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B O R E D .
I D E A O N E:

Character A has created a world of his own; only grey. He lost his sight at a young age and currently leaves with his older brother who, with open arms, accepted his brother. The older makes sure to keep his younger brother safe and secure and with the career he was capable of maintaining has helped greatly financially and security wise. Character A appreciate all that his older sibling is doing for him, but envy still lurks within his spirit as his brother can live a normal life while other people around stared at him like he is from another planet. Said boy only longs for the attention of another individual just like everyone else, although one has to be careful of what one desires.
One evening, Character A is invited to a dinner with his older brother and co-workers and he encounters one of them. Character B, older than Character A by a great, is almost instantaneously drawn to the other. Character A, at first cautious, but soon takes note and figures to take the older's attraction to him to his advantage. Seeing as to how Character B is completely into A after just a few dates, A likes the attention and takes the relationship to a different level. Finding a way of reason to stay at the other's house, lying in bed with him, and having the older care for him hand and foot was alluring to Character A.
A's older brother takes notice to the odd behavior of his and doesn't approve of the relationship due to the wide age gap and seeing as to how A is treating the older is concerning to the older sibling. Despite giving off warnings and urging A to end it, A only ignores and continues on with his fun only to see that Character B himself has a hidden personality. A personality that's frightening, but intoxicating at the same time that it's too late to reconsider or maybe its just too hard for A escape the B's grasp.
  • Kind of interested in playing Character A.
  • Age gap for sure.
  • Looking for a literate/advanced partner.
  • Need a dominate that is romantic, but very aggressive at the same time. (Can flesh out characters through further discussion.)
  • Please PM me if interested.

I D E A T W O:

Character A's life has taken a turn for the worse. His wife walked out on both him and his son one night without a word. Due to that, A has come to hate that woman almost to the point of going mentally insane. He is doing what he can to care for his son and promises to rebuild this broken home by finding another partner.

From afar, A has taken notice of an athlete and in his mind, this man will do great to replace that other woman. The athlete, Character B, doesn't have the best history when it comes to being in a relationship. From cheating or having multiple women at the same time. He was more interested in playing the game to become big. Completely unaware of the fact that there is someone that has been keeping watch of him.

One night, Character B finds himself strapped to a bed and in an unknown home. Character A had managed to bring the other to his home and more than happily explains that he needs a mother in the home. Now, despite forcing himself onto the other and even sometimes hurting said athlete to just accept his fate. Character B isn't forced to live in the house with the deranged man. He can come and go as he pleases. This was a way to mess with the other's head and have him wanting to come by the house by his own will.

Even though B finds the other man completely insane, but there is something about him or that home that keeps making him coming back to A's arms. Maybe...or surely, B was finally starting to settle down or there could be something very alluring about A?

  • Very interested in playing Character A!
  • Leaning towards Seme x Seme , but I don't know yet.
  • Muscular character will be needed...but not too muscular.
  • Please PM me if interested.

P A I R I N G S:

Kidnapper// Victim
Delinquent// Business Worker
Student// Teacher
Yakuza leaders

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It can be MxM or MxF, no problem there. I do have a charrie for the MxM concept already, but can and will make one for the MxF concept; if you prefer.
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