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Which am I?

  1. Bad Ass

  2. Bad

  3. Ass

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  1. Apparently I'm bad ass enough to shut down Iwaku well it's partially my fault so I guess that makes me bad or ass.
  2. Ah, that April fools banner :P I guess it displays our display names by default o-o
  3. Well now I feel like an idoit only slightly, but I'm still a bad ass.
  4. Don't worry, that's what April fools is all about! ;)
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  5. But now I must plot my revenge against Iwaku.
  6. Why, thank you, Forgotten Hero. Apparently you are secretly me, which is quite an accomplishment!
  7. Or or or, WAIT FOR IT, you could be secretly me. Suck on that M. Night Shyamalan.
  8. Oooo.... If I'm secretly you, does that mean that you get to pay my college tuition? :lol:
  9. Another plot twist I forgot how to read. Sorry *sad face*
  10. :tongue:

    That's fine. I'd rather have more me's anyways!
  11. But what if at 1AM,random balloons will float around the forum and then words will pop out of the screen,saying "April Fools" or,or a sudden announcement saying "Everyone is promoted as Admin for 10 minutes" O3O
  12. Something we can both agree on. Also your status Waiting for Wit, that wouldn't by chance refer to one of Brandon Sanderson's characters?

    You would not want to see me as admin I would burn this place with the flames of my vengeance.
  13. "We gonna watch the world BUUUUURN"

    I'm sorry I just thought of that when you said that.
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  14. you're not the only one.
  15. I didn't get the joke.
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