Fear Incarnate



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We all have them... fears. Some are strangely ridiculous, whereas others have logical background to them. Some are more common than others, while some are more obscene and unheard of. What are your fears? Is there something that embodies them? Have you ever encountered your fear? What are your personal remedies to prevent or help yourself through your fear?

I have a list of fears myself:
Claustrophobia.- Fear of confined spaces.
Haemophobia.- Fear of blood.
Atychiphobia.- Fear of failure.
Atelophobia.- Fear of imperfection.

I have a bunch of others, but I'm not going to be naming them. My fear of Claustrophobia is just one of those fears that never really had any determined 'cause.' I suppose a better phobia would have been the fear of being constrained, because I do. I hate being tied down, being pinned in place without freedom or movement. I tend to get minor panic attacks if my car decides not to work.

For everything else.... it's just a psychological thing. I'm harder on myself than anyone else, and thus, due to history, and my OCD brain, perfection and completion are absolute necessary. Failure to do otherwise leaves a mess.

I have no personal cure to fix all my fears, except my claustrophobia. I absolutely hate being in giant mobs of people, and feel suffocated if I am. I get angsty and often defensive if someone gets in my way of freedom. But, I usually just stay in the 'outer' circle of the mob for my own sake.

So, as the title states... what's your fear incarnate?
I'm getting over my fear of glaciers, then I will be unstoppable!

... As long as that dog stops being aggressive...
Funny that you post this... D: I just recently had an epiphany about one of my greatest fears.

I have a PHONE PHOBIA. I can't stand talking on the phone. If I have to call someone I get as bad as having a panic attack and crying like a dumbass.

Yesterday Gibs mentioned that all of my past fears usually have something to do with ANSWERING QUESTIONS. That it's not talking on the phone that is really bothering me, it's the fact that I might have to answer questions from a stranger.

This made... a lot of sense. .__.; Almost ALL of my past fears have involved needing to answer questions. Anytime I am questioned about stuff, I blank out and can't seem to respond. I'm better on the internet cause I am able to stop, think, and take as long as I want/need to answer the questions...

...I've just learned earthquakes freak me out. >>;;

And Death. .____.; death scares the piss out of me.
Me, i have plenty of fears. But i got over all of them, but one and its the dark, yes the dark -__-

Its just something about being unable to see, hear, our touch anything around you that just... scares you half to death.

My expierience was difficult, i was about five and was locked in the closet by accident. It was just me and pitch black air, that day i was scared shitless v_v.
I like posting things like this. It gives a lot of food for thought, and has people analyze why they do things. : p
1. Spiders, for one. All those legs, all those eyes, the way they walk, the way they look. I lose all masculinity when those fuckers approach me.

2. Water, too. I had an experience long ago where I drowned and almost died, so I'm always hesitant to swim.

3. Heights. Because... I just don't like being too far from the ground.

4 Cars, sort of. I'm afraid to drive them and I'm timid around them. I've been hit by a car not once, but twice. :/

5. Bicycles in a way... It connects to my fear of cars, actually. Age 11, I was riding my bike to the toy store and the car hit me. I'll never ride a bike again.

6. The dark. Just something I haven't grown out of.

7. Rejection could be considered a fear. There are things and people I'll avoid just because I'm scared of being rejected. I'm more afraid of the shame or embarrassment of doing whatever it is, than I am of the regret for not doing it. If that makes sense.

...I think that's enough, haha. I'm a big ol' fraidy cat.
1. swallowing phobia (phagophobia) - after choking on pasta I have had a phobia of swallowing
2. Spiders - don't know why but they are scary xD
3. heights - I think I became afraid of heights when I where climbing in a three floor high mountain/hill behind the school and got stuck halfway up and didn't dare to climb up or down.
4. fear of failure
5. wasp - they can sting you :o I have never been stung by one and I'm not going to get stung by one now.
6. crash with a plane - I am death afraid that the plane will crash, and my first time flying will probably be when I'm going to japan and that flight will take about 10 hours (plus intermediate landing) so I'm going to sit and shake like a chihuahua.
7. fear of people not liking me - I don't talk about people I just met because I don't give a damn if I haven't even gotten to know them yet, but I'm afraid to do things that makes people I like (friends) not liking me, so I always overanalyze everything before I speak up.
8. barking dogs - I love dogs but I always get scared if they bark xD Luckily my best friends dog never barks ;)
Growing old, alone and poor.

Becoming my dad, or my brother.

Any insect that's bigger than the palm of my hand and can move fast.

Most other stuff, I'm not really afraid of, could be shocked by it, but not afraid.