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  1. Here I am again.

    Oh, look at me, hopping around with a rusty kitchen blade once more, tri-colored eyes wild..
    ..yes, I am craving yet another yandere RP.

    I will be the crazy chick who's addicted to your male character.
    OR OR, I can be the guy yandere who's addicted to your female character. Thought that would be interesting. :3

    I don't have an exact plot however.
    But instead of a traditional one, I kinda want something more interesting.

    Kinda leaning towards kidnapping and abuse, and the fact that this one's actually going to kill you if you don't cooperate, or if she sees people are getting too close too fast... catch my drift?

    I want it to be super crazy.

    I'd really enjoy if someone is interested and would help me with the plot, no joke. It's pretty late so I can't think right now. :I

    Anyway, if interested, just shoot me a PM, leave a message on my profile, or comment here!
    I don't bite... I maul. :3
  2. Me! I don't mind my OC's being abused *tosses one*
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.