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    The land of Ithilan is home to the last of the true elves. It is a beautiful land, well watered with only one area of waste on the north side of the land. It is here that a dark force has gathered and is pushing toward the capitol. The king has secretly sent out for the best warriors, knights, and guards to protect his daughters. He will now assign them each to a separate daughter. The guard’s job? Not to let anything or anyone harm the princess he is protecting. While doing their job, these guards have another challenge. They are not to allow the princesses to discover who they are, and what they are doing.

    One other thing I forgot to mention, the special abilities of these elves. Every elf in Ithilan has the ability to change their form to that of three separate animals, one to rule the air, one to rule the land, and one to rule the water. In addition to these animal forms, they are also able to morph into a half form of the animals. All elves also have a single magical ability that sets them apart from any other elf. This ability can be anything from the control of an element to super elfin abilities. From great strength or speed, or the ability to blend into surroundings, and disappear. From magically healing, to telepathy, to control of weather, or to have the ability to see through any lie or disguise.

    Welcome elves, to the land of Ithilan, and the fight to keep the peace. Will you follow orders, or possibly slip up. Will you obey the king, or decide for yourself what to do. The outcome is up to you.

    This is a medieval style RPG, no guns, computers, or technology. Magic is able to do many advanced things though, such as sustain light (surrogate electricity), or search the entire book collection for whatever the user wants (Librarians in the kingdom are usually all able to do this).

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  2. Faelwen found herself once more in the corner of the greenhouse. After a few years of pleading, and with her mother's help, they had convinced her father, the king, to build two additions onto the east hall of the castle. One was to be High Princess Faelwen's private apartment. It was furnished simply with an oak vanity, wardrobe, side table, and double bed frame. The furniture was all embellished with plants and animals carved into the wood. The bed held a soft mattress, and a set of ivory sheets with a light blue quilt over top them. Her wardrobe held several dresses that were regularly changed out by the maids. Her vanity held a few pieces of jewelry, her tiara, brushes, and a small painting of her mother. The painting was likely the most prized possession of the princess. You see, the Queen died two years ago, having been poisoned by a dark elf assassin. And this is where the second structure came in.

    From the time Faelwen was small, she had the gift of healing. A small scratch, light burn, or even some smaller lacerations she was able to heal with just a touch. Broken bones, gashes, and trauma she was usually able to give some relief from the pain and stop massive amounts of blood loss. If these were the case, the princess had made it a practice to study herbalism. She and her mother had a greenhouse built to adjoin Fae's apartment. Between the use of plants and her own talent, she was often able to cure flesh wounds entirely within a period of a week to several weeks. However, poisoning hadn't been something the princess studied readily, not until her mother had died. It was then that her focus shifted to studying every antidote for poisons and venoms. So far she hadn't been able to find a way to cure the specific poison that the dark elves used.

    And now we come to the present. The princess sat at the workbench built against the wall that was shared with her apartment. She had just finished another antidote, only to find that the weeks worth of work wasn't enough to remedy the poison. By this time she'd nearly exhausted every combination of every plant she had in her possession. Of course she didn't have every herb here. Perhaps it would be time to visit the town's market, and see if they have anything new that would prove helpful. It could also provide an ample distraction to the despair trying to worm it's way into her heart.


    Sanya yawned as she made her way to the prince's room. She was dressed in her usual black skirt. It flowed down to just above her ankles. Honestly, she had almost been forced to wear a shorter skirt like most of the other maids, but thankfully she'd been allowed the exception. A lucky thing too, being Prince Kharis's personal hand maiden, she really didn't want to distract him from work. Not that she had much to show underneath her baggy shirt. The crisp white fabric was tucked loosely into the waist of her skirt. This provided comfort, and a signature look just for her. Not to mention provided plenty of places she could hide a dagger or two. You see, she wasn't just a hand maiden, but also a secret guard. The king had told her to protect Prince Kharis with her life. The catch was that Kharis wasn't allowed to know about it. So, Sanya had become his maid.

    Today, Sanya had also decided to wear a black vest with silver trim, nothing too fancy, but enough to state her status as hand maiden. Her feet carried her quickly through the halls, straight to the prince's room. She lifted a hand to soundly rap against the wooden door. "My Prince, it is time to begin your day. Have you any orders this morning? Or shall I bring your breakfast?" She called this through the door. Of course being his servant, she had a key to his room, and was allowed to enter. But to keep the whispered of conspiracy down among the servants, Sanya never entered his room without his permission first.
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  3. Dakath waited by the door as usual.The High princess liked to be in her private quarters studying and tinkering with her plants and potions, which was boring to him.But is was something she had always done like clockwork and it was his duty to be by her side where ever she went, except when she went into her private quarters he would just wait outside. The princess was always kind to him and never really hated his job, but it was one that he didn't want.Before he was assigned to protect the Gem of the kings eyes he had turned down the offer from the royal guard and the King himself.It wasn't until her mother had died that he was begged to be by the princess side night and day so he accepted. The relationship they shared was complete mystery to everyone else....even himself. He never really talked to her and if he did it was the normal "Yes Princess" "No Princess" "Stay close Princess" or "This way Princess". He wished he had more words to say but they never came out and so he gave up with trying to talk to her....his sword did his talking for him. His sword was a marvel to look at.Long and sleek and made of Dragonbone steel which almost shone.But all that was hidden from Princess Faelwen, she wasn't to know of who he really was and for that he was made to look like a servant. Dressed in a simple brown tunic and brown pants.It was early morning when the princess decided to work in her private room and Dakath leaned on the wall arms crossed mulling over a sword routine in his mind.

    The prince rolled over to one side of his enormous bed and opened one eye to where the voice had been.It was his hand maiden....a small little thing whom his father had personally made his servant.He never understood it himself why he needed one but he wasn't King and the Kings's order was absolute."Come in Sanya" he called slowly getting up from the cushions. His hair was shorter then almost all the elves in the land so he never worried about putting it up in a pony tail or brushing it strait till it reached his waist. "Yes I want a biiiig breakfast!" he said loudly and gesturing with his hands how big he wanted his plate.Unlike the other servants in the household Sanya put up with his crazy antics and never gave him a disgusted *Act like the King you are supposed to be* look. In truth he couldn't help but act like himself...his father and mother and sister had always acted Regal and well mannered while he was opposite those things. The only thing he excelled in was eating and sword play.
    "I am not ordering you to do anything Sanya....but you can do me a favor" he said brightly "Can you call my sister to my chambers please?" he asked her as he strode over to a small mirror to study himself. Then with out hesitation began to remove his clothes to change into his prince like ones, after all he was going to see his sister soon and meet with his father later as well.
  4. Faelwen groaned and put her head in her hands. This was the second time this week she had spent most of the night out at her table. Unfortunately for those she would be speaking with today, she may be more rude than usual. Hah, as long as they didn't do anything to push her limits...she should be fine. It was odd though, anytime she decided to look around a servant boy was always there. Dakath...was his name...she thought. Ugh, now wasn't the time to be wondering about that. She had to change...these clothes were a day old, and she had taken a small nap in them. Slowly, Faelwen pushed herself up, and strode into her apartment. What to wear? Hmmm, eventually she settled with a white dress and silver sash, a simple yet elegant piece.

    Sanya allowed a small smile to play at her lips as a groggy voice answered her call. She opened the door, and stepped inside, closing the door behind her after she entered. The woman held in a small laugh at his antics. The prince wasn't anything like she had previously believed. He was royal by blood, but hardly ever held a stuffy attitude of rules and etiquette. She was thankful that he wasn't, it made serving him that much easier. "Yes, Prince. As long as you finish it..." that she didn't doubt.
    With a small pause, another of her took form beside her. Sanya smiled and willed the decoy of her to make the prince's breakfast. The clone left immediately, allowing Sanya to remain in the room. So, a request it was. She dipped a curtsy to him, "Any wish of favor for my prince is an order to me. It will be done, Sire." She lifted her gaze, only to let out a surprised squawk upon finding him undressing himself. "Kharis! Please at least allow me to leave the room before you begin to change." Her face had become a deep red as she was sure to avert her gaze. In her haste to leave and out of embarrassment she had forgotten to use his title. Her hand soon grasped the handle of the door, allowing her to nearly run out the door. A loud bang was heard as she closed the door behind her.
    A quivering hand was placed over her heaving chest as she quietly leaned against the door. Maybe it wasn't such a good thing that he was so care free. Not that he was a terrible to look at, but that just seemed wrong. As a his maid he had every right to even order her to help him dress if he so wished. It wasn't her place to run out like that...it could land her in trouble. A small sigh was given as she walked off to get the princess. This trip had to be quick, then she would return to his room with food.
  5. The door had swung open suddenly and Dakath stepped back in time before getting hit by the large oak doors.The princess was radiant as always in a lovely simple white dress, it looked like she wanted to go outside.He bowed low when she spotted him "Morning...my Princess" He managed to say a little above a whisper. "Will you be going out?" He asked trying to sound friendly.It was all he could do to not stumble over his words as he spoke. Suddenly his ears picked up the sound of light footsteps in the long hallways coming closer and closer, usually it was just the princess up so early excluding her father of course. Dakath stood facing where he herd the footsteps and Sanya the little maid woman who usually followed the crowned prince around appeared.He didn't know her too well and frankly didn't care to know her either "State your business he said quickly".

    Prince Kharis stretched when she had left for his sister.His hand reached for the top drawer and opened it slowly and lifted a small bright gold locket.It was very small and had flowers engraved on the front of it, when he clicked the very top of it the locket opened to reveal a small painting of his late mother the Queen and his sister the princess.Any other belonging of his mother was either with the King or Faelwen now, so he was left with this locket.Before the day began he wanted to take a trip into the Garden where their mother was buried and take a moment to pray, he was hoping Faelwen would tag along if she wanted to.The knock on the door came so suddenly that it startled him in to throwing the locket into his drawer and closing it with a snap. "Yeah? what is it?" He asked unPrincely as usual.

    "It is the King here to see you my Lord" A voice called back.One of the Guards he figured as he smoothed his hair back and rolled his eyes."Tell him I am not here!" Kharis yelled. There was silence for a moment and then the doors opened. His Father stood there as Regal and Kingly as he was, towering over his son."And what brings you to my chambers today?" Kharis asked lazily. He didn't have a good relationship with his father and it showed.It didn't matter who they were with or where they were but Kharis hated to be around him for too long.

    "Last year this time you went to your mothers grave to pray with your sister and I thought you might do the same this year, I wanted to come with you both" The King said simply. Kahris swallowed his rage and instead in a shaky voice he answered "We wouldn't have to go if SOMEONE had been there with her that day...." But he was cut off by the Guardsman "Hold your tongue boy..." he snapped but the King lifted a hand to silence him. "I will see you in the Garden" He said turning on his heel and exiting. Kahris let out a long low sigh feeling better now that his Father had left.He waited silently on his bed for Sanya to get back....he would have to cancel going with his sister now.
  6. Faelwen smiled brightly back at Dakath. He always seemed to be around for her. She enjoyed having him around, but why he did, she wasn't quite sure. She did take advantage of his presence though, and often asked for his help if she wasn't able to reach or lift something. The way he spoke so softly was something she found cute. "Good morning, Dakath. I will be going out...soon..." Her voice grew slightly hushed as she remembered her reason. She had been planning on going to pray. Her brother had gone with her last time, and she hoped he'd come again. It was nice to have someone there with her. She looked up as Dakath had turned to look in the direction of a small maid. Ah, that was her brother's handmaiden. The princess smiled warmly at the girl.

    Sanya curtsied deeply as the princess came into view. She hesitated a moment, slightly frightened by Dakath. He honestly scared her, but she wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was just her fighting instincts letting her know it would be better to run than fight him. She straightened up and spoke softly, "Princess Faelwen, I bear a message from His Highness the Prince. He asks for your presence. For what reason I was not told."

    Faelwen nodded, it would seem her brother was planning to go with her to pray after all. "You may tell my brother that I will be along in a few minutes. I have yet to eat breakfast and would like to do so before going anywhere else. Thank you." She watched as the maid curtsied again and hurried off. Her focus returned to Dakath. "Have you eaten yet? I plan on going to the kitchens for something warm. You're welcome to come with me." She didn't wait for a reply as she headed toward the kitchen, she figured the man would have tagged along whether or not she had offered it. This was a fairly common practice for her, especially when she's not had a decent nights sleep. The cook would usually have coffee and a simple breakfast of eggs and toast waiting for her.

    Sanya met up with her clone as she reached the prince's door. The clone had been pushing a silver cart filled with nearly anything one could wish for breakfast. From deliciously displayed fruit, to plates filled with various breakfast meats, to eggs and bread. Sanya nodded, thankful that her clone had been able to accomplish everything, and willed the clone to disappear.

    Sanya rand her hands down her vest to smooth out any wrinkles and raised a hand to knock on the Kharis's door. "It's only me, My Prince. I am entering." She called through the door and waited a moment, for what reason she wasn't sure. He should be dressed and absolutely ravenous at this point. She hadn't come across another who could eat like the prince. After the moment of pausing, Sanya slowly opened the door and wheeled in the cart of food. Working quietly she laid out the meal on a table that was kept in his room. With his appetite she had brought this in to place his snacks on. Now it could suffice to display the food.

    "May I make you a plate, Sire? Or would you like a drink? I've brought orange juice, milk, tea, and coffee." She spoke as her hands worked on setting out the food. He had asked for a large breakfast, and here it was. When she was finished, she dipped in a curtsy before speaking again. "I have done as you requested, my Prince. The princess says she will be here after her own breakfast."
  7. She never waited for his reply...and he would have been a little sheepish to say he was actually pretty hungry.He was glad that she asked him anyways and followed her down the hallway watching her dress ripple along the stone floors as she walked elegantly to the kitchens. The way she moved and spoke and handled her self reminded him of the Queen so much and it was a bit sad that he didn't really know how she felt about it inside...On the outside she was always kind so he had never thought about her feelings.He shook his head....these days all he could think about is the princess when really his only Job was keeping her from harm and nothing more.They reached the kitchen's and he could feel the warmth emitting from the stoves, a large lady was busily stirring something over the fire....another cook was measuring flour and one other was yelling about a master piece he created. The Princess's food was hot a ready waiting for her in the room to which he strode over with her and sat across from her on a small table to watch her munch.Another plate was put before him...he smiled and thanked the cook and took small controlled bites trying not to wolf down his food in front of her. This was his chance to make conversation he thought to himself...willing himself to speak he cleared his throat "I will put some incense in memory of the Queen if it will please you princess" He said louder tone then usual. Well that was stupid...he thought to himself, he should have come up with something bright to say "Where will you go after your prayers?" he asked hoping it will help matters. He didn't really enjoy going out of the castle too much...he would then have to carry a sword with him and not to mention the looks he would get with his Dark hair.

    Sanya had come through the door bearing his belly gifts.She began to set out the food for him and he laughed as she went on about giving him drinks and preparing him a plate.She was so formal it made him laugh out loud "No Sanya it doesn't need to be set seeing as how it will be within me just now" he said walking over. He had taken some meats into his hand and stuffed it into his mouth, next he went for the cheeses and slapped it in-between bread an dipped it in gravy and stuffed that into his mouth too. He ate all the eggs the toast and fruit and took one cup each of the drinks she brought until he was stuffed."You know how to make a man happy" He said to her and finally letting out a loud burp to show his satisfaction."So my sister is coming huh...?" he said rubbing his stomach lovingly "My father came into see me....I don't want to go anymore if he is going....as a matter o fact I hate being in the same wing as him....maybe...maybe I should travel...what do you think? would you follow me?" he asked Sanya teasingly. Even though he was a prince he had never left his country and was always curious to see what was out there...but his duty was here...not to mention there had been talks about him and his sister getting married as they both were well passed the age. Kharis was far from ready to take a wife and far from being ready to rule anything or so his Father had told him. He lifted a finger lazily and a large blob of water crept out of a nearby jug to hang in the air, twirling his finger in a circle the water blob bobbed around and around as he waited for his Hand maiden to answer him.
  8. Faelwen allowed a small smile to cross her lips as Dakath sat across from her. How different it was to be eating with a servant rather than her family. The air didn't seem as tense here. With her brother's long held distaste for their father, meal times would be rather.....thick. It was really only a waiting game before one of them had to leave in a huff, that usually being her brother. Fae took a small sip of the dark colored coffee. The cook always knew how to prepare it to her liking. A bit of sugar to take off the initial bitter edge to the drink, but no cream, leaving a bitter aftertaste in her mouth. She often compared it to the way life was, sweet moments that merely masked the real pain and struggle one went through. Yes, a simple mask...

    The princess found herself staring into the dark liquid as she pondered on such things. Dakath's voice startled her out of the trance. Her cup shook slightly as her entire body gave a slight twitch. Thank the stars for all those lessons when she had been younger. Without them, she would have likely jumped to her feet and spilled her drink. She gently placed the cup back down on it's saucer, quickly recovering from her surprise. In the entire time she had noticed Dakath following her, he never spoke as clearly as he did just then. A shame really, he had such a nice voice. Willing her heart to slow it's pace, Fae offered a small smile. "Thank you. That would mean a lot to me if you did." He was always so sweet. Never once had she seen him loose his temper. Not since she'd first noticed he'd been following her. How long had he been following her? That was something she always wondered, and never asked, afraid of the answer. Why was he following her? That would be a better question. Perhaps it had been something her father had done. Quite possible. With the death of the queen, security in the castle had heightened. Everyone had taken her death rather hard. Even the king had mourned. Fae had seen him...alone in the church, profusely apologizing to her mother's gravestone. It could even be the king who missed her most.

    Ah, she had spaced out again. It seemed to happen a lot when the anniversary of her mother's death was near. Living in the past, in memory. Fae sighed as she pulled herself back to the present. Dakath must think she had been rude for staring through him. Her eyes had been unfocused and directed at the stone wall behind him. She smiled once more, silently apologizing for her rudeness. Fae merely picked at her food. She didn't have the appetite of her brother, but she did make a habit out of finishing what she was given. Today though....she didn't feel much like eating. Simply to portray a facade of being normal, Faelwen managed to swallow a few bites of food before finishing her coffee.

    Sanya had stopped unloading the tray as she heard laughter behind her. What had she done that made him laugh like that? She couldn't help but smile herself at the sight of his own. Ah, he was nice to listen to, and look at....her mind flashed back to earlier that morning when she had caught a glimpse of the skin underneath his shirt. Her face instantly colored as she turned back to the task of setting thing out. Kharis was already eating though, so she soon just set about filling the plates of food he emptied. His praise made her feel special. Surely not many servants were praised by the royals. It seemed that his feast had ended. The small girl was still amazed at the amount of food he could consume. Her ears tuned into his voice as he began speaking yet again. She spun to face him as he proposed to leave the country.

    "But...what of your sister?! Are you just going to leave the responsibility of heir to her?" Her mouth closed with a snap as her hands flew up to cover her lips. That was the second time she spoke out of turn. She'd be fired for sure if anyone else found out. "I...I mean...forgive me, Highness. I didn't mean to criticize you." She dipped a slow curtsy. Her heart hammered against her ribs as she fought back a blush. His question remained unanswered. "To answer your question though....I would follow you. It is my duty as your handmaiden to follow you anywhere, until you have no use for me that is." Yes, the 'correct' answer. That was the answer that the king would have wanted her to say. But somehow, she felt as if she would have followed the prince without an order from the king. Kharis was fun to be around, he was nice, and...and....she honestly couldn't add any more. He was the prince after all. Surely any emotion she held for him was irrelevant.
  9. He watched her intently feeling sorry that he even spoke. Royals barely even looked at their servants....let alone spoke to them unless it was to order them around. This time he could see she was looking right through him....perhaps it was just today and what it meant for her family why she was a little out of sorts.When they had finished he stood up and waited for her to be ready....she had picked at her food and seemed a little more sad then when they first walked into the kitchens. "The Prince awaits you Princess" He said quietly. Together they walked to his bed chambers which Dakath expected to see him eating something....it was always something.He knocked the door for her "The High Princess Faelwen is here to see you your Highness" He said loudly. When the door opened he bowed quickly and allowed Faelwen to walk in ahead of him before closing the door behind him.

    Kharis Looked at the tall dark Elf with Amusement.He was quiet and seemed scared of his own shadow, but he left him alone and looked towards his sister. "Well well don't you look pretty today my lovely sister!" he said walking towards her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "You look just like Mother! I was calling you to come pray but Father is going and I refuse to go while that stupid Oaf walks around the place....He came to visit me this morning and I just had about enough of him trying to get on my good side." He said miserably.He Took what was left of the bread an dipped it in what little gravy was left and ate it."I am thinking about leaving this country...." He said suddenly.
  10. Faelwen nodded and followed the man, merely seeming to be a lost ghost of a woman. Why did her mother have to die? What would the dark elves accomplish by it? Why couldn't she find an antidote? What if they came back for her father, or her brother? She'd be just as helpless as that day. They passed through the halls quickly. Silent memories filled every corner for her. Here, her mother and father had happily watched their two children play outside. And there, her mother had held a crying Fae after she had her first experience riding and falling off of a horse. And over there, her father had demanded that she choose a suitor before she turned twenty seven. That had to be the start of it. Her father's patience had finally worn out. He gave her almost two years to find the love she craved. Faelwen let out a low sigh as they reached her brother's door. Dakath announced her presence with a sure voice. Ah, what would she be doing now if Dakath had not been following her?

    Wait, what would she be doing? It was likely she wouldn't even be living. After the queen died, Fae was heart broken. She hadn't been able to find an antidote in time. But it was around that time that the servant had first appeared. He kept his discance, and answered her questions. Even if he were so quiet, it was only when he was speaking to her. But why was that? Why did he seem to loose his nerve when he spoke with her? And why did she always anticipate every word? What was it about him that eased the pain of loosing her mother? Why did he ignite a passion for finding an antidote in her? She wanted to make it for him....to be sure Dakath himself wasn't ever harmed in that way....

    The princess blinked several times as she came out of her thoughts. When had she entered her brother's room? She couldn't remember. There she went again...loosing herself to her thoughts. Thankfully the gentle kiss placed on her cheek had pulled her out of the ideas in a way that she was able to reply quickly. Faelwen instinctively did the same in return, pressing her lips quickly on her brother's cheek. She held her tongue as Kharis spoke so freely about their father. Ah, she really couldn't understand exactly why he was so irritated by the responsibility of being and heir. She personally didn't mind the chains placed on her, binding her to the palace. Or at least, she didn't make her complaints known. Honestly, she yearned for freedom just as he did. But the kingdom would fall to ruin if both of them left. One of them had to be here....and if her brother wasn't willing, the task fell to her. Another bright smile was spread over her lips to mask the pain and loneliness she felt. So, her brother would leave, just like her mother...."Leaving the country? Is this a short tour, or were you thinking of a more...permanent leave of absence?"

    Sanya soon finished clearing the empty plates, and once more filled his glass. She couldn't help but feel a little excited that they may be touring the known world. Of course, where her mind went wasn't in alignment with the rules of class and status. She was a servant, and she would continue to be one if they did leave. The sound of a knock made her jump, and drop the plates a short distance onto the tray. They clattered together loudly. None broke, thankfully. The woman watched as the princess, and the servant who followed her entered. Again she dipped a curtsy, choosing to remain silent on the matter. She didn't think the king was all that bad, but she wasn't the prince. She listened quietly to the conversation, wondering how this would play out.
  11. Dakath found it funny....in fact it was the joke of the century he thought to himself standing in the shadowy corner of the room waiting patiently. The prince? leaving the country? he had to be joking....he couldn't leave without the Kings permission and he doubted the King would say yes to him at all. He would be shut down and watched 24/7 if he were to make that suggestion to the wrong ears.Even so Dakath just watched both siblings as they spoke to each other.

    Kharis grinned at Faelwen "Nah I would have to come back eventually...I would totally miss home and you and my bed....and my food....and my music and my food..." he went on. "But I feel like I can learn more about the world by leaving this boring country and seeing for my self what this world has to offer me...besides while I am gone you would have Father and your....Tall silent Elf over there" he pointed at Dakath. Dakath kept his head low...his face felt hot all of a sudden. "Sigh....lets go...perhaps I can get a prayer in before Father arrives." He said to her.
    Taking his sisters hand and wrapping it into his arms he led her out into the garden close by to her quarters.Outside was bright and sunny and the garden which was one of the Queens favorite spots was untouched except for her tomb stone. Kharis let Faelwen's hand go and sank to his knees, he was quiet for a moment then he spoke. "Hello Mother" was all he could dish out, he then closed his eyes to pray.

    Dakath had followed them to the Garden along with Sanya. Many times he had walked through the Gardens and green house with the princess. She would often grab herbs for her antidotes and other medicinal things. But very rare would they walk to the untouched Garden to which the princess left alone.He thought about if the Prince had indeed decided to leave and how alone the princess might feel. As he watched them praying a black cloud began to hover over head....slowly making its way to block out the sun."It might rain" he said to himself in a whisper and then...and then it grew very quiet...not serene and beautifully quiet but the birds stopped chirping and the critters stopped running.Something was wrong....he looked over to where the prince and the princess were still praying....the prince had been trained no doubt but he still had ways to go if he didn't feel the heavy presence he was feeling right now.

    Dakath didn't have his sword with him and now was wishing he had. Should he interrupt them? he thought edging closer. If he said something the prince might get very angry but it was their safety that concerned him the most...where was the King? wasn't he coming? then he herd a loud piercing scream.He lunged for the princess and held her close and he was right to do so for where she stood the ground began to give way.

    Kharis was praying and reminiscing about his younger days...his mind tended to wander a bit but he knew his mother knew that.He prayed that she found her way to the sunlands(heavenish?) and prayed for his sister and friends to follow her example. When his mind began to wander again he felt a tremor in the ground.His eyes snapped open and he herd the loud scream cut the air.His eyes found his sister already in the arms of her servant. He stood up quickly but fell down again when the earth shook once more. "What's going on?" he shouted but another wave of shaking almost made him loose his balance. "San--" But she was at his side. He took her by the waist "We need to put them back into the palace" He told Dakath. As he turned to face the exit an elf stood in their path...an elf dark with red eyes and dark black hair....green an purple fumes were circling his body as he stepped forward. Kahris put Sanya back on the floor.It was a dark Elf.
  12. Faelwen nodded. Perhaps she would help him out in that case, convince her father that Kharis was going to study abroad. That may work. She gift a little when he began to mention things he would miss, of course he mentioned food twice. "You'd just miss Sanya's cooking. I doubt you'd get the food you did if Father hadn't assigned her as your maid." She just shook her head, it was unlikely if any of them were able to leave. Her eyes wandered over to Dakath's form when her brother mentioned him. The man ducked his head, as if...hiding something. Could they possibly both enjoy their time with each other? She didn't ponder about that. She could just ask later.

    Faelwen smiled as her brother took her hand and lead her out to the garden. Just like old times. She would come out here to play or sometimes watch her mother tend to the flowers. Now that responsibility rested on her own shoulders. With a sad smile, Fae knelt in front of the stone with Kharis beside her. Tears already threatened to spill. She knelt frozen to the spot, simply reliving memories of that day. She remembered the horror, the shock, and the anger churning her stomach. It made her want to hurl. The Queen didn't deserve that. She was nice, even to the dark elves that had come in as prisoners of war. Darkness gathered above her, a darkness that seemed to mirror the despair in her heart. She hadn't been able to help. Her powers were of no use. She was of no use. "Mother....I'm so sorry....I've failed." A horse whisper worked it's way out of her tightening throat. Her form bowed over as tears poured from her eyes. The ground shook suddenly and a pair of warm arms wrapped around her waist. Her tears made the world swim, but she picked out a familiar face belonging to the one holding her. Dakath. Something about him let her know she was safe. She allowed her tears to fall, and didn't bother to look up.

    Sanya had sprung over to Kharis's side as the first tremor hit. Her hand was placed on his shoulder as the second wave racked the ground. Soon enough he was the one gripping her. Her face burst into a bright red blush. The prince was holding her...She felt like screaming it out at the top of her lungs. However a scary site froze her blood. There in front of them stood a dark elf.

    His crazed smile widened as he noticed the state the princess was in. "Well, well. It would appear that we meet again dear ones. I see you still pay respects to the dead. I don't see why. They cannot help you any. Not many can, a good thing, cause it makes your deaths that much swifter." He took out two daggers and prepared to attack. Sanya pulled a dagger from her pocket, and prepared to do anything she could to ensure the prince got back to the palace unharmed.
  13. Dakath pushed the young princess behind him and stood facing the enemy. Sanya pulled out her weapon also facing the enemy and obviously to Kharis's shock. So....she was a Guardian...he worked out in his head, the King hadn't told him about a second guardian within the palace but now wasn't the time to muse over the untold. The Enemy was speaking and then....whipped out his own weapons. Dakath wasted no time sending as much fire balls as he could straight into his face.The heat from the flames was immense but the Dark Elf seemed to not care too much as he came charging forward whipping his two daggers around as he ran. He tried one last flame attack which was the shape of a dragon head and it hit the Elf right in the chest. Dakath rolled out of the way and side kicked him into the water fountain."RUN" he shouted at the princess who was rooted to the spot. It was obvious this Elf wanted her or the Prince for something. "GO!" he yelled again.

    Kharis had no weapons on him and was completely at a loss as to how this Dark Elf got within the walls. What was that loud scream they herd earlier? he thought standing up. But Dakath and Sanya were already at the ready....more importantly his hand Maiden had weapons? he stared in disbelief.The Elf Charged them and the fight had already begun, he grabbed Faelwen's Hand "You need to go to safety...NOW!" he shouted at her. When Dakath has kicked the Elf into the water fountain Kharis used his powers to make the water bend to his will and held the Elf in place."SANYA KILL HIM!" He shouted almost snarling.If this was just a small token of revenge for his Mother then it was going to happen right now....
  14. Sanya had started throwing her daggers when the dark elf charged. One grazed his side while the others had been dodged. She continued fighting and keeping him away from the Royals. Thankfully Dakath had been able to push him back into the fountain and Kharis trapped him. With a small nod to the prince, Sanya threw one more dagger and hit the man in the chest, plunging the blade into his heart. That finished him off.

    Faelwen looked up to see Dakath and Sanya fighting the dark elf. We're they the guardians the king had mentioned? It seemed to good to be true. The woman was shaken from her spot as her brother took her hand. She made sure to run back to the safety of the castle. She watched from there, wishing she could do something to help. It was soon over though. Sanya had finished him off with a dagger. As the man fell limp, Fae stepped back out into the garden. "Was anyone hurt?" The least she could do was heal them.

    Sanya sighed as the man finally went limp. She turned back to the prince and bowed. "Forgive me, my Prince, for not telling you of my identity sooner. It was a command from the king to not tell you." She straightened up again and looked around. "We need to find who the scream belonged to. They may need our help."
  15. Kharis wasn't pleased when Sanya had revealed who she was....nor that his father had hid this from him...who else was fake in this palace? he thought frowning as he followed Sanya. "Do not follow us" he told his sister.He would have to have a talk with his hand maiden later.He ran to the direction of where the scream was herd and ended up out side the castle gates.It was a disaster.....Homes were burning and a few dead bodies littered the ground. Kahris looked on in disbelief and confusion....how had this happened within a few moments? he walked into the city and his people went about putting out fires and removing bodies.Children were crying and smoke was in filling up lungs and causing people to cough violently. "What happened here?" he ask an Elf-male. "My prince..." he said bowing very low "We were randomly attacked by the Dark Elf clan....they were looking for something...I'm not sure what it was but they ransacked some areas of town looking for it." The man said quietly. Kharis turned to the Maid "Well? liar?" he asked her "Do you know what they are looking for? or are you hiding that from me too."

    Dakath watched the Prince run off.It wasn't his place to tell him not to leave the castle grounds and he was a little bit worried for him but said nothing....the princess was his duty."Princess...I...I am very sorry you had to find out this way...I never meant for it to be known." he confessed....she should be mad at him for not coming clean...he had followed her for two years now with no answer as to why he did and now it was out in the open."I need to get you inside and find the King...your not safe out in the open" he said to her looking around nervously.

    The Dark Elf shifted a little and opened his eyes slowly.He saw the Elf and the princess a distance away as he was trying to coax her inside.The little Dagger wench hadn't struck him far enough he sniggered. Slowly but surely he moved his body into an upright position and crept towards her with his blade. Dakath for an instant felt an evil Aura and just in time pushed the princess roughly away and wrestled the Dark Elf to the ground.They rolled for a moment and the Dark Elf emerged on top punching him with all he had. Dakath couldn't see Faelwen anymore and hoped she had gone to safety.His arms were encased in flame holding back some of the blows "DIE" Yelled the Dark elf as he kept punching like a crazed maniac.

    Dakath had enough his anger Risen his body began to slowly take form.His face began to get stripped and sprout whiskers, his teeth became long and he head butted the Dark ELf causing him to bleed.He grabbed the Dark Elf by the neck and drove his head into the ground which finally killed him for good.
  16. Sanya knew she deserved his anger. She had lied to get close to him, just because she was ordered to protect him. Even if he didn't like her being around anymore though, she was still ordered to protect him with her life. Even if she happen to die doing so, Sanya would follow and do everything she could to protect him. With that in mind, she raced after him only to stop behind him. Orange flames licked the sky, and they sounds of the dying seemed to wash over one's ears. She frowned when she overheard what happened. So the dark elves were looking for something. But what could it be? Money, a target? No, money could be found everywhere. A target, they only had to come to the palace for that. Hostages? Were they going to release the prisoners? Wait. Their king!?

    Sanya knelt before the prince as he asked if she knew what they may be after. "My Prince. I don't know anything concrete....but I do recall that the King, your father, had beaten the dark elf king and encased him in an amber prison. Perhaps they come to seek the way to the dungeons and release their king and fellow soldiers." She glanced up just in time to see a dark elf rushing the prince. With a quick flick of her wrist, two poisoned blades penetrated the dark elf's body, one at the head, the other at the stomach. It didn't take long for the poison to finish off any death throws. Sanya stood up to face the prince. "Sire. If I may be so bold as to suggest that you get back inside the castle. Even if you don't get along, your father does wish for your safety." Boy was she full of suggestions today. Not only had she snapped at him this morning, but now she was even telling him to ignore the pleas of his people. Even she didn't like what she had just said. And all because she had been ordered to by the king. Was there no way to be free from that bond?

    Faelwen only smiled softly as he confessed his true reason for following her. "You don't need to apologize. I understand why my father had you do it. I'm not like my brother in this way. I don't get upset when someone lies because they are ordered to." She nodded though when he suggested they get inside. Neither of them were armed, and the princess wouldn't stand a chance if she were caught. She was a healer, not a fighter. Suddenly Dakath tackled the dark elf from earlier, and began fighting with him. The princess found it hard to watch her servant get beat like that. "DAKATH!!" She couldn't help but to scream his name in hopes of lighting some sort of way for him to win. Her eyes trembled with tears. She wouldn't allow him to die for her. It didn't matter what her father had ordered him to do. Thankfully she didn't have to throw herself in harms way to carry that thought out. Dakath had soon finished the fiend with a blow to the head. She rushed to his side, and gently touched his face where the dark elf had been hitting him. She concentrated on the skin underneath her fingers, and healed the bruising, bleeding, and swolleness from the blows. She blushed slightly, realizing she had touched him without any sort of permission. What if he didn't want her touching his face? She drew her hand away, "I....I'm sorry. I just couldn't stand seeing you hurt...."
  17. Kharis pondered for a moment on her answer....it was true that deep within the castle they had the dark Elf King imprisoned but why would they ransack the rest of the city if they knew where their King was being held? It didn't make sense....They wanted their King yes....but they might also want something else aswell. "Very well....I suppose we should go back....my sister is alone and I don't know how well her Guardian can protect her...not to mention I havnt herd a word from the King my father since this all happened" he snapped. Sanya was right though even if he and his Father didn't get along the least he should do is make sure he was alive.But the people were still a little hysterical... "As prince...I can't leave the people in this mess...I need to make sure everyone is ok first." He finally decided out loud. So instead of going to the castle he sprinted down the stony road and help where he could, He helped bring farm animals out of burning barns, he helped put out fires and even helped some small children find their parents.When that was all finished he turned to the castle hoping that when he got back his father and sister were ok. "Sanya....I'm sorry about what I called you earlier.....you were just doing your Job and nothing more or less...I can relief you of your duties, you are no longer obligated to follow me anywhere" he said to her as they ran back to his home.

    Dakath froze on the spot when the princess came forth to mend his wounds. Her hands were velvety soft and she smelled like spring flowers and greens.His heart pounded at that thought and he felt his face burn hot but didn't dare move while she was trying to help him, her kind smile was all he needed to know he wasn't in any trouble. "Yes...well....I am sorry anyways princess" he stammered. But all of a sudden her face turned a little red and she recoiled after touching him apologizing too. He felt ashamed.... "Please we must go inside and find the King" He insisted. He took her hand lightly and hurried inside the castle. But when they had gone inside a GuardsElf approached them frantically "We cannot find the King your Highness...He literally was in the his private chapel when suddenly the earth had shook and we opened the door an he was gone." The Elf was obviously afraid of any punishment he might receive as he stood there helpless with his head bowed low. It was Dakath's place to speak but he was a little bit angry...why hadn't anyone gone inside with the King? he wondered...but then again...when the princess was in her private room he never ventured inside.So he kept his mouth shut and let his princess handle the situation.
  18. Sanya helped where she could, putting out fires, finding the parents of children who had become separated from them. Anything to keep busy, and still keep an eye on Kharis. As of right now, she was still his guard....even if he didn't want it. She stuck by his side, but was a little surprised when he apologized. Why should he apologize? He had been surprised, and upset with his father, she couldn't hold that against him. Not when she knew the Kharis under his outward title. However, his last statement stopped her in her tracks. She was stunned. She was being relieved of her duties? How could that be? She understood what he meant, but never once considered leaving. Why should she leave? He was fun to be around, and a pleasure to serve. Could he not see that she found joy in being a handmaiden to him? A knot formed in her stomach causing small tears to well up in her eyes. He didn't want her around....that's how she saw it.

    She finally shook her head and ran after him, trying hard to push away those depressing thoughts. As she returned to his side she spoke, "If my prince wishes that I leave his side, then I am in no position to argue. However, until I know you will remain unharmed, I have no intention of running away. I believe it would be wise if we leave that decision until after we find the reason for this attack." She soon spotted the princess and her guard, only to see them both red faced and holding hands. She chewed on her lip, wondering what the prince would think of that. However, her mind focused on what the guard had said. The king was gone! Had that been their plan? Was the attack on the town simply a diversion to keep them occupied?

    The princess blushed further when her hand was gently taken by the elf. Ah, what was this electricity when he touched her? She pushed the thought away, and simply followed after him, into the castle. Her shock was apparent as she was told that her father vanished. She clapped her free hand over her mouth, stepping a little closer to Dakath as if to find strength in him. First her mother....now they took her father.... Her teary eyes looked up at the sorrowful guard. "Can you find him anywhere?! Have the grounds been searched? Perhaps he was able to hide himself...." She couldn't just give up both parents. They had to do something. "Search the castle. Every crack and crevice. Only until after that should you tell me he is gone."

    Fae turned to see her brother, and ran over to him. Her tears flowed freely now, and she had to let them out. "Th-they took Father. He.....He hasn't been f-found yet." She sobbed into his shirt, hoping for some sort of comfort. Kharis had been the one to comfort her when the queen's life had been taken, and she hoped he could do the same now. Her first thought had been to cry on Dakath's shoulder, have him comfort her...but...she couldn't. Not without knowing for certain they shared feelings for each other.
  19. She wanted to serve him....she wanted to stay, He could tell in the way she answered and smiled to himself.He was glad he could have a trusted friend.When inside the castle He spotted his sister, tears pooling in her eyes as she ran to him and shoved her lovely face into his clothes. "Father had vanished? but...but how...?" he asked confused. The rest of the guards had run about searching every floor and dungeon for the king turning up with nothing making them worry even more. "Check the Dark Elf King as well" Kharis told them hoping that he was still imprisoned.He held his sister close trying to console her quietly "We will find him...that old man never dies...you know that" he told her.It was hard to keep the image of her and her servant holding hands...that wasn't even aloud but he said nothing and called one of the solders over to him "Send a bird to Joegen...let him know he needs to ride here by tomorrow...." The solider bowed and left.
    My pretty little sister" He said when she had calmed down some "You need rest...the castle is safe for now and I would feel better if you weren't up and about right now" he finished. "You" He pointed at Dakath "I do not know your name" He pointed out.
    Dakath bowed low to the prince "It's Dakath your highness" he said in a monotone voice. "See to it that my sister stays in her quarters....when I have everything under control I will send for you." He told him. Dakath bowed again "Yes your Highness" was all he said as he once again waited untill the princess left her brothers arms.


    It was Evening time when Joegen was taking a mineral bath under the stars and his maids were all around him pouring warm water down his back, some were singing or playing an instrument and the rest were in the bath with him washing themselves. He enjoyed watching them, though his Father and Mother would cringe at his behavior. He had herd it many many times before but he just didn't care what they thought. He stood up now, his long brown hair trailing behind him and his cold deep blue eyes stared into the darkness.Something was coming his way. Finally he saw flapping of wings and then the full view of the bird coming his way...not just any bird...the High Princes's Bird! Joegen snatched the paper from its claws and slit open the paper and read carefully.It wasn't in the High princes's writing but it had his seal.There seemed to be trouble at the Castle and he was requesting that Joegen ride out there at once and that he would explain once he arrived what he planned to do."Huhh!" Joegen said out loud and crumpled the paper and burned it by a small candle. He would have to go tonight to make it there tomorrow...what an inconvenience. He left his bath and his girls and went into his own castle and down the hallway to his room. On the way he passed his mother... "Hello Mother...duty calls! I am riding out tonight to the High King's Castle" he smiled at her. His mother wrinkled her face in complete disgust and her ladies covered their eyes and shrieked. "Put on some clothes! JOEGEN!" His mother barked at him. Joegen waved his hand lazily "Yea yea" he told her and went into his room. He had ordered his servants to pack his clothes and belongings for his journey and wore and outfit to befit a Prince.Gold trimmings on his cream colored blazer and proper boots, when he had his things packed they brought out his white horse for him. His Father and mother stood at the gates looking disapprovingly at him as he waved goodbye.
  20. Faelwen soon had stopped sobbing enough to regain her composure. She stood and nodded. "I hope you will have some luck with finding him...I will try to do my part, and finish the antidote...." She had to. She had to at least do that. If only she could find the right ingredients. Part of her was a little concerned with the way Kharis spoke to Dakath. Why would he need to see her servant? She sighed, slightly, knowing that since her brother were older, she'd have to follow his orders as well as her fathers. Walking slowly, she made her way back to her private quarters. Before entering she stopped and looked at her guardian. "Thank you...for protecting me so well....I'm sure there were times that you would have wanted to be elsewhere."

    Sanya felt sorry for the guard. Kharis may be upset with him....that must mean he didn't see her in a special light. Not like the way she often viewed him. It was too bad, but she had known it from the start. A servant and a royal just couldn't be. But it did seem that the prince didn't mind her presence as much as she had thought. "My prince....I should like to know if you still desire my services. I am quite able to return to my old job in the kitchens should you wish to be left alone." She paused a moment, hoping she wasn't being too bold by making this suggestion. "I have, however, enjoyed my time in your service....and....wish to continue if it is what Your Highness desires." Her gaze was locked on the floor, making it impossible to read her expression of hope.
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