Favourite Narrator Style

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What is your favourite style of narration?

  1. First Person

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  2. Second Person

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  3. Third Person Omniscient

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  4. Third Person Limited

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  1. Greetings,

    I'm interested in what your favourite narration style is.
    Here they are in a simplified manner:

    1. First Person
    “Through unfortunate circumstances, I fell into the well.”

    2. Second Person
    “Through somewhat mysterious circumstances, you fell into the well.”

    3. Third Person
    3.1 Omniscient
    “By stumbling over his own foot, he fell into the well, a mistake whose scale he would only truly grasp later.”

    3.2 Limited
    “Without knowing why, he fell into the well.”

    If you want you can suggest additional narrator-styles with descriptions for me to add.

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  2. I use a combination of limited and omniscient third person. I include a few thoughts of the person I'm POVing, but not anyone else unless I do a little divider and make their thing a separate 'post'.
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  3. For my own writing, I prefer third person with limited perspective. I find that first person only works well for narrative fiction when it's set up properly from the outset and done only in past tense; present tense is just weird in first person, and you have to set up the fact that this is a narrator writing or telling things of their own past to make the "I did this and I did that" style work. Second person should almost never be used in narrative fiction, with the one strange exception of choose your own adventure style things. Neither first nor second person feel like good choices for roleplaying. Third person is perfect for telling stories of any kind, be they stories you're writing alone or stories written with others through roleplay.

    I prefer limited perspective for both solo writing and roleplay writing, and for largely the same reason: I like to write from inside the character's head, giving the reader only the information that that character knows. For roleplaying this is a habit I developed in order to avoid metagaming, and in solo writing I like it because it feels more immersive and gives you more room to mess with your own characters for not knowing certain things. Omniscient perspective has its uses, but I like the limited kind better.
  4. @The Mood is Write @Jorick thanks for your input, I am contemplating whether to use a limited or omniscient writer, because I feel like the latter has a charm to it which I enjoy, but I am still unsure in my choice.
  5. Just write what you enjoy. Experiment with both to find out what suits you the best.
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  6. Pretty much my life.
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  7. For my own writings, I usually use first person narrative. It's usually for comedic purposes. I like to reader to be able to read all the weird thoughts that go through my characters' minds.

    But for roleplays, it's usually third person omniscient if I'm leading, and third person limited if not.
  8. First person. It's much easier to get into a mind for me that way and it allows you to play with style, tone and personal interpretation more than a third person view would, which is almost by default either more neutral or distracting.

    Roleplayers hate it through.