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  1. Let's cut to the chase. I want to roleplay in the following fandoms, or with the following plot. If you want to discuss something going by my resume, then that's cool too.

    Fairy Tail
    Sword Art Online
    Lunar Knights
    Chrome Shelled Regios

    Science – it’s a tool.
    To be used for or against people, is the decision its user must make.
    Inventions and discoveries can change the world for the best – penicillin, telecommunications, that wolves could be tamed to the point they became dogs. All of these and more have changed humanity, and the way it operates. It has changed the world for the better, and people have been helped as a result.
    But science is a double-edged sword.
    Chemical warfare, the nuclear and hydrogen bomb, the things that turn men into monsters. Science, though used with good intentions, has turned men, women and children into snarling monsters. Distrustful, hateful, intolerant – weapons change a man. Once you have killed a man, once you have shot him, stabbed him or blown him to kingdom come there is no turning back. You turn into something else.
    There have been lots of stories about breeding weapons - people that do not show mercy or compassion. People who follow orders without remorse. People who are machines. But, as of now, scientists find that impossible – a person cannot be bred to be like that. They can be raised that way, but they are still human, and will always have some human trait or other that restrains them. They will always have something wrong with them.

    So what to do with the failed experiments, the test tube children that were never meant to be? Killing them was out of the question. Somebody would find something – somebody always did. There was never any use for them in the normal world – if their origins or their talents were discovered, the resulting uproar would be tremendous. So what to do with them? The answer was the same to how they would neutralise an immortal being – trap it.
    The experiments would be raised in a city, where only the bare minimum of normal humans was allowed in. They would be raised, out of view of the public - out of everyone’s view - and taught only what their creators wanted. They had to be taught what they were able to do, and how to manage it. They were to be raised in a perfect city. And they would never be able to leave.
    Tales were slipped into the city of what happened to people who strayed too far outside the city boundaries. Bodies of those who dared to venture out were left hanging on the trees nearest the border, with ‘TRESPASSER’ crudely drawn onto a wooden sign hanging around their necks. The word was written using their own blood. This kept the citizens in check.

    Generations have passed, and the city is – strangely enough – the same as it ever was. Stuck in the year 2036, though the citizens think nothing of it, happily wiling away their lives. They dream of the outside, but the same thing happens whenever someone tries to venture out. They die. Monsters, men, a secret government conspiracy – the theories and folktales are all there. Our story focusses on the lives of students attending Alistone High School – not particularly special to them, but when you consider their lives are exactly the same as ours, even when they have to be taught what they are and how to contain themselves, you can marvel at how well a trapped group of individuals can cope.
  2. Ohhh I'm interested in Sword art, fairy tail or chrome shelled!
  3. *Twitch*
    Did you say.. You were interested in Fairy Tail, SAO or Chrome-Shelled Regios?
    This wonderful, I finally have somebody to RP them with!
    Now, do we discuss this over PMs or here? I can work with both. Any particular one you wish to use? I can select at random, if not.
  4. Nope anyone is fine, you pick :) and yeah those happen to be three anime that I love. Ummmm yeah sword art is new but I get the gist and I havn't finished fairy taoil but I get it aswell :) I'd be siked to roleplay them especially chrome shelled!
  5. Chrome Shelled it is. I have been trying for AGES to secure an RP in it, but to no avail thus far. But no longer!
    Now, The first question is, where do you want this set? We can put it in Zuellni, or make up our own little regios. Depending on that, I'll have to adjust my character a bit, here and there.
  6. Great would you like me to play a girl or boy? And its might be easier to make it Zeullni, making up our own might be a lot of work but its up to you ^_^
  7. Well, that really depends on what sort of relationship you want them to have. Personally, I don't have a set path when it comes to this. I just let the relationship develop to whatever the path makes them do. They could be lovers, haters, rivals, anything - I have more fun guessing. So, really, it's up to you and where you want me to go with my bloke. Just so you know, he is a bloke.
    And if you want Zeullni, I'm down with that. If you wanted to do something original, I wouldn't have made much different anyway. Though I would have plonked a huge hospital somewhere in there, something bigger than normal. You'll get why when my character's certain... disposition... Is revealed.
  8. Awesome! So what kind of plot would it have? And would you like me to post a character sheet here? Or in pms?
  9. Ah, post it here, far more convenient. As for plot? Well, here's what I got me so far.

    So. Pollution monsters. Big problem with them, they keep trying to nom on people. Bad news for the people. But what if they didn't sense or smell any people at all? What if, by some hare-brained scheme, a science team managed to manipulate human DNA to make it so they didn't attract the beasts, and all that was left to detect them by were the spots of fresh air? It sounds good on paper and it looked good when everyone was having their shots in the medical city of Whothehellcares. But then, as always, SOMETHING had to develop. People started turning into monsters, and the micro-organism in the shot goes airborne. Though, it doesn't like being in polluted air. It seeks out more Regios for more hosts. And, with beasts cropping up all over the place, people have naturally got their hands full. Fortunately, Beating seven shades of black and blue out of the host usually "coaxes" the virus out. At which point, having been ejected, but not of its own accord, it perishes. So, basically, it's up to the military artists to deal with the threat while it grows from a story you wouldn't find a tabloid printing, to something that's essentially tattooed on the city's consciousness' forehead.
  10. Name: Miku Hatsune

    Age: I dunno 16, 17 whichever is acceptable.

    Personality: Shy and timid outside of battle. Refuses to work as a team or except help from others. Abit cold to strangers

    Short bio: Miku was orginally from The regios of Glendan. She trained under the 12 heavenly swords almost all her life and fighting is basically all she knows. At times she is quiet and withdrawn. Miku was too young to join the heavenly swords so until she could be of age she was used as a mecenary for Glendan and others Regios in need. As a reward she was given her own customized dite much similar to that o the heavenly swords. For her next assignment she would be transferred to Zeullni as a student or whatever she needed to be to fit in so she could help out with their contaminoid problem.

    (Sorry it was so short and rugged I really rushed it >.<)
  11. Either'll do, m'lady.

    Name: Landon Oldfield
    Age: 18

    Personality: The black horse of the kei race, is essentially what is used to describe the boy. Though his implied title gives the impression that he partakes in battles, he actually prefers to stay out of the thick of it, settling for a few goes on the rifle range. Though his mouth rarely ever changes from or into anything but an unrevealing frown, his eyes will almost always give his true nature away - whether it be happiness, sadness, or whatever else it is that he feels. Due to his spell in hospital, he feels a little isolated from the world, but not so much that he hates the world.

    Short Bio: Landon had been out with a team a year or so back, and had been fighting the enemy as normal. However, something else - something terrible - happened. He watched his own comrades mutate before his eyes. They were already showing signs of the sickness, but nobody had known what it did. They attacked him, and even though Landon managed to escape the - comparatively sluggish - foes by clinging onto a roaming bus to Zeullni, the limb had to be amputated. In a society where taking a spine out and putting it back in was a standard procedure, getting a half-decent replacement was a small feat. And, as he was a sniper, he didn't exactly need to be blazing around, so his slight limp wasn't exactly a problem.
    It was getting him back into the game, as anything more than a coach.
  12. Freat, I guess we can sart whenver your ready sir!
  13. Very well. I shall post an introduction, choc-full of mutating people and horrific deaths.
    Well, maybe not so much the last one.
  14. Sounds good^^