Favourite season?

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which season is your favourite?

  1. Spring

    2 vote(s)
  2. Summer

    5 vote(s)
  3. Fall

    13 vote(s)
  4. Winter

    10 vote(s)
  1. brr! My town just got a big dump of snow, and once again, as I look out across the sparkling streets lit by street lamps, floes of ice floating down the Fraser river, that I fucking hate winter.

    I miss summer! Warm weather! Beach days! Catnaps in the sun! Sundresses!

    What's your favourite season and why?
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  2. I use to be a summer fan, but after moving to the sunshine state and experiencing summer 24/7, it has gotten stale for me. I miss the snow days and wearing long sleeved clothes. When cold fronts hit here, I get excited because it reminds me of when I lived in Connecticut and New York. Also, I haven't experienced a white Christmas in 6 years. D: Not a big fan of Florida lol.
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  3. Fall
    Cool enough that I can work out outside and have to push harder to get a sweat
  4. Fall is my favorite. When it begins, it's not too hot and not too cold, although, in Florida, it seems that the state itself enjoys fluctuating the temperature just to hear me complain...
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  5. Yah fall
  6. Autumn most definitely. You can wear long sleeves, without having to wear coats upon coats (although I do miss having white Christmases) and without being hot, but the colors! It's so beautiful and festive and bright! It's very uplifting.
  7. The Season of the Witch. Can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Cagey goodness.

    Srsly tho', I don't have one favourite season. I've lived my whole life somewhere they all merge into one vague, grey, drizzly blur. I want to move to where the seasons are more differentiable from one another. Winter should be freezing and snowy, summer should be full of hot days lying around in parks with an ice cream.
  8. Winter. I'm all about that cold weather.
  9. You live in Vancouver, don't you.
    Jk jk xD
  10. Winter, only if there's snow.

    Edit: Light, fluffy, snow. Not the heavy type we get up north. Not that low icy crap down south.
    Otherwise, Autumn all the way.
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  11. Not the one that just dumped 20cm in 24 hours with no sign of slowing down. Spending 3+ hours shoveling a day is not my idea of fun.
  12. You'd hate Arizona then.

    I have a better heat tolerance and I love summer. I would say spring but it's windy as fuck in New Mexico during the springtime. I feel cold down to my bone and I hate waking up shivering the second I have to get out of bed and wear five hundred layers. I miss summer heat
  13. As much as I love the rain, I have to give it to winter. A real, chilly, Canadian winter, where the temperature plunges to -35 celsius without wind chill. Where the wind lightly blows. I like to imagine, trudging through the snow all alone, that every little chilled breath is a whisper from the dead. The kind of whisper you can only hear when the birds cease to chirp, the insects keel over, the plants go cold. Something you can only see when all around you is the uniform colour blinding you when you try to stare at it.

    Nobody bothers me, and I'm one of the few out on the streets at that point... It lets me contemplate things while getting some nice, fresh, cold, crisp air in my lungs.
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  14. Winter is soo dark and gloomy, it doesn't even snow over here, so it's no fun at all. Summer, while bright and cheerful, is waaay too hot for my liking. Spring is too wet, though we have been in a bit of a drought recently, which is also not fun. Autumn has pretty spastic weather, switching between hot and cold whenever the hell it feels like it, and I don't appreciate that much at all.

    So in answer to the question "What is your favorite season?" None of them. I hate them all.
  15. Forever and ever Fall will be my season. It has the right amount of warm and cold for my weak little ass. Not that winter is all that bad in the state of California — which I live in. I just love the way Fall/autumn looks. All the leaves of orange and yellow and brown and let's not forget pumpkins. <3
  16. yaaaay fall
  17. WINTER FOREVER! I just feel so much better and perkier in the winter time. O__O In the warmer months I can't be outside cause it's too hot for me.
  18. Dear god, the -36 windchill today was starting to feel like I was getting stabbed. I can handle the cold when it isn't windy, but when you're doing precise work in the middle of a field with nothing to break the Hoth-like conditions, it's brutal.
  19. I like fall, but it never lasts more than a month here. It goes summer > rain > endless winter here.
  20. Winter is the best season because I love that cold weather.

    Snow's awesome too.