Feature/bb request thread!

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  1. So we're on the new the new forum system and those in change have been running around not sleeping and getting everything squared away (at least before they took a vacation and left me to finish up alone, bastards) but we're doing this for you so we need you to tell us what you want.

    You can request and ask about features here. This in not a bug report thread, we already have on of those.

    At the moment I've been working on adding BB code features so if you want any of those here is the place to ask. I'll be updating this post with BB codes I've added and ones I plan to.

    Borders (dotted, dashed, solid) ADDED!
    Text shadows ADDED!
    Text Marquee ADDED!
    Image Align ADDED!
  2. Whoo borders!!

    I'd personally love to see the forum have a max-width. I'm on a ridiculously large screen which cases all of the "paragraphs" to be one line long and impossible to read.
  3. That's not really possible, zoom in or limit the size of the window.
  4. Will html be enabled in the future? Or is that something out of your hands?
  5. As Ive already explained to Asmo HTML is NOT supported natively by Xenforo. The addon is a paid addon and so will have to wait until we can afford it. That is part of the reason why I'm taking BB requests.
  6. The avatar galleries are missing! I had a really cool avatar from one of Ozzie's galleries, I believe. I liked the badass pose with a bit of heart.

    Also, album galleries for storing attachments. And for some reason certain BBcode isn't allowed in signatures? (Trying to use the QUOTE which is linked in the signature formatting panel...)
  7. The avatar galleries were not imported and will need to be remake in time. We're working on it.

    And you signature looks formatted to me.
  8. ^ I'm trying to redo it so the image isn't broken and it won't let me save it with the QUOTE tag, is the problem. It works fine now...
  9. Oooh. I see. I didn't know.

    Hmm. Is a "Publish Queue" option available for threads? I ask in particular for the weekly challenges.
  10. I just discovered the "Watched Threads" link on top, and I'm really excited. But being the greedy person that I am, is there a way choose to default that link to all watched threads rather than unread watched threads since the alerts already give an easy way to unread messages.
  11. None that I'm aware of. Guess you'll just have to do your job when you have to do it.

  12. Alright. Hmm... Other suggestions... Oh! Superscript and subscript bbcode? I didn't see it in the bbcode list.
  13. Can you please add the "Spacer" tag back? The one that lets you indent a single like like it were a paragraph

    Could you also please re add the Justified Alignment code. I've tried several ways and I cannot seem ot get it to work if it's enabled.

    Also I don't know if this is the proper location to ask but I may as well and see what happens. is there perhaps a chance you can add some new fonts to Iwaku? I' like ot see a cursive font cause I use it when rping. To imulate my character writing a message. Thanks for the time vay ^.^
  14. The problem with adding fonts is not everyone can see them unless they have the font installed on their computer/tablet/smart phone.
  15. Ahh okay that makes sense
  16. Zori, for that you could use:
  17. It doesn't work. if i put the indent tag around the first word it looks like the following example

    On the other hand if i put it around the whole paragraph it looks like this. In what way did you think it'd work because I do not see how it could.

  18. I miss seeing the previous replies to my RPs when editing my posts in advanced mode as it makes responding to specific things much easier when one does not have to constantly switch between two tabs.
  19. This might be a stupid question, but what is the new markup for tables?