February Radio Show Episode 15

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  1. What is this, Iwaku?! Valentine's Day is over.
    Yeah, yeah. Stick a chocolate in it.

  2. good job ya'll : D
  3. The first poem was really, really good o.o Kinda made me feel sad though. I liked the val cards and laughed at some of them and others I guess I'm still too new to Iwaku to understand... lol I'm still laughing about some of the jokes though xD

    Was this shorter than the usual radio shows?
  4. Only by two minutes, we allow 15 minutes per show.
  5. I think this was probably my favorite segment. Thank you for listening, Iwaku. ;D *Cues classy sitcom music*
  6. I approve of the pictures showcased during the interview. As usual, this radio show was great, but it will be sad to see you go, Cerulean!
  7. It sucks so badly that this is blocked where I am... I would have liked to hear my poem read... :(
  8. It's blocked? o__o
  9. Some countries block certain youtube videos. D: You might wanna check the video settings on it Kitti, just in case.
  10. I hadn't listened to this, and I finally let Super Cat in on my Skype details. Now... now I am terrified... And need to take out a restraining order.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.