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  1. What's everyone's favourite food? It'd be cool to see what everyone says is there favourite food, so post down below what the food is! :D
  2. Prime rib.

    Medium rare

    Heavily seasoned it marinated.

    Brb napkin
  3. Oooh. I love ribs! Though nothing beats a medium rare steak with mushrooms and onions fried in the steak juice :D
  4. Hard to choose lol xD.

    Let's see :
    Safron rice .
    Stuffed chicken.
    Duck in the oven .

    Garlic bread.

    The list goes on xD.
  5. There are no bones in a good prime rib.
  6. And there's all the pink in a good cooked steak :D
  7. Someone said bacon...
  8. I first had Carbonara when I was a 1 year old in Hong Kong. It was my favourite food for 16 years.

    Then I tried tacos.
  9. Ramen and Lamian
  10. Salmon.

    Every year for as long as I have remembered, I have requested the exact same dish for my birthday. Well, one change in the last years.

    It was Grilled Salmon, Brussel Sprouts, and Grits. Now replace Grits with Quinoa.

    That's some damn fine food right there. Simple, easy to make, delicious.
  11. Bacon wrapped filet, medium rare. Or some damn good chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, which fudgey crap all over, with vanilla ice cream! With cookies. Chewy soft ones with crispy edges. :D
  12. Sushi and sashimi.

    Great sushi and sashimi.

    If that stuff wasn't expensive I would eat it everyday its so good.

    That and avacados, just give me the fruit and leave me to making whatever I want at the time with it.
  13. Steak.

    I could eat nothing but meat and potatoes for the rest of my life and have perfect culinary contentment.
  14. eggs
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  15. I have quite a long list of foods i would consider my favorite.. i just love food, lol, but i think that if i had to choose one it would be potatoes or baked ziti .... oh and fruit.. i love friut.. hmm.. okay i can't pick one.
  16. Sushi and sashimi! My dad and I share a love for sashimi, and he often buys sashimi-grade tuna or salmon, cut for sashimi, fresh from the market.

    Then he dips my share all in wasabi and watches me cringe lol
  17. Mozz sticks
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