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  1. in terms of music performed on a single instrument, what is your favourite?

    I like a good acoustic guitar as much as the next girl, but piano and flute music can be beautiful, too. And of course violin.... Music is beautiful *^*
  2. I play a mean guitar, but violins will always be a favorite of mine. They sound neat in the right hands.
  3. The harp. I love how 80s rock songs sound when played on one.

  4. My favorite has always been....


    [BCOLOR=#333333]Okay, not really. I am a piano lover, but guitar is close behind, as they both have the widest range of note playing and both sound so beautiful. [/BCOLOR]
  5. FLUTE (coming from a flute player)
  6. You pay flutes? What is their currency?
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  8. What do you english people call it?

    The Oboe?

    In dutch we call it a hobo, but... you know... no-one wants to 'solo a hobo'

    Anyway, I think the soft smooth tones are hard to beat, it doesn't have ANYthing like the shrillness a flute, violin or Piano can have.
  9. I like drum solos.....they just sound so passionate and unf....
  10. As a lover of music in all its forms, it is really, really hard for me to pick one single instrument.

    I want to lean towards the guitar simply because it's so versatile and adaptable to different styles of music, but as a violinist and a pianist there is a special place in my heart for both of those instruments.

    I think I still have to say guitar, in spite of it all, though.
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  11. Melodicas are legendary.

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  12. I can't pick just one. =__= So in no particular order:

    Acoustic Guitar
    Electric Guitar

    um... I'll just stop before I list all the instruments. O_O
  13. Nothing is quite as romantic as "My heart will go on" on a recorder.

    But seriously? Super awesome guitar solos or sombre acoustic music, I can't decide. ^^
  14. Does Terry Crews count? :P

  15. OMG so many to choose from.

    Okay I love listening to musical instruments but I freaking HATE playing musical instruments =_=

    Like seriously, I ripped my hair out playing the flute for almost 7 years (I was actually pretty good at it lol) and I'm planning to quit Viola (the one I suck shit at) after 4 years. Despite this, they are both beautiful instruments ;-;

    Otherwise...Pianos, violins, both electric and acoustic guitars are ALL FUCKING AMAZING LIKE OMG.

    Cello is also pretty good too...LIKE THE CELLO (+Violin) IN THIS SOUNDTRACK IN TOUHOU 10.5 OMG IT'S SO GOOD
  16. There are a lot of instruments I enjoy listening to for solo pieces. Violin, guitar, piano, cello, and some other things that have already been listed are pretty cool, but my favorite is not among those lists because I'm a special snowflake who can't just pick a normal person instrument.

    My #1 favorite solo instrument has to be the harpsichord. It's sort of the father of the piano, which was first invented an expert harpsichord maker. I like the very different tone and Baroque feel of the harpsichord better than the piano, and it's cool enough that if I had to pick any instrument to listen to solo music of for any extended time it would be my top choice. Here, have a listen for yourself.


  18. flowering night in any jnstrument is boss

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  19. Accordion.


  20. So beautiful....

    But really tho: (open)

    Voice is going to be my champion in this thread.

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