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  1. Tonight, The Walking Dead's spin off, Fear The Waking Dead, will be airing its first episode on AMC. Anybody here plan on watching it? :3
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  2. I'll be watching it. Big TWD fan here so it's definitely something i'll be checking out.
  3. I wish, no cable though.
  4. I'll probably check it out.

    I mean, hey. Can't suck worse than it's parent series.
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  5. The only thing I fear about 'The Walking Dead' are all the onlookers tying up traffic on all of Atlanta's local roads, back in 2010-2012...

    ...oh, this is about a spin-off? Well then, maybe I'll give it a looksee at some point or another...
  6. I will probably check it out, not sure yet.
  7. I will be watching.
  8. I am meh about it.

    As always, the comic is better.
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  9. I'll give it a peek at the very least.
  10. Welp, just finished it myself. What did y'all who watched it think of the episode? :0
  11. I don't have cable or anything, although I'm curious how they plan on portraying a zombie apocalypse in the early days leading up to society's collapse. Every bit of zombie media always shows what happens AFTER the fact, but never the events leading up to it, because let's face it, it's hella hard to justify a sensible reason for why a zombie apocalypse wouldn't die out in like a month, tops.
  12. It was explained in the walking dead show. Simply put, the whole human race is screwed no matter what they do. If you have Netflix or access to the comics, the scene with Shane is a good example of what's going on where as the show did a little detour from the comics and found out more stuff.

    As for this show, it kept my intetest. Save for the annoying daughter, I like it. Hopefully she becomes somewhat likable like Beth did.
  13. Yeah, I own most the comics, everyone is infected and turns when they die. Even with that, it would probably be an uberslow collapse.
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  14. I only caught 15 minutes of it. From that short time I'm intrigued to watch more as I'm sure AMC will rerun it again.
  15. I was thrilled that it's different than The Walking Dead because we get to see the progression of the virus first spreading and not just Rick waking up at the beginning and having the world gone to shit already. I liked it and am excited for new episodes!
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  16. AMC has it on their website. I think it's free, no log in required.
  17. The Pilot was good. A 7 or 8 out of 10 for me. It was doing proper build up, and the Depp looking guy had a great performance. I really bought him as thinking he was going insane. I think I am going to like this series. I also like they were really sparse with the zombie shit. The pacing was good, introduced and built up the different characters. I still don't know why they decide to give zombies blue eyes. It doesn't make them scarier. Give them milky white eyes, make them look proper deadlike.
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  18. I don't know if I will watch it. I might watch it because I want to know how they portray the early days of a zombie apocalypse.
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