February: Art challenge

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  1. Art and writing go hand in hand. They both depict a story from words to paint, giving us the ability to see things in the eye of the creator or even our own eyes. Art was the first form of writing when man began to develop their thoughts in the beginning and if you do your research, you'll often find that this was how they told their stories or left their history behind for us to find. Creativity is a gift that everyone has, whether it be written, drawn, dreamed or spoken and as such I feel it's only right that we do some art challenges!

    Each month I will post a theme which could be anything and everything.
    You can use any medium of art; pencil, pen, paint, macaroni, string, 3D, those doll things you all seem to like, photos/cosplay.
    The art must be ORIGINALLY YOURS (save for the doll things which are made using websites/resources) and not taken off of DA because then it would not be fair to the other challengers who work hard on their craft.
    It must in some way relate to the theme of choice.
    Have fun.
    (Note: If by chance you want to participate but don't feel very confident in your art skills, by all means post your writing. It's art too!)

    The theme for this month is:


    You must pick two of your characters who you would never in a million years match together! If you don’t have two characters, make one up! Draw them in a scene that can be romantic, tragic or a straight up disaster. Whatever suits your fancy! Then write in the same post explaining the scene to us, the characters, give us details and enjoy! Happy love month~
  2. If my hand won't cramp up.... >.>

    So tempted...
  3. Already working on mine
  4. My Cat girl Kala and my techy nerd alien (Species: Jinenja - original species created by me) Ark, Good night for her, He wasn't so lucky as he is now her prey.....
  5. I did some line art already now :) Do I have to color it?

    I'm pretty sure the emotion-based Michael and the logic-oriented Flutter would never end up together, considering she fears him from his frustration of constantly getting her to understand his confessions led to generally assaulting her. I ended up drawing them sharing a drink and smiling. o.o;
  6. @Babydoll, there's no link! D=
    [MENTION=3804]Juneberry[/MENTION], no you do not have to color it if you do not wish. :)
    [MENTION=1030]Zen of Hearts[/MENTION], put some warmth on that hand. <3
  7. Site lag resulted in double post. Sorry, =/
  8. Alrighty then...For now (until I change my mind and color it) -- Uncolored Meal with Mike

    Again, Mike once assaulted Flutter. So...This is completely AU. xD
  9. [​IMG]

    And thar she blows! Kala claiming her an alien boy.
  10. LOL! I love them both! Excellent job guys, :). Thank you for posting!
  11. is it weird that i find my own drawing of Kala extremely attractive even though I made her an aggressive predatory beast?
  12. I don't think so. Sometimes predatory can't help but be appealing, :).
  13. I'd also like to state that I have no formal art training, and taught myself how to draw, I also freehand everything

    I agree I like the more aggressive women, not like psycho dominatrix aggressive but aggressive and feisty
  14. Raw talent is always appreciated in my eyes, =D.
  15. Raw skill to me beats refined training everytime when it comes to art, in my opinion when someone uses skills taught to them by someone else it loses something for me, I don't know what it loses but it loses something
  16. Hmm... Intrigued. I may participate in this.
    Shall we see a work by yourself, Cosmos?
  17. [MENTION=3422]Voluptuous Gummy Bear[/MENTION]

    Okies :3

    I can never resist using Cosmos whenever I have a chance...so here she is attempting to make a meal out of her date, Leo. He's a Knight who has a strong faith in the law.


    And we've also got Myrin who is stuck on a very unfortunate blind date with Namel, the King's Priest who has been rumored to do shady things. O_O

  18. I may or may not participate in this, depending on how much free time I have o: Is there a deadline, and if so what is it?
  19. As far as I'm aware, there are no deadlines for challenges and they can be done whenever you please. :)