Favourite part(s) of your job?

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  1. Every job, no matter how shitty, has to have at least one part that isn't 100% bullshit.

    I like when there's a new dish and we get to taste it

    I like the rapport the staff has; there's always laughter coming from the kitchen

    and I like when my nice regulars come in - the ones who mean it when they ask how's my day.
  2. You know I don't think there is a single aspect of my job I don't like. But if I had to choose my favorite part of my daily grind it would have to be when a new car rolls in. The joys of trying to put the customers dreams into the reality of engines, body kits, and whatever else they require out of their vehicles.
  3. Most definitely getting to see the progress of my patients and the realization and excitement when they realize it too!

    I've had a few start to cry during my sessions because they're happy and that just makes my day when I know they are happy with their results!
  4. My job is being a HOUSE ELF!

    My favorite part is cooking dinner. <3 But I also love the powerful feeling of managing my budget. >> Especially when we have lots of play money left over.

    My other job is being an Iwaku Admin!

    My favorite part about that is managing the bigger picture. It's not as easy as just opening and board and letting people play. There's tons of aspects to running a community site. And I love all the little details. O__O It's challenging and interesting.
  5. Taking my quarterly business trip to Detroit and enjoying fancy hotel and buying steak on the company credit card. :|
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  6. The smell of three rotisserie smokers with hickory and apple wood going on full blast with twelve hundred pounds of beef, pork, ham and turkey just waiting to be finished to perfection and served to satiate the appetite of potential guests in our fine establishment.

    Mmmmm, smoked beef. *drools*
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  7. The joy of all of Iwaku when they realize they in fact did not lose all their posts when Diana destroyed the database again.
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  8. Driving a fork-lift.
  9. Being a stay at home mom, the best part of my job is getting paid in hugs. And the first minutes of absolute silence when I drop the kids off at school. Damn do I miss that already.
  10. I work as a cashier for a food joint. My favorite part is seeing how strange some people are when they order their food- it's actually very amusing. I also enjoy talking to the customers surprisingly. More so than communing with my coworkers, at least ^.^;

    Oh, and of course the 50% off discount on food while working. Ngh.... food..
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  11. Wow. I was a cashier at a convenience store, my first legitimate job, and I hated talking to people. You must live is a nicer community than me. :D
  12. I'm just good at making people feel uncomfortable haha. It's crazy how tripped up some people get if you ask them how their day was.
  13. ....
    Drats. Um... I like some of my co-workers. I work in the Deli, and let me tell you, some of the weirdest people are Deli people. *laughs* And it's kind of reassuring that my oddness is not just myself. That there are others who like similar/same things as me. Or appreciate the differences we have and can be friends that way.

    I also like making platters. Especially fruit ones. I get to sample the fruit AND make something that looks nice after it's done.
    Customers are okay, depending. But they're all nice to me.

    That may have been a little harder to figure out. Ah well.
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