Feels like it's been ages.

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  1. It feels like it's been ages since I was here... I feel like I let some of my ol' chums down. Hello Iwaku! I am back kickin' ass! However, why was I gone so long?

    1. Forgot my password and E-mail.
    2. Health Issues.
    3. Real life isses.

    All of them are solved. I am happier than ever and hope to get back to RPing!

    So..um.. hello all?
  2. welcome back!

    I'm new here so you wouldn't know me from the past but i hope you are able to come in contact with all your old friends, and hope to make new friends!
  3. Hey there! I am kind of an oldie here. Love makin' new friends as well. Nice avatar.
  4. Thanks!

    Love yours, from Devil May Cry, right?
  5. Yup! I Roleplay as Dante from DMC3. Have ince 2005. One of my favourite characters.
  6. Ah. While he's not my favourtie, I do enjoy the concept.