PROMPT Feed Me Your Repugnance: Dis-liked Genres

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  1. Everyone has something they hate. I want you to take the genre you hate the most and make a plot that will fit one of my characters sheets. Catch you must use the first character sheet you open. As well as your least liked Genre. post it in your blogs or on here as a comment. Choose wisely and have fun ^-^.

    Chung Keto (open)
    Personality: A very knight-like character. Has a high sense of nobility and honor. He only speaks when spoken to.
    For use in fantasy RPs: Chung carries a large cannon that can fire seven shots before needing to be reloaded. He usually is part of a guard or is rescuing someone

    Jinx and Jax Code (open)
    Ages: 19

    (Jinx) Abilities: Super smart.
    (Jinx) Skills: Knowledge of Blades
    (Jinx) Magic: Fire.
    (Jinx) Gun:N/A
    (Jinx)Sword: Six small daggers
    (Jax) Abilities: Super Strong.
    (Jax) Skills: Knowledge of Guns
    (Jax) Magic: Electricity
    (Jax) Gun: Two British Sea Service Pistols
    (Jax) Sword:N/A

    Chris Takuma (open)
    Personality: He is a trickster who loves to play pranks. Chris is a very charming and funny character. He always carries a puppet with him.
    Gun RP: He uses a simple glock
    Magic RP: A master of illusions he can change a persons view on anything.
    Sword RP: Adept using a rapier
    Fighting RP: Bare-Knuckle boxer
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  2. Heyo everyone! Shiro here! I hope your having fun with the challenge, but don't leave me out. If you let me read yours I'll do the challenge using one of your CSs.

    -noming on a cookie- Just a little incentive.