Feedback and a question

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I have to say I have been on a couple sites and this is probably by far the best. I love the valentine layout because of my love for hot pink. I love the currancy points, the resume, Big Momma, achievements and everything about this site. I cannot stress this enough. It makes me want to come back here every day. Also love having the green lights that show how well known someone is.

My question is this. How do those green lights under someone's name get tallyed up? I understand that it's by posting that I know already. But how much do I need to post to go up and get more bars? Is there somewhere on the site that tells me this?

Oh another thing is that when I went to see the blogs it was mostly plot stories. What goes in the blog category or is just what we feel that day? Talking about something that is happening in our days talking about our feelings?

Thank you for taking the time and reading this.
Ooh and also love some of the pictures for our avatar.
The 'green lights' are reputation points. You get them when someone leaves you good reputation for a post you made. There are also red lights for bad reputation! You can leave reputation for a member by clicking that little star under their post (In between EDIT POST and BLOG THIS POST). Usually reputation is given when someone makes either an exceptional RP post OR a good reply to a general thread. Could also be for advice given in the counseling section.

The blogs are for whatever you want to use them for. Personally, I use them for character sheet storage. Some members use them for music sharing, like Dawn. Others use them for like a journal, or for ranting/raving.
You can also get rep points from people "liking" or "thanking" you for a post. :D

And yeah, everyone uses their blog for different things. I use mine as "all of the above". XD Especially since you can make your own categories and pages inside your blog for organizing things.
Is there any way to see who has liked your posts?
Visit your Profile, and click the little tab that says "Post Thanks / Likes". It'll show you all the past ones you've gotten. :D You can also click the "Reputation" one to see any reputation you've received. When you get a new one, an alert pops up in your notifications letting you know.