Favourite roleplay moments

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  1. Hi, Iwaku!

    Do you have a favorite moment from roleplay?

    I've always noticed there can be a lot of negativity when discussing roleplays: cringey OCs, bad GMs, inconsiderate players, Mary Sues/Gary Sues floating all over the place, but it certainly can't all be bad, or else none of us would continue roleplaying. So, let's share some awesome experiences we've had while roleplaying! It can be anything... maybe a GM who you really enjoyed working with, a favorite character you or somebody else played, a scene that made you cry/laugh/both?

    Share your best roleplaying experiences!
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  2. I had an RP called "Awakening of the Stone Dragons". It was a modern fantasy RP where there were these dragons that had a curse put on them a long time ago to turn them into tiny stone figurines. Then, in the present day, the curse started to wear off and the dragons started to come back to life. Except the 'awakening' of these dragons came in stages. First they would be conscious but still essentially stone and unable to move, then they would be flesh-and-blood again but still the size of stone figurines, and then there were several more stages of the dragons gradually getting bigger until they were full-size dragons again.

    Anyway, the RP centered around these humans who would find the dragon figurines as they were starting to awaken. And one of these humans -- by the time his dragon was at stage 2, flesh-and-blood but still tiny -- decided he couldn't handle all of this while sober, and started smoking weed. And then, he even offered the dragon some. But, you know, being the tiny little thing that he was, even the tiniest puff of marijuana still hit him pretty hard, so he was immediately high as a kite.

    We had a dragon -- a creature that's used to being giant and ferocious and extremely powerful -- recently return to consciousness while being barely the size of a mouse, pass a joint around with a human, and then got high. Very high. It was just a wonderfully bizarre little scenario. XD

    And then we started calling the RP "Awakening of the Stoned Dragons", because of course we did.
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  3. Hm... one of my favourite moment has to be when I discovered exactly who my friend's character was.

    See, I had had many roleplays with her, and one of them including a certain family with a boy named Eric, a rather friendly lad. He helped out my character in saving his sister, and together they escaped a rather rotten fellow.

    Anyway... moving ahead. We started another rp where her character kidnapped one of mine. It turned out that her character wasn't actually bad, he was brainwashed through magic and torture. He had amnesia and couldn't remember anything really. All he had of his past life was a picture of stick figures, four figures with black hair, one with blond.

    It was only near the end of the rp when his name was revealed that I realized he was actually Eric from the other rp! And that blond stick figure was actually MY character! Continuity FTW! I was blown away and even though it was rather bittersweet, I couldn't stop grinning.
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  4. My entire roleplaying experience with @Sen has been a wild, challenging, but ultimately great ride. Our roleplays together would definitely count as the best for me and there are a lot of moments I could list when I have the time~
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