Favourite Pokemon? (Now with generation poll!)

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I heart...

  1. Gen I

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  2. Gen II

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  3. Gen III

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  4. Gen IV

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  5. Gen V

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  6. Gen VI

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  1. What's your favourite pokemon? Tell us in a comment!

    What's your favourite Pokemon generation? Tell us in the poll!

    obvs to bobs remakes count as their original gen; here's the breakdown by national dex number:
    dex brackets (open)

    Gen I: 1-151
    Gen II: 152-251
    Gen III: 252-286
    Gen IV: 287-493
    Gen V: 494-649
    Gen VI: 650-721
  2. Pokemon Red was the only version I played all the way through, so first generation is the only one I know. I guess my favorite is between Charizard, Gengar and Alakazam.
  3. There are only 150 pokemon in my pokedex.
  4. I will admit it, I like Pikachu because of the anime. :'D
  5. First gen is best gen because it's the one that was relevant for most of the time when I watched the show and was interested in the trading card game.

    Alakazam is my favorite single Pokemon.
  6. Technically 151 XD You could acquire Mew during this special event that was held in Japan shortly after the original game's release and that would boost your Pokedex roster up to 151(if it wasn't on the list already).

    As for me, it's been a long fight between Dragonite(I train a Dragonite in every generation), Venusaur(I calls him Bru Bru), Giratina(Platinum form) and Jolteon(My version of Pikachu). In X & Y though, Slyveon takes the apple for being super adorable while at the same time being able to handle his/her own opponents like a boss with that awesome special defense. In response to the best Gen, I would have to go with the Johto region because Gold and HeartGold(Crystal and Silver can go somewhere else) for life. That was the only generation where you could go to an entirely different region and beat the crap out of that region's Gym Leaders once you were done kicking yours. Plus the music was phenomenal, even though I think the composers just simply remixed the Kanto's side of everything XD
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  9. There's also a fairly well-known and easy-to-execute glitch that allows you to encounter Mew. For most, it's the only way to get Mew, since the Japan-only event was a one-time thing and, well, Japan-only.

    Apparently this is because Mew was never even originally intended to be in the game, but the programmers snuck it in at the last second. So late, actually, that some of the higher-ups on the dev team didn't even know about it until after the game's release, and, because of that, there was no time to program a way to actually encounter the thing. So it's just sort of sitting there as an unused piece of code, until you poke some holes in the programming to make the game pull it out of its databanks.

    And I really wish I'd known that it was a last-minute addition as a kid, because that would've answered so many questions I had back then. @_@ I remember it drove me nuts that Mew was number 151, since I always thought that the reason why everyone always says "150 Pokemon" even though there's really 151 was because there were 150, until Mewtwo was created, thus making it 151. But if that was the case, why did Mewtwo come before Mew in the Pokedex??? Drove me fucking nuts.

    Also, thinking back on it now, I suppose that also explains why Mew could only learn 4 or 5 moves by leveling, but could learn every TM/HM... Just easier to quickly program, I guess.

  10. @Asuras Tamashii does a peer good job explaining why people like gen 1 better, despite it objectively not being that different from other gens :3

    My first game was soul silver
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  11. Charizard was pretty much my favorite from day one, and with the mega evolutions, Zard's cooler than ever :DD

    Noivern is pretty freaking awesome too, though!
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  12. I forgot what that young woman was talking about three times during that video. Not sure if I like Charizard because of all this, "childhood power fantasy" or projecting what I wanted onto it or because I enjoyed playing the game with him in my roster. Oh right...it's because I enjoyed playing with him in my roster. I also enjoyed him because it felt like you really had to earn the first few gym matches.
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  13. Tamashii disclaims in the beginning that this is her personal list of why she feels a pokemon is undeserving of its fame or infamy. She never said there's no reason to like or dislike any of the pokemon on the list, and in fact in her top 10 favourite pokemon, there's a few that she likes for the same reasons criticized in this list (design, nostalgia, etc). I hope you (and anyone else whose opinions clashed with Tamashii's) didn't take the video as an insult, because I'm certain it wasn't meant as one. Opinions are going to clash, but it's possible to disagree without thinking the other side is stupid or absolutely wrong (agree to disagree), and I'm pretty sure that's what this video is trying to do; explaining why she disagrees with the masses without vilifying or belittling them :)

    It's also important to note that she personally places a lot of a pokemon's 'worth' on its stats in a competitive context, and not necessarily how fun it was in game. Which, again, is a personal opinion/viewpoint.

    People are always going to have different reasonings for liking or not liking something; and the reasons that make something your favourite can even be the same as the reasons it's someone else's least favourite! In the end I think all that matters is that you find something you like and enjoy the shit out of it. I don't think that video was trying to tell anyone they're wrong for liking/disliking those pokemon, and neither am I by sharing it. I just wanted to help shed some light on the fierce protectiveness and love for the first 151 that some genwunners have.
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  14. I lost interest after 1st, so the same. I didn't even know there were six generations.

    I pick charmander. He's got fire, he looks like a little dinosaur, and I just want to hug one.
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  15. My fave gen is 1, because that's what I grew up with and I actually remember all the Pokemon.

    I played Black for a good run and generally like most of them a lot.

    But my favorite is Tyranitar, with Mammoswine, Serperior, Arcanine, and Blastoise as runners up.
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  16. I get that and I'm just trying to point out that there are probably other reasons that people like things that are beyond the broad strokes she utilized. Now I don't claim to be a huge pokemon fan or someone who really knows a whole lot about the pokemon fandom, I just know that it was fun to play as a kid and the reasons I liked things back then were a whole lot simpler than those she mentioned.

    As for the whole competitive angle, if all the pokemon she mentioned are bad in competitive, who exactly is overrating them? Certainly not the people playing. Also, doesn't competitive pokemon boil down to like, 10 pokemon out of the several hundred? One of which is a washing machine?
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  17. You know, all this talk actually makes me want to play the old Pokemon game I have. It's on an original Gameboy, so no color, but I had hours of fun when I was younger.
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  18. It doesn't :P Competetive play separates all pokemon into tiers to even out the matches out, and focuses on optimizing a pokemon's stats to bring it to its full potential. It has more complex strategy than story battles.

    But I see what you're saying in regards to liking charizard; I guess her view was a little broad, but to be fair, she was explaining a hype, not every reason people might like charizard. I think you like charizard without falling into the 'chari-hype' camp, which explains why the video's reasons didn't apply to you :P
  19. All I know is that I saw this one


    being used on every team at Apex this year.
  20. Is that a washing machine with a face on it?

    Kind of glad I stopped with 1st gen now. At least they looked like cute animals.
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