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  1. Hear ye, hear ye!

    Her Royal Majesty Queen Titaia Makenna Roderick, Lady of Skathern, Enchantress of the Vermillion Isles, requires your presence at the Marble Ballroom at the Great Castle of Dewfel where you will proceed to graciously accept her magnificent gift of matching you with a mate of fine character and blood of true nobility.

    This is not a request. Should you refuse this invitation you will bring eternal shame upon your family's name and face trial before an inevitable beheading. Being matched by the Queen is the highest honor in the kingdom and it would be unwise to refuse.

    Her Majesty desires that all guests wear white or the palest of pinks. Should one soul step foot in to the Marble Ballroom wearing another color, they will be spending the evening sleeping with rats. Should one dare to wear red in her presence, they shall lose their head.

    Do not neglect to bring Her Majesty a Gift as a show of your gratitude for this invitation.


    This is a Diana Chat RP and NOT a Masquerade. >> On Valentine's Day I would like to spend an evening forcing people to marry each other for my entertainment. 8D

    DATE AND TIME OF PLAY: February 14th. 3PM to 8PM Central Time in the Roleplay COVE room.

    You must play an "eligible noble" invited to this match-making ball or someone that weaseled their way in. You can have magic and play other races if you desire! This setting is pretty much your traditional generic fantasy setting. Atmosphere will be on the light and fun side! Do not expect a serious roleplay, but I will punch you if you act lolsorandumb and get nonsensical.

    If you've never played in a Chat Roleplay before, my charps are 100% newbie friendly and I'll be happy to help you out with any questions you have before the charp.

    Bios are not required, but I would LOOOOOOOVE to see some potential character sheets from people. <3

    You may now proceed to make google-eyes and amuse me.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Raniör Emil Uasuhm
    Age: Twenty-four
    Orientation: He's confused little brat. While he knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it, he's clueless when it comes to the matters of the heart.
    Personality: Though his appearance and show of nonchalance towards a situation helps him look tough, he's really a cowardly little thing hiding behind sharp, golden eyes. He can be quite blunt at times, never hesitating to call it as he sees it. No matter what he'll try all his might to make things go his way.
    Bio: He's the second son of a high demon and his extra pair of horns is proof of this. Though, being the second son means no real responsibility politic rise and a life of luxury, his older sister cannot afford to lead such a life and as such, a bitter rivalry formed between the two. Raniör isn't afraid to brag about certain things to his sister even if he truly doesn't care for it. As long as she's pissed off, he's happy. The apple of his mother's eye, the young noble is truly a spoiled brat.​
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  3. It's gonna be on my birthday! [I'm a day ahead] Fwee awesome!

    By the way, if it's a matchmaking thing, I can't come with a date?
  4. You can come with a date... IF YOU WANNA TAUNT THE QUEEN. >:3

  5. Playing with the Queen of Hearts!
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  6. Ooh this looks nice <3
    I'll do a charry sheet in a moment. :P
    <3 Itll be good because for Valentines I'm doing nothing :[
    Sooo is what is EST to Central time?
  7. Title: Duchess of Vahllen
    Name: Loveche Du Marra.
    Age: Older.
    Race: Dwarf.
    Orientation: Unknown.
    Appearance: Loveche is a typical dwarf in appearance: she stands at four feet and two inches with a stockier build and a great rack. She has bright, lively blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair that transcends down the side of her face into a delicate beard. She will be wearing an off-white gown with pink inlay and lace detailing, long pearl necklaces and diamonds along her finger.
    Personality: Duchess Du Marra is older -- it doesn't mean she's ready to keel over nor does it mean she's a stick in the mud; however, she is wiser for the experience of living and holds a confidence only an older woman could sustain. Typically friendly, reserved, and rarely loses her "dwarven temper" -- at least in public.
    Biography: Loveche was happily married to the Duke of Vahllen until the rocks took him away seven years ago. Now, the people are getting antsy for another marriage, and the Duchess isn't sure she's ready to fall in love again. It wasn't a coincidence she received an invitation for the Queen's match-making ball...will she find true love or be duped into a hapless, hopeless marriage?

    Nothing would be complete without a bearded lady...
  8. [​IMG]

    Title: Princess of Hylei, Daughter to the (Now fallen) angel Kai, a ruler of a nearby group of islands.
    Name: Kit Dupre
    Race: Angel-Human Hybrid
    Age: 18
    Orientation: None. She never had romantic focus.
    Appearance: White wavy hair with light blue eyes and milky skin. She is quite obviously blind due to her fathers rebellion against the gods and their wrath was let out upon him and his family. She is a quite curvy girl, with larger hips and chest, when she was younger she was picked on for being rather chunky. Although obviously not too much so. She has no wings or halo, but two scars on her back from where her wings were supposed to be. When she was six was when her father rebelled, and her wings and sight was taken away, as well as her name changed from 'gift of god' (Micheala) to Kit, a nonsensical name that wasn't fit for royalty. Although she still is, just not under god.
    Bio: After her fathers rebellion, in her own little way Kit rebelled by being a good-girl and trying to get favor again under the light of the gods. She helped peasants and people that were even rude to her. She gives her chore money to the poor and does her best to try to understand others. But upon given this invitation she was not pleased, Kit has no interest in marriage and due to her mother and fathers marriage thinks quite poorly of it.
    Personality: Passive, thoughtful, but when angered can easily through a pouting tantrum. It takes a lot to get her there though.
  9. 3PM Central = 2PM Eastern!

  10. [​IMG]

    Title: Princess of Knife Edge Galaxy, Daughter of the Rilgoiln Keensworth and Redita Keensorth

    Name: Skillex Keensorth

    Race: Goddess-Human Being

    Age: 1000+

    Orientation: Bisexual

    Appearance: Medium length white hair with hazel eyes, usually seen in her battle armor when she gets to chance to battle. Other than that she'll be wearing a rather Victorian style dress.

    Bio: Skillex is the only child to the Royal kingdom of Knife Edge, due to her being the only child she was raised to learn the ways of her Kingdom. Throughout her life her father teaching her responsible and leadership while her mother taught the ways of being a royal Princess for she knew one day Skillex would become the new ruler of their Kingdom. However her parents also expect her to get married before she takes the throne. Something that while she doesn't mind doesn't necessarily want to do being that she likes to be an independent person, this also results in her need to be quite a rebel. She doesn't exactly like the pressure put on her just because she's a Princess and on the days she isn't learning responsible or how to be a Princess, she's wearing her battle armor and training. Her weapon of choice being a two sided blade.

    Personality: Skillex much to everyone's surprise is sarcastic most of the time, always looking for a laugh and entertainment to get her mind off of her responsibilities. Most of the time she remains happy and tends to be silly around her friends. However she is also quick to anger being that she's always urging for a fight. But tries to remain calm and collected for the most part. Despite that she also has a tendency to speak her mind, not always a good thing but she does it anyway. Given she doesn't like the idea of causing trouble with someone else, sometimes people can't help themselves. When it comes to love she doesn't exactly believe anybody but herself can handle her. And she likes to stand by her beliefs until she is proven she is wrong. Which in that case she tends to be a sore loser, hey admit we all like being the one that's always right. But still she tries her best to suck it up and move on. And as much as she claims she doesn't like wearing dresses, she actually does. Though that's a secret she won't tell anyone.​
  11. Oh my all these hot ladies so far and only one beefcake in sight!>:3 The Queen might have to order a Noble Fight to the Death on who she matches!
  12. Why not lesbian couples haha, why do we have to fight? If it's forced marrige anyway the gender shouldn't matter
  13. *petpets Miss Kitty* Ssshhh, shhhh. >:3 I am being silliness.
  14. Title: Princess of Kalinguli, Heiress to the throne, 2nd in Line.
    Name: Aureri Kriseli
    Age: 23
    Orientation: Straight
    Personality: Her attitude is the complete opposite of her brother's, seeing as she is a fiery, hot-headed, and short-fused, and prefers to have friends, family, or servants around her, but overall is close with her brother.
    Biography: Aureri and Jason are twins. They were forced to go by there parents, in order to have a suitor or a suitress found for them by the queen herself.

    Title: Prince of Kalinguli, Heir to the throne, 1st in line.
    Name: Jason Kriseli

    Age: 23

    Orientation: Straight
    Personality: Jason is a kind, generous, respectable man. He donates to charities. Even though they look the same, his twin sister, Aureri are like fire and ice.
    Biography: Aureri and Jason are twins. They were forced to go by their parents, in order to have a suitor or a suitress found for them by the queen herself.
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  15. Ooh, double characters! >:3

    By the way, YES! People can play multiple characters in this charp if you're one of those quick people. :D We even have a /command in the chatbox to make that easier.

    you type it like:

    /char Bob: my text stuff that bob is saying.

    And make sure to change your chatcolor each back and forth to the character you're using. >:3 This is also great for NPCs.
  16. [​IMG]

    Title: Prince and Heir to the Throne of Theldosia

    Name: Clive von Drachenheim

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Orientation: Straight

    Appearance: Short, neatly cut dark brown hair. Intense green eyes. A lean, well toned build, lightly tanned. His facial features could be considered quite handsome, depending on one's tastes, and usually set in a rather cocksure manner.

    Attire for the Event: Something similar to what he has on in the picture, but in different shades of white!

    Personality: Ethan is rather confident in himself, even coming off as quite arrogant or cocky at times. Well, alright, he is arrogant and cocky, but he can keep himself in check when the situation demands such. He is definitely a chaser of women and has had 'romps' with several of the female servants in his father's castle, and the occasional visiting Lady. Mind you he doesn't force himself upon them. For one thing, it's not his style. For another, his father would likely kill him.

    Brief Biography: Ethan is an only child. His mother died of a sickness when he was just entering his teenage years. For the most part he has been left to his own devices, though that doesn't mean his father ignores him. In fact Ethan fully respects his father despite any arguments they have had over the years.

    Upon receiving the invitation to Queen's 'little' gathering, he decided to accept. Why? Because there was bound to be some pretty little noble girls there, right? As for the whole arranging of marriage gifts, well that could be brushed aside after the whole thing is over! What could possibly go wrong? Right? Yeah!

    (Hopefully nothing comes up that prevents me from being able to attend, sounds like fun! Granted I will probably use this char for other sl's in the future, but he seemed like a fun one to bust out for this lol)
  17. Different shades of white?
  18. Off white, ivory, stuff like that. My brain was failing with coming up with stuff there >.<
  19. [​IMG]
    Title: Marquesa de Alvori
    Name: Amika Hannaiorah Meld'oreis
    Age: 27
    race: Human

    Appearance: Amika is rather tall for a woman, her height matching that of your average human male, though her curves speak volumes for her femininity. Dark tresses, dark skin, piercing eyes and a low sultry voice. The rarity of a smile often make a lasting first impression when entering the company of those who know nothing about her.

    Dress: A pale pink gown just like the one in my avi pic.

    Calm and collected, observant and easily bored with the typical life of a noble woman, but committed to the position to which she has been intrusted. Attending this ball is just another duty to her and actually benefits her by helping to get the whole 'getting hitched' issue out of the way. Amika can be social and charming but only truly shines when the conversation is one of her interests... archery, toxic herbs and the signs of poison in corpses and food. "... There will be food right?"

    The middle child of four brothers, she knows the genteel etiquette of a noble lady and her dear brothers, who spoil her, have ingrained her with a healthy dose of the rowdiness of a house full of males. She can fight with the best of them, both in combat, with experience in a unique array of weaponry, and with words, inheriting her father's trait of a cunning diplomat. Her family is one of champions, responsible for securing and protect the eastern borders of the land. Both war and heated political debates are second nature to her, having participated just as much as her brothers.

    The invitation to the ball was convenient, since for reasons unknown to her, her father had been unable to match her with a suitable...and willing man. Many had made promises, but changed their minds at the last moment, refusing to sign the betrothal contract.

    [I have plans to attend this chaRP but things could suddenly change, just to let everyone know. ]
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