Fearie Dust

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    Name: Saphora Neil
    Age: To a human she is 25
    Race: Fea
    Saphora sat in the middle of the club her wings twitching in annoyance. She didn't want to be here and she sure as hell didn't want to have to be talking to some of the leaders of other clans. She crossed her legs and narrowed her eyes at the elder Fearie who was speaking, he was saying something about the importance of making sure that the humans were still kept in the dark. Of course thy need to be kept in the dark you fool! Her thoughts snarled before she reached foreward to grab the flute filled with a glowing liquid. She sipped it slowly, feeling her brother, the current leader of her clan, behind her growing impatient. She could hear the gentle rustle of his wings as they shifted.

    After a few hours of the other clans talking music resumed in the room and Saphora was able to stand and start dancing with the beats of the music she loved so much. She stayed at the edge of the group as they danced, being sure she was able see her brother and the door at all times. The tension in the room was tense and she could almost feel the hostility between most of the groups.