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  1. Hi everyone, as some of you might be aware I am designing some characters for my major project this semester.

    I have done the initial stage of silhouette designs and am now moving on to the true design phase. However I am trying to get to grips with what design aspects are popular and well recieved and how people are seeing the designs character wise.

    So if anyone could take 5minutes out to fill in this survey I'd be massively grateful. I may even be able to do some sort of reward piece for those who post here after filling it in ^^

    Thanks guys.


    This is the stage before I start properly designing them with details and such.
  2. How many pics are there?
  3. 8D I halped.
  4. They're all quite nice, though I say I like the ones with more facial detail. =P
    8/10 ^^
  5. It's 22 different pics.. i think it should only take 5-10mins though.

    Thanks for taking it guys =)
  6. You really really REALLY...and I can't stress this enough...REALLY need more options for what role the characters fit in to. Instead of just giving five options, have more options, or let the person taking the survey come up with their own roles for the characters, or at the very least, give options but then also have a choice for other where the person doing the survey can write in a role. Out of all of the pictures, I think there were maybe two or three that I actually felt could fit your role options.
  7. I felt like some of them would have fit well, quite nicely, into a Villain category. >.>;
  8. *sigh*

    Ok looks like I need to explain some things..
    Firstly I'm not looking for feedback on my survey only on the designs, and I'm too late to change the Survey now.

    I don't quite understand why you've had so much trouble Coti, since everyone else who's taken it did fine, and realised that the comments section exists. Iwaku is not the only place getting this survey, but on the whole you people tend to have a good understanding of character dynamics and such which a lot of the other people im asking don't have, hence why I asked.

    Apparently I'm not very good at this, as every single one of those thumbnails was intended to fit into one of those 5 roles given (im only designing 5 characters hence only the 5 roles) so if only 2 fit into any of them apparently im really bad at this.

    I guess a 'none of the above' option would have been a good idea but it's too late to add it. It's useful to know if a design perhaps is too villainy or such but statistics wise Im more interested to know how they fit into the 5 roles i have designated for the characters I am designing.

    And yes I dumbed down the character descriptions a bit, as they are actually 5 of the narrative archetypes Asmo talks about but I know that half the people im surveying wont understand them so i tried to put them in terms people might actually be able to figure out.
  9. n.n
    I still liked the designs altogether..
    The Jester types made me giggle. >_>
    -claps quietly.-
  10. Finished, Porgy-porg.
  11. Took it.
    Like your art style.
  12. Done, Porg! <3

    That was kinda fun to do. It was cool seeing the different designs and stuff.
  13. Thanks guys! it's all useful.

    though I will say.. who's the guy (it must be one of you guys it said it was done from america and most of the people my end would know) who kept using the comments to gripe about the art style not having enough definition or detail?

    You do realise these are all SILHOUETTE ROUGHS made entirely for the purpose of getting many many tiny designs down focusing on the outline of the design and ignoring detail.. right? Actually I hope you didn't get that or you're a cruel unrelenting task master!

    Just thought I should make that clear for anyone else taking the test..

    Thanks though!
  14. Surveys! I love surveys!!!!!!!
  15. That's not how I meant it. What I meant was I could get a better handle on certain drawings after you started the actual design process. Some, to me, were a tad vague. All in all, they were great, though.
  16. *throws Porg in a bush*


    That was an enjoyable exercise. I like how using just silhouettes can suggest so much about a character's emotive role. Good idea on the survey.
  17. I think that because the options for roles were so limited that I was forced in to picking a role that I felt didn't fit (it wouldn't allow me to leave it blank). I wasn't having trouble with it, and I realize the comments section exists, but I didn't feel that spending a lot of effort in writing about exactly what role I think the character fits in to was a good use of my time since you were only looking to fill those specific roles.
  18. Took it. Character designs are generally good. Some I question about some roles, but most were easy to sort to the role, I thought, they would fit. Well done! -nods-
  19. I liked pretty much all of them. A couple didn't feel right but I mentioned those in the comments. Overall. Good job!
  20. Yay, I helped someone with something!~ :D

    Great designs, but there needs to be a "Villain" option..~ Otherwise, great fun!~