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Feelings (A Search)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lovely Lotus Blossom, Jul 3, 2015.

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  1. I have various craving's here are a few I'm interested in now. I am also up to any of your ideas.
    Fitz X OC
    Jake X OC

    Master X Slave (have a plot for this one)

    Romeo X Juliet

    Step brother X Step Sister

    Roaring 20's

    Victorian Era

    Stalker X Victim

    OC X OC

    Meta X Human

    Salem Witches

    Gordon X OC
    Alfred X OC

    Dancing With The Stars
    Derek X OC
    Artum X OC

    Nick Jonas X OC

    Intertwined souls (plot)


    Girl in the box Series
    Sienna X Zack
    OC X Zack
    Sienna X Reed
    OC X Reed

    The Originals
    Klaus X OC
    Klaus X Hailey
    Klaus X Camille
    Elijah X OC
    Elijah X Hailey

    Ever After High
    Raven X OC
    Madeline Hatter X OC
    Ashlynn Ella X OC
    Dexter Charming X OC
    C.A Cupid X OC

    The Hobbit
    Legolas X OC
    OC X OC

    The Flash
    Barry X OC
    Eddie X OC

    Vampire Academy
    Dimitri X OC
    OC X OC

    Beauty and the Beast
    Vincent X OC
    Evan X OC
    Gabe X OC
    OC X OC

    Love Triangle

    50 Shades of Grey
    Christian X OC
    OC X OC

    The Kingsman: Secret Service
    Eggsy X OC
    Galahad X OC
    OC X OC

    Bates Motel
    Norman X OC
    DylanX OC

    Eye Candy
    Lindy X Tommy
    OC X Tommy
    OC X Jake
    OC X OC
    OC X Killer

    Obsessed X obsession

    Prince X OC
    Princess X OC

    E-mail / Mail order bride

    Forbidden Love*

    Pioneer times
    Mounty X School Teacher
    Cowboy X School Teacher
    Miner X School Teacher

    Royal Love Triangle *

    The Paradise
    Denise X Moray
    Moray X OC
    Sam X OC
    Dudley X OC
    OC X OC

    Eternal Vow*

    Unnatural Bond *

    Jurassic World

    Mortal instruments
    Jace X OC
    Simon X OC
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  2. Looking for someone who can create a story with me with a lot more than sex.​
  3. I'm willing to do royal love triangle or forbidden love.
  4. do you still have aplot idea for the master x slave rp if so pm me so we can discuss more details :D
  5. Interested in Victoria Era - love Western style/cowboys/etc... I only play female though. Let me know! :)
  6. Hello there,
    I would be interested in the following Roleplays
    • Step brother x Step sister
    • Master x Slave
    • Stalker x Victim
    As well as - Eternal vow & Unnatural bond

    If any of these are available and you are still looking.
    Please drop me a Private message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.