Feedback would be awesome!

Took the survey~ you have very pretty sketches Porg!
I have finished! Awesome sketches too.
I finished the entire survey, long as it was. xD I tried to give insight into what I felt from each character. I hope it was what you were looking for. Some characters needed some personality, but other than that, there were a lot of strong designs! <3
Contributed~! Awesome job by the way! =)
I ddi this thing, hoping I would get paid.

Am I going to get paid?
Took it, I think I liked all of them pretty much. You're very talented. I hope you will show us the finished product. :]
I like your art style though, it's different from what alot of people do these days. Overall though, I think you're very talented. :]
Hey everyone, thanks for doing the test, and also for the nice comments :3

Thought you might be interested in some of the results from the survey.

The top design as favorited was the one in the cowboy hat (I hate it by the way.. thanks a lot ;P)

The bottom was the faceless jester one with no arms.. (one of my favourites ;P)

As for what designs were deemed as what archetype here are some charts:

For the Hero:

For the Soulmate:

For the Ally:

For the Mentor:

And for the Trickster:

And overall what got most votes in what:

I will be posting up some of my development work but I'll probably make a separate thread for it.

Once again! Thanks for all your help everyone!