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  1. What's everyone's favourite drink? Personally, nothing in my mind beats a cup of normal tea with two sugars or that of a can of Sprite. :D
  2. A root beer. IBC bottle right from carton and popped off with a twist of the wrist.

  3. I've never tasted root beer before! What would you say it tasted like?
  4. How-- but-- who--?!


    High sugar in most, so drink sparingly. But delicious. Hard to explain. Go to the store and buy a case, 4 bucks for six.
  5. Have to say, tea is the gift of the gods :D
  6. Milk.

    Can you tell I'm from the Dairy-State yet?
  7. Kofola. It's kinda like coca cola, but not quite. It's more tangy and it isn't as sweet.
  8. I'm just going to sit here and look pointedly at my avatar.

    Aside from that, Coca Cola and home-made chocolate. With wee marshmallows. In the chocolate not the Cola. And not together.
  9. Nice hot tea. My favorite is a cherry/berry flavor that I drop some cherry coughdrops in that makes it taste sooooo much better.
  10. Arabic coffee.

    Iranian tea.


    White wine.
  11. Blue Gatorade or Powerade.

    Ice Tea & Orange Juice being a close second.
  12. Non-alcoholic: Iced chai tea

    Alcoholic: Single-malt scotch whisky on the rocks
  13. [​IMG]

    So smooth, it goes down for me like water.
  14. Mudder. Fuggin. Clamato.

    I can drink it straight, mixed, spicy or however. As long as that savory ruby liquid makes it into my facehole.
  15. scotch, neat
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  16. Most types of soda---but cream soda is thoroughly avoided and peach soda of any kind makes me want to elegantly swan dive into the belly of a starving crocodile.

    Juice is great too, but prune juice invokes the flight response if detected, while most types of alcohol (especially hard liquor) causes both my gums and the rearmost regions of my throat to spontaneously combust.

    Those cranberry/lime-flavored margaritas by Bud Light are great though.
  17. Horchata
  18. I rather like Sprite, and the Vanilla Coke's the local ice cream parlor makes. And vanilla flurries. Is that even a drink?
  19. Alcoholic: rum. I'm known for it. Used to drink so much Cpt. Morgan's that people'd recognise me at parties as "the Captain Morgan's guy" without even having met me. Awh man, that makes me nostalgic for home.

    Non-alcoholic: tea, as befitting a stereotypical Brit. Gotta love a good chai latte from Starbucks as well, that shit is ambrosia.
  20. ... I guess I'm super plain, because my favourite drink is just a crisp cold glass of clean water.
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