Favourite toast?

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  1. right now I am digging the cinnamon spread toast.
  2. Ain't nothin' like good ol' buttered toast for breakfast if ya ask me.
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  3. For me it's super sweet buttered toast with lot's of sugar, honey, and cinnamon piled on top. Mmm...teeth rotting goodness.
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  4. I like raisin bread with apple butter. O_O

    And then classic cinnamon toast. 8D
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  5. French toast.

    My second favorite is just plain old lightly buttered toast.
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  6. Buttered toast, cut in half... with different flavours of jelly on each side
  7. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    No but really, French toast is my favorite.
  8. Does French Toast even count as toast, though? I mean, you don't actually toast it. You fry it. I guess some people might fry bread and have it as toast, but French Toast is battered, so I wouldn't put it in the same category. In fact, few languages even include "toast" in their name of the dish.

    Moving from that little rant onto the topic, I like jams and marmalades of different kinds on buttered toast. A slice of cheese or two as well, if I'm feeling the sweet and savory deal that day. Oh, and who can forget Kalles Kaviar?

  9. Toast is one of my favorite foods. There's a wide range of breads, spreads, and toppings that I enjoy. :]

    My favorite of all, I think, is cheese toast. I like to butter the bread, put cheese on top, then pop it into the toaster oven for a bit. Sometimes I use wheat bread, sometimes white.
  10. There is always that one person that has to poke holes into the thing we all know and love XD

    I prefer lightly buttered toast on average but there was this one special kind of toast that my grandfather used to make for me and my siblings that was perfect. However, he stopped making it which sort of sucks but it was very good though.
  11. To your good health

    Haha word play haha
  12. Like my favourite kind of woman: badly burned, poorly dressed and landing face-down when I drop it.

    *one-ups Azarthes*
  13. Garlic Toast with butter :3

    Or regular toast with butter and any kind of jam/preserves
  14. toast + peanut butter
  15. Dill rye toast with butter is the shit.
  16. I like simple buttered toast, though I guess I like adding strawberry jam. Or whatever fruit jellies and jams there are on hand. ^^ French toast is really nice, too.
  17. It's been forever since I had toast in general, but my favourite from when I was younger was honey and jam.
  19. I like my toast like I like my woman.

    With eggs.
  20. dohhohohohohho
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