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  1. It's easy to focus on the negative aspects of our jobs, but sometimes it's good to take a look at the positive. What are some of your favourite things about your job? For me, personally, I love getting to know the residents and the family members of the residents. Though there are inevitably some assholes, many of these people are fantastic and friendly. Often times they'll even bring me food. I love it when people bring me food. Today, one of my favourite family members brought me a samosa. Aw yis, mudda fuckin' samosas. Sometimes it's cake. One time it was an ice cream sundae.

    I also love it when people bring in their pets! Today someone brought in their Golden Retriever puppy. He was so soft. I wanted to kidnap him.

    Best of all, I love it when people tell me that I've been very helpful and have made the stressful parts of their lives a little better. It always really touches me when this happens. I try my best to be friendly, compassionate and helpful, so it's always nice to know that I've done my job properly.
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  2. Hmm, what do I like most about my job?
    • Flexibility -- I basically have no required schedule (Though I tend to work lots of hours)
    • Flexibility -- I have a large amount of control over my projects and tasks, including a fail amount of available budget for tools.
    • Interactions -- I only have a few coworkers, and we mostly get along well.
    • Lunch -- We tend to go out a lot... and often on the company dime.
    • Private office -- I have one. With a lock and lights that I can control from anywhere that I have internet access.
  3. What I like about my job:

    -I work on master planning for the US Army Garrison Japan, Honshu areas which span as far north as Aomori Prefecture, and south/west in Hiroshima. I'm located somewhere in the middle, in Kanagawa (near Tokyo). Planning and managing development has always been one of my favorite lines of work.

    -I've been put in charge of a great team of thirty friendly and skilled professionals, all but one are Japanese citizens and it's the best group of individuals I've ever been with.

    -At joint/bilateral meetings I've been put up front as the face of the Army in Japan in front of the Government of Japan's defense ministry. Though I don't have a long history with the Army (only been employed with them a year and two months now) my grandfather was in the Army and I'm honored to represent his service (and represent my master planning division team).

    -Location! Kanagawa is nice and peaceful, and just a few stones throws (or a train ride) away from Tokyo, which holds everything nice but not necessarily of a peaceful nature.
  4. I get good $$$$$

    also people bring in their puppies and i get to pet them it makes my day 10000x better
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  5. I work with kids. Who may end up chewing my brains outs... BUT they won't judge me on the way I look or dress or how smart I may or may not be, but rather on how I am with them and how I make them feel. I love seeing the proud and happy looks on their faces when they get something right due to their efforts and my help.
  6. Which one? Cook? Maid? Nurse? Chauffeur? Referee? I have too many to name! My employers are demanding AF, but they're cute and I can send them to their room whenever they get too demanding, so that's a bonus. I'm on call 24/7 and get paid in hugs and pictures for the refrigerator. I do get spoiled when I'm sick (And by sick, I mean on the brink of death, any other time it's business as usual) and occasionally I get treated to a sloppily made breakfast in bed. My coworker is pretty hot, although he gets most of the easy work.
  7. The fact that it doesn't exist!

    Well, I left my job this weekend and am awaiting a response that may never come from a new work study job. But hmm..

    I was a busser. Cleaned tables, set up silverware, sometimes did hostess stuff. I liked when I would tell people "Have a great meal!" and they'd respond "You too!" and then realize. Or when I'd compliment somebody on something and they'd smile or blush and feel nice about it. Some of the regulars would strike up conversation, which was really pleasant as well. They'd ask me about college, how my summer's going, do I have my textbooks yet, good luck at school, etc. And some of them would always come in with their infants. Being able to see the little tykes grow up over the last year was cute (even though I detest children most of the time). The best thing was when they would wave to you.

    I also liked how one of our cooks would do random stuff after closing. One time he put dubstep music on blast and was going 'WUBWUBWUB' to it. Another time, he and the owner were singing horribly off-key. They'll have playful shouting matches. My grandmother and one of the owners have "I hate you" banter. Watching movies in the kitchen. Arguing about how the front door is impossible to lock (I got it on my second try, booyah).

    Now, was that all worth 8 hour shifts starting crazy early in the morning? Maybe not. But some part of me will kind of miss it.
  8. when I leave
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  9. The downtime. I work graveyard shift security, and a lot of the shift is just sitting at my security desk in the lobby and doing whatever on my laptop. No wifi is a bummer, but I can download things beforehand to bring to work to watch and I get most of my writing done at work now. It's great.

    Oh, also, by my calculations I've been paid something in the neighborhood of 70 dollars (pre tax) this year for time spent doing nothing but writing smutty posts for a roleplay. It's hard to hate your job when you more or less get paid to write roleplay posts for some of the time. 8D
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  10. wat

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