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  1. Okay...so how do I begin to OFFICIALLY start my own roleplay thread, again? What's all of this about profiles and stuff? There's just so much, you know? My brain cannot seem to wrap and organize all of this. Need some assistance or you'll probably have a not-so-active member, cause I don't know how to even begin the action. I've done everything else required -you know, the automatic thing on the top? Yeah. Help is well appreciated, just want to get active now. Thank you!

    Your friendly LadyeBurd
  2. You have one of two options.

    For those roleplays that require character sheets.

    1. Pick a genre that you want your roleplay to be in be. Is it Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi?

    2. Once you've figured that out, look under Roleplay on the Home page and look for your genre category. You will want to click on "Genre" Signups and Discussions.

    3. Click on "Post New Thread"

    4. Fill out the required fields, making sure that your thread has a requirement for Character Sheets to be made for your roleplay. Then hit Submit.

    For the roleplays that Don't require Character Sheets:

    1. On the Home Page, look for Jump Ins under the Roleplay category. Click on that category.

    2. To make your own thread, click "Post New Thread" at the top. Fill in the any background information about your roleplay that players will need. You don't need a character template for these.

    3. Make sure you choose your Prefix/Genre so players will know what they're getting into!

    I hope this helps you out, don't be surprised by the way if something pops up about your threads needing to be being approved. This happens to all of the newbies, the Mods simply have to approve your Thread. Also note that Jump In roleplays are the In Character (IC) threads. If you want an Out of Character (OOC) thread where you and your players can talk amongst yourselves or plot, make sure you make it in Jump In Discussions.
  3. There's also a helpful video tutorial made by Kitti if you wish to take a look-see.

  4. Thanks, man!