Feeling Blood-thirsty!

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  1. I woke up this morning, and asked my sister where was the blood?! am I turning into a vampire? will I grow fangs? I need some therapy!
  2. It could be worse. You could have been kidnapped at the age of seven and trained to be a super soldier.
  3. that would be awesome! :) I would love that. I am looking in the mirror now, and I have fangs! *bares them*
  4. *points assault rifle at Boo*

    You have been identified as a HVT. (High Value Target) You have ten seconds to plead non-hostile.

    *starts counting*
  5. Aaaah! Me is not guilty! Me means no harm!

    *puts hands together and begins to pray to my mother*
  6. Non-Hostile confirmed. You're free to go.

    *marches off LIKE A BOSS!*
  7. I shall bite you and turn you into one of us!

    *lunges and bites you*

    *gets lunged before he can fire*

    Get it off! Get off! D:
  9. ...You don't just tell a girl to get off... you have to WORK for it!
  10. Myron, You're not helping! DX

    *falls over from blood loss*
  11. *Stands up and wipes mouth clean.*

    There - that is how you do a job. I was feeling thirsty anyway.

  12. I can't possibly make this sound any dirtier than it does....o.O
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  13. You probably could, Myrn.
    I mean.
    You're MYRN.

  14. omg :) i didnt realise when I posted it that it sounded dirty 0.o

    ah well - nothing wrong with a bit of dirt in the world - as my nan's kitchen wall says "my kitchen is clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be fun"
  15. me is looking forward to our sexy roleplay :) setting up now!
  16. do you like Harry le Potter? hehe just me having a crazee moment

  18. how about this for crazee?

    I have my bubbles, you have your bubbles, she has her bubbles. If I have my bubbles, not your bubbles or her bubbles, and you have your bubbles, not my bubbles or her bubbles, then that means she has her bubbles, not my bubbles or your bubbles.