Feeding the Fire

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  1. # The day is bright and sunny. In the forest, birds are singing, animals are about, all is calm. That is, until, suddenly, a hand bursts out of the ground, with flames rising about it. Alarm spreads throughout the forest, and all living things run as a small woman pulls herself out of the earth. Naked, she looks around, fire swirling about her.# "So, He'll could not hold me." # she chuckles, and the fires stop. Sniffing the air, she turns towards the nearest civilization. Slowly, she rises, her naked body glowing with an inner fire.# "The world will pay" # she says, grinning as she walks for the nearby town#

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    The chatter of birds turned to a panicking screeching. It woke her up, the eyes of the girl snapped open and felt a burning sensation in the symbols on her back. She immediately felt restless, uncomfortable. she looked to the rays of the sun seeping through the leaves above her. It was day...
    "Isn't it a bit early for you to wake me up...?" She grumbled. Sinderi grunted, sitting up on the branch and watching as a flock of birds chose the sky. Focus little girl, I didn't wake you this time.... Agony replied softly in the back of her head. If he wasn't then what did? Their contract normally didn't allow the demon to wake up, leaving her body out of energy and numb, almost doll like. Yet she felt the energy coursing through her veins. Something had happened. Her blue eyes turned blood red upon feeling the strange energy, powerful way more powerful than the things she was used to hunt. "Did something break free...? " She mumbled, uneased by the aura filling the air. It troubled her greatly. Her arm stung terribly where the astaroth seal had been burned in her ski and without a second thought she jumped, leaving her resting spot and following the new energy, afraid of what she might find. It was bad...
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    Axel's silver hair uncoiled itself from the makeshift blanket that kept him warm during the night. The luminous tendrils wove themselves into a neat braid whilst he shifted to sit on the branch of the tree he'd spent the night in. Pointed ears twitched slightly in irritation, unease settling in the pit of the male elf's stomach. There were some auras that were strange to him before and some of them were far from good. However, this one seemed a bit too ominous.

    With a decisive leap, he took to the forest floor, following the path of the strange flux of energy.