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  1. A procession of elves gracefully floated through the forest. A soft melody of angelic voices rose through the trees. They were traveling from the ruins of Doru Araeba to their capitol of Ellesmera. In their possession, was an item that would likely bring great joy to one of their people. A dragon's egg. The marble-like stone rested on a red velvet pillow. Through many towns they passed on their journey. They had been asked to be sure that no others were drawn to the egg as a rider. For everyone knew, elves weren't the only one's that may become riders.

    The small mind of the yet to hatch dragon searched the hearts of those it passed. So far, none were worthy of it's power. But the troupe was nearing one soul that's aura intrigued the small babe. This was her rider, she could feel it. She bent her mind to call on that man. To call him from his task, and urge him to find her.
  2. Terin wa back at his farm with his grandmother helping with the garden the lived in a small town of farmers when he felt like he had to go into town he was a young swordsmen in training but today felt odd to his he had been born with the ability to geet alsong with animal of all kinds and to boot being human he thought something was wrong so he headed into town

    when he got to town he saw a few elven
    ppl he tought he wold go say hi
  3. The elves remained rather aloof from the other humans. Honestly, they would have preferred to continue on their way unseen. But the way this young human had simply walked up to them made them wonder. Was this the one for their precious egg? Speaking a few words to the four younger elves who carried the stone like object, the egg was presented to Terin. The elder elf explained that this marble stone was a dragon's egg. And that they were currently on a search for it's rider. He agreed that if Terin was sure about this, then he would leave the care of the small creature to the human.

    He was close, she could feel it. The small dragon quivered inside the confines of her shell. Ah, this was the one. He was so close. She reached out to him again, hoping that he would understand that he had been chosen for her rider.
  4. Terin looked around for the voice that asked the elder" parden me sir but do you hear a voice I hear it at my farm that's what brought me to town and I just hered it not more clearly
  5. The elder looked shocked. A voice? But there was none. His gaze swept the others in his troupe, all of the elves simply shook their heads. "Well, then lad....it appears you would be the one this young dragon has chosen. So far it hasn't reached out to anyone else." He looked Terin up and down, as if deciding if the dragon's choice was correct. He sighed, and looked at the egg. Small movements could be seen as it rocked back and forth, only a keen ear could hear the small tapping of a babe trying to escape. "It appears we have our rider...."

    The small female moved and squirmed as much as she could. There was a lot of doubt in the minds of the elves. She could sense that. But she wouldn't settle for another, the human...he was going to be her rider. She tried hard to break free from her shell, only causing her covering to quiver and move. Just a little more...she could do this....if only she could make a small crack.
  6. Zen looked at the egg and through of a bay chick he gave it a slit tap as a small crack appeared he looked at the elder" some times you have to help a hatchling or it will die with out ever getting to see its 1st sun and every thing at lest had earned its 1st light "he looked at the stone again" and wats this talk about dragons and riders dragons have been gone for years and even if there was a dragon in this thing it wold have made a mistake by choosing me I don't leave the ground and im sertanly no fighter this sword is for looks not use
  7. The elder simply chuckled at the man's unbelief. "We've been keeping their existence hidden. There have been too many hunters, killing off the once prosperous species." He turned and lifted the quivering egg from it's pillow. This white object was held out for Terin to either examine closer, touch, or take. "I assure you, dragon's have not died out. As for why you were chosen, only this little one will know."

    The small dragon felt her shell being lifted from where it rested. Those hands...they were cold, she didn't like them. A crack had formed, but she had nearly used all of her energy to create it. Perhaps a short rest....here where it was dark and cool...cool...almost too cold. Her body longed for warmth, but the shell was thick. Help me...
  8. Zen toke out a thick whiter scarf and wraped the egg befor taking it" ill hold on to it but anything I should know about this thing befor it hatches" he rubbed the egg with his warm touch and the wool scarf
  9. The elder pondered the question for a few minutes. "Keep the egg warm...and be patient with it. Once it hatches, it may need food, sometimes the dragons are quite voracious. It will be able to hunt on its own after a few days." He thought more, making sure he wouldn't leave anything out. "This is a lunar dragon, so it may be more active in the evening hours. They are generally kind to those around them. As for the gender of this little one, even we do not know that. I'm sure you'll find it a blessing to have this one with you. After all, it chose you...and would do everything in its power to gain happiness for you." After being sure the egg would be taken care of, the elves went on their way. They had to report to the capital that another rider was found in a human village.

    Warmth suddenly wrapped around the small female, and gentle hands took her. She purred contentedly, quite possibly making her shell vibrate slightly. It was warm and safe here. This was her rider...She could feel that deep inside her. Maybe tomorrow she would have the strength to break out of her shell.
  10. The next day was terins day off from work he decide to spend that time with the stone like egg he want sure if it was listing but he was asking things and telling it his story" so were you mom I bet she abandon you to I has abandon in this village but my grandmother. Well not my real one but she decided o take me in now im a farm hand it don't pay but its better ... im not even sure if they were lying about you being a dragon or not or if they were just playing me as a fool but I can stay this they didn't now how to take care of you" he wrapped his warp body around the egg "I guess its just me taking to my self but at lest I got this nice stone out of it
  11. The small dragon child found it had regained a lot of strength from the night of rest. The small female felt saddened at his story. While her own mother hadn't been there, somehow the small on knew that something had taken her mother. She still remembered hearing the pain filled screech and then...nothing. It seemed like ages before she was finally picked up and taken on this journey.

    Wait, why was she still in her egg? Her rider was here, keeping her warm. She should prove that there was a reason for him to receive her egg. Again she struggled against the tough shell. Her claws scrapped at the inside, pushing and pressing to finally manage to make a larger crack. Just a little more. She pushed on the weakened area with her nose to find she had broken a small bit and could push that section away.
  12. Zen put down the egg and desided to help by pulling away some of the shell for the young critter"hold on ill help you your not alone any more"after he had helped it out of the egg he cheacked for gender"your a female are you and you choose me you could have done better"he rested a warm hand on her neck and peted her"your safe and im here I may not know much about your kind but ill do my best to make you happy
  13. The small child had been about to take another rest, but parts of the shell were pealed away. There was that voice again! Ah, she liked hearing him speak to her. Even if she couldn't respond very well yet. Her eyes squeezed shut as the sunlight poured down on her. Ugh, it was so bright. She felt hands on her and instinctively curled up as he inspected her. Of course she was female...why did he need to tell her that? Her head cocked to the side as she blinked at him. Yep, this was the right man. He was hardworking, and ready to learn. She liked him already. His warm hand on her milky white scales felt good. She closed her amber eyes to soak up the attention. Again a small purr was given in satisfaction. This would be a good rider to her, she could tell.
  14. Terin couldn't help but cheak her out" so your supost to be a dragon..i guess even the mightiest beings have to start out small I once herd legend once that involded my grand mother she said she use to be a dragon tamer but I cant see her doing that shes far to sweet *he picked her up and brought her to the window"as I always say every thing beserves it 1st sun light and it 1st sun set but we wll see that this afternoon" he poked her wings a bit" I hate to sound mean to you but even when your big enght im not going flying with you I don't do hights and youll probly leave once you can fly
  15. She nodded her head when he spoke about her being a dragon. Of course they started small. How else was a mama supposed to lay two to eight eggs in one clutch? Hmm, she wondered if it would be possible to lay her own clutch of eggs one day. Only she wanted to be there when her babies hatched. Eh, but that had to wait. Her body stayed still when he picked her up, she didn't want to be dropped if she started to squirm. It was nice to be in his arms....warm...safe...comfortable. All these things she should feel toward her rider. Her eyes looked from the window to Terin. The sun was pretty, but it was still very bright. She stretched her wings out as he touched them, but what did he mean? A rider was just that....a person to ride her. It wasn't like she'd let him fall or anything. It would be perfectly safe when she was larger. For now though, she simply butted her head against his hand, seeking attention.
  16. Terin looked to the horizon as he scratched her head* I guess being the best wordsmen will have to wait I have more impotant things to do know like take care of you and when you leave me like every one else ill resume my dream"* terin sat down an held her tight as he got a bottle of milk ready"im sorry its all we have right now and other than that I don't know what your kind eats
  17. But I won't leave you....that's what she wished to say to him. If only he could hear her. You're my rider....and I won't ever abandon you. She looked excitedly at the milk bottle. That was food, she just knew it. Not paying attention to her claws, she scrambled to get at the nipple of the bottle, and chewed it hungrily. To her surprise liquid shot out from the small hole, and all over her face. She sat back, trying to figure out what she had done.
  18. Terin smiled "silly you suck on it" he showed her how by drinking bit of it" see " he held her up in a baby like hold and feed it to her wraping her in a blankit

    a few days pasted but terin used his money to feed her the next time he held her is stomch growled he hopedshe didn't hear it" ok time for ur daily loving "he rubed her belly and walked out side with her and sat under a tree
  19. It took a few tries, but eventually she got the hang of it. Who knew sucking on something could be hard? She suckled happily, glad to have a full stomach and someone warm to curl up with.

    In those few days, the dragon had grown quite a bit. She was about the size of the largest tom in the band of feral cats here, maybe a bit bigger. She had formed the habit of sleeping either on top of his chest, or curled up against his stomach. Today seemed to be a little different though. She heard a strange rumble when she was eating, and it wasn't her own stomach. But if it wasn't, did that mean Terin hadn't been eating much? Oh no. She was old enough to hunt on her own now, and she had just allowed herself to be spoiled.
    She loved this part of the day. Terin would cuddle her and rub her soft scales. He was always so nice to her, now it was her turn to be nice to him. After he finished showing her affection, she turned over and softly rubbed her head against his chin and jawline. She wanted to show him that she was grateful for everything he had done. Starting this evening, she would hunt for food herself. There were plenty of mice and rodents around.
  20. Terin let her rub on him as he rubed her back" what is it girl you hungery again" terin picked up the bottle and got up to go get some warm milk form the cow for her "ill be right back stay put know"
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