Favourite TV Show

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Your favourite TV show?

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  1. The Walking Dead

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  2. The Big Bang Theory

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  3. How I met your Mother

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  4. Vampire Diares

    2 vote(s)
  5. True Blood

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  6. Other+

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  1. Alright. Everyone has their favourite TV show. I am sure even more than one.

    Please give your opinions and with a reason why is on your Favourite List.^^
  2. I despise all of those shows, except for HIMYM even though I have my fair share of complaints for that one as well. Nothing's perfect, though. That show doesn't fail to make me laugh every time I watch an episode. :D I've yet to watch the last half of the final season. I know exactly what happens because I willingly looked up spoilers, but stiiiillll.

    Ultimately, my most favorite show is Futurama. :]
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  3. The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones.
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  4. Clings to you in desperation..* I have a feeling someone wants to kill me* ...*

    Still waiting for the next season in TBBT xD
  5. So I felt it would be too much too late to say Firefly, so in lieu of that it would have to be Sherlock with HIMYM being a close second (excluding the finale I feel iffy about).
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  6. I didn't saw Firefly !:o

    Is it awesome and great and . Super cool?!^^

    I forgot to say- I watch New Girl to and Two broke Girls. They are pretty much hilarious.xd
  7. I don't really have one all-time favourite show, so lemme just rattle off a couple that I really enjoy.

    Hannibal - Mads Mikkelsen is a better Hannibal Lecter than Anthony Hopkins. There, I said it. It's the fucking truth. Whilst Hopkins' scenery-chewing performance was great, Mikkelsen brings something else to the role. He's the ultimate snake in the garden, the grand tempter. Add to that incredible visuals (I've never seen such gorgeously shot brutality on TV before) and an all-round awesome cast, and you have a doozey of a show.

    Monkey Dust - The best animated comedy series you've never heard of. And when I say the humour is dark, I do mean fucking pitch black. Quite how the BBC were ever willing to make this I don't know, but I'm so glad they did. Every sketch, from the Paedofinder General (who, by the power invested in him by some guy he met down the pub, knows for definite that you are a paedophile) to Clive's increasingly wild excuses to try and avoid telling his wife just what he's been up to all weekend, will have you rolling about laughing... if you've a taste for dark humour.

    Orphan Black - Tatiana Maslany deserves all the TV awards for her roles in this show. A dark little Sci-Fi drama exploring human cloning, Orphan Black manages to explore the evolution/creation argument in a very interesting way. But it's Maslany's performances that really make this show stand out. You want to watch a masterclass in acting? Check this shit out.

    Futurama - In an ideal world, The Simpsons would be taken out behind the barn and shot and Futurama would be brought back with an even bigger budget. Cleverer, funnier and far more risqué than Matt Groening's other creation, Futurama is one of those "by geeks, for geeks" shows that shite like The Big Bang Theory wishes it was. And there's literally not an unfunny character in it. Seriously. I challenge you to name one.
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  8. GoT and Boardwalk Empire are my top currently running series picks.
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  9. My favorites most recently are Misfits and Penny Dreadful

    Otherwise GOT will always be up there.
  10. Ha ha xD. That sounds good enough.

    Anyways sorry that I made the poll with not so great tv shows.^^

    Yet we can still say which ones are our favourite even if they don't fall in the poll category.:)
  11. No need to apologise for listing shows you like. I'm just an opinionated shitbag when it comes to TV.

    ...And most things, come to think of it.
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  12. Touche kitty cat! ._.
  13. It's like MacGuyver minus the mullet!
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  14. I'm assuming anime counts, given that I would be willing to bet any amount of money that no one could find a non-anime thing that I'd like more than an anime of equal plot/characters etc.

    So as such, Shakugan no Shana (for characters) and Another (for its damn good psychological stuff)
  15. I can't pick a favorite anything ever, so here are a few of the ones I really like and/or fanboy over.

    Babylon 5 - Still one of my favorite scifi shows of all time, even despite the first couple of seasons where it tried to be Star Trek sometimes.

    Firefly - *Weeps bitter tears*

    Futurama - What Grumpy said.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation - While STtOS was a lot of fun, I prefer the characters and the themes of TNG.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Anyone who doesn't like Buffy doesn't like having fun.

    Supernatural - See above.

    Sherlock - This show surprised the hell out of me. When I heard they were adapting Sherlock Holmes- one of my childhood favorites- to modern day, I was skeptical. But they freaking nailed it.

    Archer - Comedy gold.

    Midsomer Murders - One of my favorite murder mystery shows.

    I like a few of the other shows mentioned here too, like Burn Notice. I've seen at least some episodes of every show in the poll and while none of them are my favorites, none of them are bad either. Although Vampire Diaries is evil incarnate. >:[ Diana and I watch it and end up pissed off after every episode.
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  16. I really enjoy the american horror story series, every season is an entire old time horror with that exceptional hollywood twist. I'm thinking the freakshow season will turn out to be my favorite of all the seasons.


    I'm in love with an online youtube series called Drunken history, where in, people get drunk and some famous actors reenact the drunken side of history. I don't own a TV so my computer therefore counts as TV for me.

    last but not least, Paranoia Agent.....that anime knocked my socks of, from the animation style to the creepiest moments some anime can give.

    I also am obsessed with Adventure time, Bravest Warriors, and Torchwood(spin off of the recent Doctor who series).
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  17. Adventure time!
  18. I personally think we can't live without TV shows anymore lol ;)

    I think most of them are teaching us plenty stuff.^^'
  19. I'd say...

    Once Upon A Time
    Game of Thrones
    Orphan Black
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