Favourite Starbucks order?

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  1. whats your favourite thing to order from Starbucks, specifically?

    I like caramel frappucino :3
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  2. My brother of African descent.

    Caramel frappucino with or without an extra shot of espresso. It's only a thousand calories. I mean, whatevs.

    Had something lately I loved. Believe it was called a vanilla something.. It was basically just a vanilla shake but ah man it was amazing and smooth.
  3. Chai lattes are the fucking shit.
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  4. I like the Chocolate chip frappucino on warm days when the Cookie crumble isn't available, and when I'm cold, I like White Chocolate Mochas. :D
  5. Um.... Going to Tim Hortons? :/

    Though in all seriousness I believe I had their brownies once, those were decent.
  6. Tall Latte.
    And then I put 2 packs of Raw Sugar, and a Pack of Sucralose in.
  7. I prefer not buying disgustingly overpriced things, generally.

    But on the few occasions when I do get something from Starbucks it's always hot chocolate. Coffee is nasty, hot chocolate is delicious.
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  8. I used to get the mocha frappucino.

    Now I get the cinnamon dolce frappucino.
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  9. Their Clover coffee is surprisingly good. Add a drop of milk.

    Espresso, on other days.
  10. Oprah Chai Latte with Soy!
  11. I rarely go to Starbucks... but if I am dragged there with friends I order the cafe mocha :)
  12. Well I only go to Starbucks during one season... And I am sure that you all know what I am going to say...


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  13. Starbucks, to me, is the fast food version of coffee. It's shit, but I love putting it in my body anyway.

    I go for the Cinnamon Dolce thing or Caramel Macchiato. When it's Christmastime, I go nuts for that Caramel Brulee drink. @___@ There's no 'Bucks around here, sadly, so I get it only when I'm out of town.
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  14. Coffee black
  15. Americano, or a mocha, usually. If I'm feeling particularly in the mood for sweets, I get a java chip frappucinno.
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  16. I like Chocolate Frappuccino
  17. Omfg yes
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  18. I'll stick to the Maxwell House blend from Waffle House. You city folks can keep your highfalutin coffee at Starbucks.
  19. I only drink mochas. It's the only think I remember and tolerate, so I go with that across the board at any coffee shop. Or just black coffee straight up if people start asking too many questions. Starbucks is very bad at this with their friendly suggestions at name changes for shit we all know the name too, but that's a rant for another day.

    Aside from that I avoid these places. @Fluffy will drag me kicking and screaming into one for her precious holiday poison though.
  20. My absolute favorite that I only treat myself to during the holidays is a hot white mocha with chestnut flavoring. Mmmm

    And I'm also a fan of the secret menu, so I like the pink Starburst frap and the barbie frap.
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