Feeling "Adult"

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I'm not exactly the most mature 28 year old around. XD I watch cartoons, adore Disney tween shows, play pretend all day, dressup in funny costumes for no reason, and have zero interest in what is considered "normal" for an adult coming close to 30. c____c; *Koff*

Then there's days when I see how other younger people act and then I realize I must BE an adult. .__.; Despite my eccentricness, when it comes to "important stuff" I always end up thinking like a responsible adult, poo-pooing at immature behaviors, and doing that pesky "get your life together!" lecturing at other people!

How old are you now? Do you feel your age? Do you find yourself slipping slowly in to adulthood or act your age? Or do you cruise along acting much younger/older than you are?

What do you think about today's standards for what is considered "adult" or "mature"?
I'm 22 now, at times I still feel like I'm in my teens, going over to a friends house for a night of D&D and/or 40k, but other times I feel myuch older, especially when I see people I went to high school with in college and acting like it's still high school minus the parents, and other times especially when issues like freedom of speech and freedom of the press are brought up in the news, but that's more because of my job than my age.
I'm nearing my mid twenties and I feel about my age, i guess. I don't feel old, really, but I'm well enough past my teens So I don't feel young either. I've been through a LOT in my life, I had to support myself at a young age, many many many ups and even more downs, a few long relationships, I've lost more people than i can count to different things, I've delt with death in all its brutal forms...I guess the life i have lived has made me more of an adult than I want to be sometimes.

In some ways I am adult like...I pay bills, budget money, make life decisions, live independently...things like that. In other ways I guss I'm like a kid. I love going to theme parks, playing video games (although i don't play as much as I used to), I enjoy cartoons and try to laugh at life as much as possible. <<<< Not sure if those are "youthful" aspects or not.

I think todays standards are far different than they were a few generations ago...People play more than they did back in the day, so I've heard.
I'll be 20 in February.

I'm actually pretty mature, though only around other adults like professors, peoples' parents and my coworkers. I tend to impress them with my punctuality, vocabulary and responsibility. They even disregard my lisp, which sounds pretty childish when I get nervous... Bills are paid as soon as possible and I hand deliver my rent check to our manager lady.

When at like, the mall or at home or around my family, though... I'm such an immature brat. XD I'll hide peoples' shoes, make dirty jokes, punch people... My immaturity will never fade away because it's part of who I am. I mostly watch cartoons on television! I'm rebellious at times... I won't take a job if they require me to take out my piercings. XP It's just wrong to require that of someone unless their face is totally crowded with them.

My view on this is that age is just a number. There's no reason to completely grow up just because you're a certain age. My mother turned 40 this year and she is still youthful as ever; as with my father. There's just a time and place for things. :3
I turned 18 in May, so... Well, I figure I'm still young, and I do like messing around with friends, but I do honestly feel older than I am, sometimes. While my situation was never the worst thing ever, I sort of did have to grow up sooner than some people. I don't mind accepting responsibility for things, but I personally hate having responsibility forced upon me because of age. So I do act mature and polite to bosses and adults and stuff (though no one on Iwaku will ever be a full fledged adult in my eyes!) but I'm also the type of person who likes to crack a joke or two with them too. I have friends who do stupid things, like climb on top of schools and moon people in a car, but I've never been able to be that reckless, I suppose. As for what I believe about today's standards... I've grown up living with my dad, who, for as long as he's lived in this country, and long before that, has worked. He seems so stressed at times that it seems borderline depressing. He never got to enjoy his youth, so I don't want to end up having a life that is nothing but work. I wanna be an awesome adult who teaches his kids the value of the Legend of Zelda!
I'll be "feeling" some "adults" if you know what I mean. . .MMMMHMMMM.
I'm 26. I feel like I'm 36. When you at the upper echelons of rank and responsibility, circumstance and environment force you to act decades older.
I'm 19, and I'm....XD.
Do I really have to say it?
I'm like a little kid, but I've been told I'm polite and helpful at times. ^^;
I usually brush those aside. ^^:
20, Responsible Adult by day Adolescent by night. I'm kind, responsible, open to wisdom, love to write, and love to think and/or imagine while I'm awake and taking in my surroundings as the day goes by. Meanwhile at night I tend to play video games, drink soda, steal stuff from the fridge, not care about anything in the world even things I should be caring about. (Like money issues.)

Really I don't feel any different in age though between the two modes. Throughout the day I appeal to my Super Ego and then at night I get to let my Id have what it wants. A nice exchange right? A responsible one right? *fiddles with legos*
I'm still a teenager, but from what I am told, almost no one realizes this fact. I'm not entirely sure what it is exactly, but I've always been mistaken as older than I am in appearance (which is not pleasing, since I'm female and hope to look youthful always) and in my actions. There's never been any line for me to step over, no transition, it's just something I accepted without question or, I think, notice.

As for standards today, they drive me absolutely crazy. People overestimate their children and underestimate them at the same time. People are so convinced that if you tell a two year old girl "phallic" she will instantaneously be set on the path of turning into a slut. As if she really knows or cares what that word means and would derive any meaning from it deeper than she would from the word "octagonal". I'm not encouraging swearing around them at all times, but people seem to think that every adult joke there is in the world will be instantly understood by their children and that they will take it to heart when in reality, that child neither knows nor really cares why the parent is flipping out.
On the other hand, they underestimate them so much as well. If their year old daughter isn't taught at exactly two with her special learning blocks, she will never learn how to do math and she will be a moron her entire life.