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  1. I marked this topic 'TV' because for me and a bunch of other folk I know, we don't watch TV, but we love us some YouTube!

    So tell me who your favourite YouTube personalities are and why you love them!

    I heart Tyler Oakley, because he's such a fun and positive person and he makes me smile and feel good about my life :3 and his videos make me lol my face off

    I heart Jenna Marbles because she speaks to my super secret feminine side and I love her blunt/crass humour

    I heart Ryan Higa/NigaHiga
    Because it's fun to watch people do crazy stuff.

    I heart Lilly Singh/iiSuperwomanii
    Because she's sassy and funny and her 'types of ___' videos are so true they hurt
  2. I watch Seananners and the Game Grumps with a spattering of others here and there.

    Grant Thompson, the king of random, is good. Love his diy stuff.
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  3. I used to watch YouTubers religiously. In recent years, eeeeeh, not so much. My favorite people to watch on YouTube is Cryaotic, Mr. Creepypasta, Gigguk, and Douchebagchocolat. Don't know if the last three would classify themselves as YouTubers, but whatevs.
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  4. Hmm, let's see who I can think of atm...

    For my crafty enjoyment and also because she has good videos:

    Introduced through SeaLemon, her skill amazes me and I get a dose of geeky:
    Lauren Fairweather

    Because their music is awesome:
    Derek and Brandon Fietcher

    I really enjoy his Let's Play vids:

    I think that covers the ones I bother to remember beyond one good video
  5. A large portion of my Youtube watching consists of Achievement Hunter videos, plus a handful of things from their.. parent company? I dunno how exactly the setup would be best described, but they're a subset of Rooster Teeth and I also watch some of the stuff that comes out on that channel.

    TeamFourStar for DragonBall Z Abridged.

    I also watch and enjoy a bunch of other stuff, but I'm not gonna bother typing it all out.
  6. Rooster Teeth, most often Achievement Hunter. VanossGaming on occasion. Markiplier I watch a ton, he's a pretty chill guy.
  7. Markiplier, ProtonJon, The Runaway Guys, NintendoCapriSun, Jacksepticeye, and NecroScope86 are some of my favorites. I enjoy the Grumps from time to time and I like watching Cryaotic but those guys ^^^ Are my favorites. Jack, Jon, and Mark being my top three.
  8. The Pack (because it's easier than listing all of the members), KwehCraft, PeteZahHutt, SeaNanners, STAR_, penguinz0, Muselk, nigahiga, Brodual, EpicASMR and a couple of others.

    I tent to gravitate towards game commentaries, mod showcases (for Skyrim mostly) and let's plays and stuff like that.
  9. CrashCourse, very compact theory on various subjects ranging from history to biology. Teaches you shit.
    Extra Credits, covers a leftover interest from my puberty; game design. As well as another array of topics surrounding gaming, such as writing, games as a medium and the industry.
  10. I enjoy quite a lot of YouTubers. Some are unknown while some are quite famous. Here are some in particular I enjoy watching:

    Tre Melvin
    Freddy E (R.I.P)
  11. My YouTube Interests differ so much I actually have two separate channels to manage the two, so I'm going to sort them in their respective categories.

    For Fun Channels (open)

    This is now my new favourite channel on YouTube.
    I love Video Games, he goes into a ton of effort to dig deep into them and provide great and convincing theories on them.
    Theories that has me going "Woah" whenever I see one.

    That, and he is the master of puns.
    I love puns. :3

    If I ever need a game review, he's the channel I'm going to first.
    He managed to create very entertaining/amusing reviews (where I do watch it for fun, even if I know for sure I don't want the game or I already own it).
    But he also gives amazing in depth critique on the games, covering basically every angle possible I would want considered before deciding to buy a game or not.

    Like Angry Joe, but in regards to everything Modding when it comes to a Bethesda game.
    That, and he has amazing Lets Plays. Taking a unique tactic with roleplaying as the character he's being, which is rarely something you see in a Lets Play.

    Enough said. :3
    He's a halarious story teller.
    To the point where he either has a hilarious/insane life, or he is just really talent at animating and telling it in the greatest way possible.
    Most likely both.

    Serious Issues/Informative Channels* (open)

    *Still fun. But they tackle actual issues, and don't just make a video whose sole purpose is entertainment.

    Very fun and entertaining animations, but they are always making a serious point/criticizing against the Fundamentalist Religions we are dealing with today. Everything from religious paranoia to bible contradictions.
    He basically makes 2-3 minute skit videos most of the time, which would make me list him in the group above.
    If not for the sake that each video was also making a strong argument/criticism in them, but in this case towards Social Justice culture and Extreme Feminism.
    He even did one video themed around Harry Potter. :3
    An occasional quick Vlogger, who does videos also addressing/criticizing the growing Social Justice culture.
    And does it in a very silly, charming and hilarious manner.
    Oh boy, this channel I've been following since I was 13.
    He used to be very big on doing informative videos criticizing fundamental religious people, and he made enough good arguments that I followed him even during my own fundamental Christian days.
    Today though his focuses though have largely shifted to criticizing the Social Justice culture. But he also sprinkles in a few videos about cool science and history stuff.
    A very charming Teal Deer whose main thing is criticizing Social Justice culture.
    But does though in a manner that no only shows their reasoning as wrong, but sources it like crazy and usually points/introduces people to something new as well.
    For example one time it pointed me to a 2 hour long documentary about how a lot of humanity's flirting/mating rituals today are still heavily based/rooted from our more primitive days.
    He was also the one who taught me how Pink used to actually be a dominantly masculine colour.
    Now, most of the channels above have probably offended a lot of people. May it be on YouTube or perhaps even an Iwaku member reading this.
    Atheist Voice, is a channel that criticizing religion. But he does it in the most calm, rationale, accepting, understanding and civil manner ever.
    The only possible way one could get ever offended by this guy would be by getting offended whenever anyone says that their an atheist.

    If you ever like learning about religious contradictions, or are a questioning theist yourself.
    But get taken/repulsed back by the more abrasive/mocking styles of the channels above then The Atheist Voice is probably a channel you'd greatly enjoy.

    Honorable Mentions from both (open)

    You guys remember Gamergate?
    Well this guy was the main person who helped kickstart/launch that movement, where if anyone were to be pointed to as the movements leader it would be him.

    InternetAristocrat was his original channel. Which he removed as a response to the mass fame he was getting, and a disagreement with the path Gamergate ended up taking.
    But you can find that channels videos still here. While MisterMetokur is the channel he came back with after taking some time away from the spotlight. Now, he has expressed wishes to avoid anything Gamergate related from here on out, so don't expect any of that.

    But he still seems to want to continue series like "Tumblrisms and Hug Box Chronicles" which are series basically tearing apart Tumblr culture and other similliar cultures on the Internet.
    Sargon basically fills the same category as Thunderf00t and TL;DR do when it comes to criticizing social Justice.
    Though he pumps out videos far more often, so unless if you live on the Internet expect to not be watching all of his work if you subscribe.
    Now, I love these guys. They + Bioware Games are the reason I've gained the love for Gaming that I possess today.
    However, during this past year Extra Credit's has been back pedaling a lot. They used to be the main people stand up for the gaming medium, and encourage people to stand up against hate/shame spread by the media and the public.

    But lately they've been bothering to condemn movements that stick up for gamers, and dismiss certain games as being art because it's not something they personally like.

    So I would be hesitant to suggest their channel currently. But their videos from 2014 and before are all gold mines.
    Most of this channel I'll be honest, I don't pay attention to.
    The only reason I'm adding this is because this is the channel that the Feminist Frequency show is on.
    So yea, if you're a fan of Christina Hoff Sommers this is the channel you should be subscribing to.
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  12. I watch a fair amount of youtube, but mostly for music.

    I recommend Alex Goot, cause his covers and original songs are lovely! :)

    And my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is a Starkid!!!

    Because they do hilarious, adult aged parodies of movies and shows. They have one based on Aladdin, THREE Harry Potter Shows (Order: Musical, Sequel, then Senior Year), BATMAN, and some originals.

    I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT REGRET WATCHING THEM, if you like musicals, comedy, and all around awesomeness.
  13. I watch so many but I'll try to keep the list small:
    Doctor Puppet
    How It Should Have Ended
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  14. Swoozie, JonTron, Mike Tompkins (I like the music he does...), Rooster Teeth (Because I have been watching them since wayyyyyy back when I was a kid and RvB was theeee shittttttt. Caboose!)

    That is about it.
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  15. Lots and lots of food/baking Youtubers. Mycupcakeaddiction, How to Cook That, Cupcakes and Cardio, Laura in the Kitchen, Food Wishes. What I can say, I love to cook and bake. I also watch TedEd, CrashCourse, DiscoveryNews, TestTube, Seeker Stories, DukeLikeHella, Buzzfeed, Bubzvlog/Bubzbeauty, and my absolute favorite channel, EatYourKimchi.
  16. danisnotonfire and amazingphil always make me laugh, and their friendship is very heartwarming, in a way? I just love them! ;3;

    Tyler Oakley is also really fun, he's always laughing and so happy and positive. Its contagious, and it always cheers me up~
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  17. I don't keep up with many channels, although I do watch Game Grumps and the Super Best Friends Play pretty often.

    Throw in a dash of Rooster Teeth, Bro Team, and TFS for good measure.
  18. Lol I haven't been to Youtube in a while... but I guess I'm into watching Cryaotic, Ryan Higa, and who was this woman again? Her name there was iisuperwomanii or something, she was pretty funny. I usually watched English utaites months back. Ashe, JubyPhonic, JoyDreamer, adrisaurus (Adriana Figueroa), etc etc. I liked watching Michelle Phan's channel, but only when I'm with my best friend who knows better about that stuff than I do.
  19. Gopher for his let's play videos. Guy is fun, yet takes some effort into his games and actually role-plays his characters. So I get the see someone take games seriously yet still have fun.

    ERB of History for obvious reasons. Their videos are great and they seem like a really fun group.

    The series; If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device. Is a funny and smart look into the Warhammer 40k universe and I recommend it to fans and newbies alike.

    I'll watch AMC and Screen Junkie videos to get my love of movies in. AMC's Jedi Council feeds my endless hunger for Star Wars news and Screen Junkie's Movie Fights is always fun to put in the background.

    I do like the occasional critic so the Nostalgia Critic and ComicBookGril19 are both occasional watches.

    And when I'm bored I'll find some WatchMojo lists or see if there are any new Death Battles.
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