Favourite Video Games!

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Sir Basil

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Since video games seem to be a theme for the moment, what's your favourite video game? Why do you like it so much? Alternatively, what video games have you struggled with and in the end, disliked? What about that game cheesed you off so much? Bad Story? Awkward mechanics? Just plain BAD?

For me, I personally loved the original Assassin's Creed - and portions of the other two games. Because I'm a history nut. I'm also a big fan of Bard's Tale, because the songs are so damnably catchy! Oblivion is also awesome, due to its scope and story. As for a game that I hate with the passion of a thousand suns, it would have to be Two Worlds. Ugh, everything about Two Worlds.
I have always been into the old school games more. Hard for me to pick one, so here are some that I consider a tie for number 1.

Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Shinning force 1 & 2, Phantasy star 2 & 4, Street Fighter series.

I liked those RPGS because of the awesome story and battle mechanics. Street Fighter because it has the best, most fluid controls of any fighting game that I have ever played.
Holy shit someone else actually knows about phantasy star online!??!!?1
From the original Nintendo I liked Kung Fu

From the Super Nintendo I was partial to Vandal Hearts, but I didn't own the system so I only really played that game.

For the Sega Genesis I liked Zero Tolerance, Vectorman, and Toe Jam and Earl.

For the Playstation 1/2 (they're both basically the same to me), I enjoyed Saga Frontier, Final Fantasy VII and only that one, Rumble Roses :D, Star Ocean and a few others that I can't recall.

For the Xbox 360 I liked all the Halo series, even Halo Wars. I also like Left 4 Dead and the sequel, I have the Orange Box which is very fun. And there's an indie game with Cthulhu that I really like, too.

There might be more but I can't think of too many at the moment.
Holy shit someone else actually knows about phantasy star online

Yes! Before it was Phantasy star online though.
Miles Edgeworth: Ace Investigator would have to be...

*Reads Lahar's post*


PSO is my fav game. Hands down. I really wanted to make a rp of it but it kinda died.

I also found a table top version of it... Could use a monster list though...
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and in turn, Company of Heroes.

The resource system and points mechanics place good emphasis on expansion and map control. And, knowing Relic's work on Homeworld, the fact that you can pimp out your army colors is a huge plus.
Favorite games would have to be any Mario game until Super Mario Sunshine (that was the last good one I played, aside from the Mario Kart games, those are always fun), each and every Legend of Zelda game (some more than others, if only for small reasons), all the Pokemon games (except for Pokemon Black and White. Something about those ones... e_e), any Final Fantasy game I've played (which is not much, sadly. But I'll get to them!), Donkey Kong Country and DKC 2 (I never got to play 3, but I do have it as a ROM, for my PSP), and I'm sure there are more, most likely RPGs and the like.

Games I don't like tend to be FPSs, mainly because, in my opinion, they tend to be about nothing BUT killing shit, with little to no story. However, I DO like playing FPSs when I'm playing with friends. So I'll never personally own one, but if a friend does, I don't mind playing with him or her.
To add to my predictability... I like Zelda games. Pretty much every one I've played, but I have a very soft spot of Ocarina of Time. I like most Mario spin-offs too. I adored Pokemon Yellow when I had it. Oh, and I liked Monster Hunter Tri, though I've never had the chance to play through the entire game since it was my ex's copy I was using.
I will always have a love for the Game Okami (Note that I did not get my screen name from the game) Also Oblivion, Mercenaries platground of destruction, star wars battle front (both, although I liked the second one better), Halo Combat evolved, ( haven't liked a halo game since.) The mass effect series, ( liked the second the best so far, can't wait until three is released) the fallout series, ( haven't had much play time with one or two, loved three and liked New Vegas)

As for games I don't like. Any halo game other than the first, and half life. Those are the notable game I haven't liked.
Fallout 3, haven't played NV yet, but I'm going to... So Okami doesn't kill me. Halo 2 (didn't enjoy Combat Evolved, 3 or the others) Mass Effect series, Oblivion, Star Wars Battlefront. A Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, the original 6 pokemon games. I like games.
Favorite game?

Spill some.

Bard's tail.

Dues Ex.


Age of Empires.

Master of Magic.

Master of Orion.



System Shock 2.

Thats the top 10 (not in order)

... Dungeon keeper should be in there somewhere too.
Favorite game?

Spill some.


Also a big fan of Duke Nukem 3D; probably the first FPS I really got into when I was younger.

The Half-Life series, including the original expansions, the second game and the episodes. Masterful example of storytelling, world-building, NPCs who you actually care about and fun, challenging gameplay.

The Mass Effect series. Cos fuck yer, punching reporters.

Baldur's Gate 2. In terms of PC RPGs, it doesn't get much better than this.
Final Fantasy 6 > Chrono Trigger > Batman Arkham Asylum > Ace Combat Zero
Bard's Tale.

Kings Quest series.

Deus Ex -- all of 'em.

Elder's Scroll series.

Dungeons and Dragons games. Stuff like Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate... and even farther back, to stuff like Pool of Radiance and Unlimited Adventures.

The previously mentioned Blood, and Blood II. Heretic, Hexen, Doom, Quake...

For someone who has been gaming for as long as I have, you can't just pick one favorite. My first game was in 1983 (age 3) on my old TI-99/4A computer, which I still have.
Bioshock- Fantastic story, great voice acting, and I simply loved the level designs...Bioshock 2 fell short in delivery though, I thought.

Mass Effect- A thousand choices!

Mass Effect 2- Because you know what goes well with choices? MORE CHOICES (And women)

Dynasty Warriors...all of them: Because absorbing floating food through your knees as you singlehandedly depopulate China is simply too great for words.

MvC3- I mean seriously, who DOESN'T want Deadpool throwing down with Akuma?

Pokemon- Don't tell me this isn't on your list as well.

Tetris- The only game repetitive enough to be genius

Kirby: Because it feels kinda liberating to be the cutest thing in the world and still be terrifying

Zelda: There is something to be said for a hero that has multiple games and only seems to know how to communicate in telepathy or yells.

L4D: Zombies man, just...zombies. Hell of a way to bond with your room mate.

Halo: Because when you enable super speed, no gravity, and set weapon generation to JUST plasma pistols...you learn that skill has nothing on mashing buttons excessively while running in figure eights.
Well there's the Legend of Zelda series, of which I own the Gamecube Collectors Edition, Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass and the new Ocarina of Time.
Anyone else got it? It's frickin' awesome.

There's also Pokemon, I have Saphire, LeafGreen, Diamond and Mystery Dungeon Time. I do mean to get either Heart Gold or Soul Silver and Black or White.

There's also Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Mario etc.

Edit: Also, the Fable series and Assassins Creed.