Fazbear's Shopping Mall (FNAF RP)

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    Our story starts in the year 1995, and the murderer of the five children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has finally been caught, a man named Jeremy Fitzgerald (the night guard in FNAF 2). Although, interviews reveal that this was not a one man job, and that he and his associate(s) were also responsible for both the murder of five children & "The Bite of '87" by tampering with Foxy the Pirate, the animatronic responsible for the attack. It was also revealed that he was responsible for many other missing children in the past. The only supposed associate was another night guard, named Mike Shmidt, who has recently gone missing. Jeremy Fitzgerald however was found dead in his cell one day, thus the police never found anymore evidence that it was Mike, or where Mike could have gone.

    In the year 2001, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza went big, as they got a new CEO of the company and now felt safe from the murderer. Not only that, but the technology for the animatronics was now upgraded. A company called M-OUSE ANIMATRONICS CONTROL CORPERATIONS (M.A.C Co.) was able to evolve the technology, making the animatronics more lively & intelligent. They had new features, one notable feature being their new ability to form relationships. The animatronics appear to start bonding with the other animatronics, either becoming friends or foes. On rare occasions, as a result of their facial recognition feature, they appear to be able to bond with people as well, mostly the employees but sometimes they can bond with regular customers. This technology was not truly trusted by the nation, which is what made Fazbear's Pizza so special. With this new technology, Fazbear's Pizza was the place to be to see this new technology in action.

    The year was 2003, and Fazbear's Pizza were celebrating their anniversary with a bang. For the past years ever since they started to go big, Fazbear's Pizza had been working on a new Fazbear's Shopping Mall. Though not as big as the usual malls, this one had the specialty of having animatronic mascots to both help the stores and entertain customers. With that, they had a whole section of the mall dedicated to the Fazbear tradition of pleasing the children, with merchendise stores, children's clothing stores, toy stores, candy bars, and a special area featuring Foxy the Pirate and his rag tag pirate crew.

    However, in the year 2005, an explosion went off, damaging most of the Fazbear Plaza and completely obliterating the Pirate Cove area. Hundreds of people died, and thousands of kids did as well. Police think it's a terrorism attack, but the true explanation has not been found Some say that the explosion originated from Pirate Cove, due to most of the damage coming from that area. The animatronics in that area however, went mad due to the absence of people and the damage caused by the explosion. That entire plaza has been closed for lockdown, and they built a new Fazbear Plaza in the year 2007, replacing Foxy the Pirate and his crew with new renewed versions of them. Since that day, they really tried to get back into business, but the had used too much money on Fazbear Plaza 2.0, and they were getting less customers due to the "Fazbear Bombing of 2005." Thus, they closed down in the early 2008. However, ever since the shutdown, many of the former employees that worked the night shift had gone missing.

    Now is the year 2011, and Fazbear's mall has long since been abandoned. However, something is odd about the place, as investigators have gone in and have never been heard of again. Others have also snuck in at times, never to be seen again. Also, the animatronics seem to still be active, either somebody turned them back on or never turned them off in the first place. You will play as a new batch of people who are planning on sneaking in. You are probably someone foolish enough to try your hand at investigating the place. Or you must have had somebody sneak in before, and you must find them. Whatever the reason is, god knows what now lurks behind those walls...

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