Favourite weapons!

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  1. Okay.

    So here is a thread to talk about your favourite weapon, be it fictional or real, medieval or futuristic, magical or made of unobtanium.

    At the moment I'd probably have to give my vote to the Halberd. It slices, it dices, it stabs, it bludgeons, all in glorious ways.
  2. A katana!! :D
  3. As a somewhat hipster when it comes to weapons, I've never been a big fan of swords. That being said, I like things such as axes. Axes are such a highly effective tool that is versatile on the battle field. With a pair of hand axes you can pull away shields and weapons, trip people, climb the hull of a ship with them, and other amazing stuff. In thick forests, you can cut away brush and it's one of the best weapons for deal with armored and unarmored combatants alike.

    The idea of an axe is also almost universal within human weaponry. From the Japanese ono to hatchets used by native Americans, it has been both tool and weapon used around the world and the fact that armies still use them is impressive in my opinion. However, i'm been in Dwarf Fortress mood so this fangirling is people just that mood calling.
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  4. The M4A1, AK-12, HK - 417

    The versatility and reliability of the M4A1

    The power and combat effectiveness of the AK-12

    The accuracy and versatility of the Hk 417

    And for up close and personal I prefer hand to hand combat. But if need be a combat knife would be sufficient.
  5. This. Who woulden't like the glorious weapon that is the katana. It's exciting.

    For range I would get an M4A1.
  6. I know that, realistically, they were lousy weapons and no-one ever really succeeded with them outside of D&D, but I've always loved the look of a good Morning Star. Bludgeoning and piercing, all at once, plus it comes with some extra range and entanglement potential. Lovely.
  7. I like pistols, not magnums, too slow of a fire rate, too much power.

    And I honestly prefer Damascus scimitars to Katana. I mean sure katana are pretty neat, I'd have a couple on a stand if I could, but they are thin and just one accidental clash could leave a pretty nasty looking dent on your bladed side. Burning and flipping metals doesn't really make your blade stronger...

    And yes they are beau, but so are scimitars, sabers, hook swords, butterfly pair, zhanmadao... etc.
    ... Oh don't get me wrong though, I love all weapons, excepting actual axes since they were small and heavy >.>, I just flamed on katana this time ;=; sorry.
    Katana were slightly better than most straight swords... and I... adore? straight swords.
    Sorry, sorry, I'll stop now!
  8. Ah yes. Katana, the weapon that is so designed that it takes forever to learn.

    Meanwhile; The Francisca. See this axe? I can throw it, and it won't just fly at you, it will damn well bouch and chop of legs to!

  9. not really

    i took kendo for 3 years

    its just like any other weapon

    you practice, you learn

    nothing mystical or difficult about it
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  10. Kendo isn't that bad, more organized than the "classic" way of fighting.
    It's really the style you use that makes the use of a weapon difficult.

    I can see Laido being difficult if you try to be quick while doing it. Oh yeah, very.
  11. If I were to suggest anything,it would be a halberd,a long pole-arm with a axe head and a spear at the tip of it.Good for blocking,stabbing,chopping,and sometimes if ya that much of a RPer in an rp,swing it around like a broad sword,but much longer.I like keeping distance to be honest.And one more mention,the Maul
  13. good old fashioned hand to hand
  14. Hand to hand,indeed,a useful combat tool,using your bare knuckles or brass knuckles or whatever to smack and beat the **** out of your opponent
  15. Sorry if I seem to try to sound intelligent,I have a habit of typing like that.
  16. It's k, you have wings.
    Hmm, chainsaws are pretty cool.
  17. I prefer the fantasy looking things,chainsaw thats powered by magic and made of draconic bones,something like that
  18. Unreal Tournament weapons are the most satisfying to use in game, so my vote goes to those. Having secondary use modes is necessary for all future tech weapons imo.

    Translocator: Superior map navigation and tele-fragging ftw
    Impact Hammer / Chainsaw: Now you see me, now you're dead. Impact Hammer gets a bonus as you can catapult jump with it with maps w/o translocator, though you damage yourself.
    Enforcer: Dual wield these puppies for consistent accurate damage.
    Bio Rifle / Goo Gun: Armored enemies? Doesn't matter. Unload giant blobs of green goo onto your unfortunate enemies. Can place goo blobs like mines for surprise kills. Also can be used as a jump aid.
    Shock Rifle: Two modes, beam and ball. Create localized implosions by combining the modes. Takes out people camping around corners. [Also comes in 1 hit kill variety, which is fun on Morpheus map]
    Pulse Gun: Rapid Fire / Wield lightning. bzzzzzz-ZAP!! HA-HA!
    Ripper: Shoot razor sharp metal discs that can decapitate people -- that also ricochet. Awesome
    Minigun: Turning enemies into swiss cheese never gets old.
    Flak Cannon: Covers a wide area with ease as you riddle enemies with flak. Also can launch flak grenades at their feet for instant kills.
    Rocket Launcher: Can lock on enemies with rockets - 5 OF THEM AT ONCE. Can also launch them loosely to cover a wide area in a corridor etc. So much explosions.
    Sniper Rifle: Head Shots. Facing Worlds Map. M-M-M-MONSTER KILL. Highly rewards accuracy.
    Redeemer: NUKE LAUNCHER. Huge explosion that kills anything in its radius.
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  19. I'm more of a medieval guy,but I don't mind anything high-tech
  20. Battle hammers and maces.

    I like bludgeoning my opponent's face into ground beef. *crazy eyes*
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