maybe the mall or something? Where do you want to go?"" He tilted his head with curiosity.
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  18. Alex face palmed when Finnick said he didn't know where he was going, then he also had to ask her where she wanted to go. She actually just wanted to head for class, but maybe, just maybe, skipping one day wasn't too bad. Alex rubbed her temples as she thought. "My grandparents are going to kill me for this." She sighed. "Fine, have your way. I don't care where we go, as long as I'm not back too late. My grandma will have a heart attack if I don't return before dark. She panics easily." She said and stepped beside Finnick as soon as they got out of the school building. "Oh and before I forget to answer you, I don't need your help with any classes, as long as you're not Picasso, you don't get to help me with art either." She scoffed with a smirk. "But how about we go to the park?" Alex suggested. It felt kind of weird for her to walk with someone and hang out, this wasn't something that usually happened. It was more rare than daily, but it couldn't hurt right? What would be the worst that couldn't happen?
  19. Finnick smiled, "Well now that I think about it... Picasso was like my great great great great great grandpa." He said in a sarcastic tone before smirking at her, liking the idea of going to the park. "I haven't been to the park in such a long time. It'd be pretty fun to go back there again!" He said most to himself but a little to Alex too. Finnick smiled once more, this time it was a more softer and gentler one than before. "Your grandmother sounds like a very nice person. Sounds like she really cares for you." Finnick never got to enjoy that luxury that other kids can. His father left him before he was born and his grandparents were dead. It was, and will only be, him and his mother. That might also be why he wants to get a real job, so he could take care of his mother when she is too old to take care of herself. It's the least he could do for her. "And don't worry. I'll have you back before bedtime." He said in another sarcastic tone before slightly chuckling.
  20. Alex smiled. "Yeah, Granny's pretty sweet. She tries her best. She has to though, because my dad would probably kill his own mother if something was wrong with me when he comes back." She said. Her smirk disappeared his to a growl when Finnick told her he would have her back by bed time. She scoffed at him. "Dragging me away from school to skip with you and then you start being sarcastic. Don't make me kick you, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes." She huffed as they headed towards the park. Her smile soon returned and jumped on the tiles, trying not to touch the cracks. Everything was going fine until a cat jumped out of a bush and in front of Alex, startling her and making her lose her balance, making her fall into Finnick.
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