Favourite McDonalds order

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  1. yeah, mcDicks is awful, but when you're in the mood for it, what do you like to get?

    I like the 12 o clock burger, crispy style. It's pretty tasty, and the only one that doesn't seek vengeance on my guts an hour later >.<
  2. o.O I've never heard of that.

    McDonald's is murder on my stomach, but when I don't have any other choice I always stick with a ten piece nugget meal. I won't lie though, I love the hell out of their Eggnog and Shamrock shakes.
  3. I think it's new, there's ads for it and stuff here

    I live in Canada so it might be a regional thing, too :/
  4. If and when I dare to go to micky D's I usually end up with a BigMac and a side of fries.
  5. I was a manager their and will never eat the food again

    but I did enjoy strawberry creme pies and shamrock shakes mmm
  6. It's about a month old! It's a brand new sandwich which replaced the CBO or Chicken Bacon Onion.

    I tried it the other day it was eh.

    Oh can you tell I work at Mcd's?

    As for my order I either like getting a large fry or two Jr bancon ranches with extra ranch and extra extra pickles!

    We also have a few new things coming out in the next week that I'm kinda pumped to try.
  7. McDouble with extra onions.

    Simple and cheap. Because, we all know it's bad for us. But we're still hankering for it.
  8. I can't stomach most of what's on the menu, it actually causes me to vomit. I don't understand how all of you can eat this trash. I really can't.

    The only thing that's stomach-able is the breakfast menu, those hashbrowns are okay.

    Everything else is disgusting. So my answer is "go to Subway instead."
  9. The fries aren't that bad. :P But yeah, the burgers kill my stomach worse than anything from Taco Hell.
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  10. Well, the only reason why I would go to McDonalds is because of their fries and the double chocolate bundt cakes (holy fuck they are soo good). Also the McChicken, if I don't give a fuck about my health (which is often).

    My friends, who worked at Subway, once told me to never work at your favorite fast food place. And he used to eat Subway once a week until he started working there.
  11. I can't stomach beef and so burgers, especially McD's, are out. I always get a 6 piece nugget meal, or occasionally their Mediterranean veggie wrap, which is hella salty.
  12. I really like the grilled chicken and bacon McWrap. It doesn't make me feel really gross after eating it. I usually get it with some fries.

    Sometimes, though, I just really want a Big Mac...
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  13. Only like the fries and the McFlurry.
  14. As someone who did. Subway really isn't that bad compared to most other food joints.

    Went to pick up some lettuce from another store cause we ran out once. An old guy with super hairy arms was making the tuna. By hand. No gloves.
  15. We don't eat there very much any more cause of trying to eat better, and if we're gonna get junk food there's tastier places in town. But I will always love McDs fries. O___O Favorite fries. Delicious candy.
  16. Coffee, double-double. Usually a muffin on the side to boot (it's only ten fucking cents extra, fucking sneaky fucks!)
  17. I freaking love Mickey Ds and eat there frequently if I'm not going to other places first. What I order depends on my mood. Usually one of the following.

    Two Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddles
    Four McDoubles without onions
    Two McDoubles without onions and Two Hot n Spicy McChickens without lettuce

    I used to eat Big N Tastys until they were removed from the menu :( I also tried the Jalapeño McDouble and loved it :)

    Sometimes I'll order an Oreo McFlurry or some chicken nuggets but that's a rarity.

    As for drinks, I'll usually get a Sprite.

    No I'm not a fatass despite my diet saying otherwise
  18. Spicy buffalo chicken poutine is terrible but so goddamn good

    For all you non-French-Canadians (as I have no idea if McDo has poutine outside Quebec)

  19. I don't get it often because my insides will hate me and I'll feel awful for about a day and a half, so I only eat it when the craving really can't be squashed. I usually get a Big Mac combo with large fries and either root beer or cherry-vanilla coke to drink. Sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly bold and like I could eat everything in sight, I'll get another Big Mac on the side.

    And I haven't had them in a while, but I used to get their nuggets all the time.
  20. Usually get the jalapeño mcchicken like once every 2-4 months.
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